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Membership Renewal 2015

American Free PrsssThe work we performed in the previous year provides a foundation for our growth and further accomplishments. Thanks to the dedication of numerous AFP activists, much of the party’s basic infrastructure already exists. This allows second-year activists an opportunity to pursue promising new projects that will grow our party.

New fliers and new plans for 2015. Help the American Freedom Party continue to grow and carry out its mission to win political representation for our people.

Beginning June 1st, 2015, renewal is now only $25.00!

Renewal and American Free Press ($75.00 total). American Free Press is published twice-monthly (24 issues per year):

(NOTE: Membership Coins are no longer issued because of cost. Custom Translucent Membership Cards are issued to NEW members when they join only! Additional items may be added in the future.) Replacement cards available.

If you prefer an offline option, you may send a money order or check (made to American Freedom Party) for $25 for renewal or $75 for renewal with subscription to American Free Press (published bi-monthly or 24 issues), to the address below. Include your name and your mailing address.

American Freedom Party
2753 Broadway Suite 245
New York, NY 10025

**T-Shirts are discontinued until we can find an economical production source.**

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  1. Admin says:

    Our new literature (A3P Newspaper) is now known as The Nationalist Times. Unfortunately, we must charge a subscription fee of $29.00 per year due to printing and mailing costs.

  2. amarranazo says:

    With flash mobs in America and African rioters in England, the world needs a clear, honest voice to speak truthfully about what's happening in our lands. We all know the mainstream media as well as the coopted 'conservative' press won't do that.

  3. ZFect says:

    Renewed my membership just now. For victory!!

  4. Question says:

    How come the A3P has one of the more expensive party membership plans? The Consititution party is $30, Libertarian is only $25, Greens is $36.

    I don't even think the Dems or Repubs charge party members?

    • American3P says:

      The Libertarians give one a membership card. We give a T-shirt and a numbered membership coin (about the size of a half dollar). Membership fees and donations help fund the party, our website, printing costs, campaign funding etc. We are staffed by volunteers. I get absolutely nothing for managing the website, emails, news updates, etc. Zilch! The party only has a small staff of State chairs who also don't get paid. I would think once the party has ballot access you can vote as a member of the American Third Position. But I don't know anyone in the 21st century who runs an organization without funding resources.

      Now, I don't know how the Republicans or Democrats can operate without receiving funds from someone! In fact they ask for contributions also. But I do know that the Republican party and Democratic party do not operate on air.

      Thanks for writing.

  5. JamesinUSA says:

    Some parties receive millions of dollars in Corporate contributions, from Unions, Special Interest organizations, and various other entities that are diametrically opposed to what the A3P is really all about. It's partly because of this, that we must rely upon a grass root movement and the eventual funding that will come from a large number of like minded American citizens.

    The two main political parties in Washington have millions of dollars at their disposal, so it's imperative that we be able to get our message out to the people. And to be able do that, takes funding.

    Please give to a worthy cause.

  6. Javelin says:

    I recently received the plea for membership renewal dues in the mail. As always, the writeup by Don Wassall was candid and sincere, especially when contrasted with the tripe sent by the Republican Party and the local politicians. I've renewed my subscription, however, I would like to address the question Mr. Wassall brought up in the renewal notice, namely, "what the party is doing wrong?" …

  7. Michael Rowley says:

    I joined the American Freedom Party some time ago and have no response back at all.

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