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Vote Merlin Miller 2012

Merlin’s talks about what we need to do to restore America to greatness. We at the A3P strive to represent middle America. Stop the financial tyranny, military interventionism around the world, and stop the Unconstitutional laws. The war on terror should defend our own borders. We need to change the moral degeneracy of the media. The dysfunctional government no longers serves our people. That needs to change.

Paid for by Merlin Miller for President 2012 campaign.

We at American Third Position deeply appreciate your continued support! A3P is America’s best hope for restoring our republic and building a future that respects our best traditions. My campaign for President in 2012 is growing rapidly. Please help us spread our message and get on the ballot in NJ and other states by contributing to our $5,000 fund drive. Click the Red Banner. Exciting things are happening and we welcome you to also join us this fall for “A Gathering of Eagles” Convention/Festival.

Click & Support!We are gathering the necessary signatures in multiple states to appear on the ballot in November. We hired activists and college students who support our efforts. The power of your contribution will help us succeed. I urge you to make any contribution you can to help pay our activists. Click Here and help us reach our goal of $5000.00! Give what you can!

Click Here to Support Merlin Miller! Contribute to the campaign. Give whatever you can.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    Great video! Right up there and better than anything put out by either Obama or Romney.

  2. Gary John says:

    Well produced.

    A little more information regarding the Founding Fathers would have been nice ie. "For us and our posterity."

    I'm not an American, but you've got my support!

    Go, Merlin!

    Gary John

  3. Robert Hauser says:

    Excellent video.

    Word just in today (Lee Bellinger) is to the effect that Beijing and Washington are entertaining an "agreement" to wipe out the "dollar denominated" federal reserve note as the global reserve currency and replace it with the yuan. This would yank the plug on America…of course it won't be pulled off until after the November Ejections, but it is in the hopper and can only spell total disaster.

    We are in serious need of flyers and small adhesive stickers with Merlin's name and some of his message on them for wallpapering the area here. Merlin needs grossly more public exposure if he doesn't want Rocky/RP to preempt the greater part of his powerful message.

    There just isn't much time.

  4. Ron Bennett says:

    I support the idea but not the process. At this time you lack funding and support for a run at the Oval Office. This needs to begin with local elections and move to control the legislative branches through PACs that support these views and through other methods of garnering support . This has to be sold in a way that supports the views of Awhite America but doesn't advocate disenfranchising other groups. I'd be very interested in donating time and money to any organization that was in for the long haul and possessed the tools to win. I haven't seen a group out there that is ready to truly do what needs to be done within the laws of our country. This makes me sad.

    • American3P says:

      Rob, we agree with your comments. This campaign is largely symbolic. It is meant to introduce the American Third Position party. Every voter will see the party on the ballot and we expect good things to occur. Of course we will also have a local presence.

      • Ron says:

        It will be interesting to see where this goes. I've been shopping for an organization that espouses your views. I would be more comfortable seeing a strategic plan or plans on how this could be moved forward. It seems as though there are many organizations who share somewhat similar views with respect to white rights but they're unorganized, lack funding or are flat out oppressed and painted in the worst possible light by the liberal media. Is your organization reaching out to any of these groups? Some may indeed be radical and I don't support that mind set. I believe in what the founding fathers started. But some groups do share a desire to see white interests represented.

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