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Liberals Baffled by Nonwhite Juvenile Crime Wave in Iowa

Liberals, desperate to explain away massive nonwhite crime rates in Iowa, have invented no less than two “disproportionate minority contact groups” but are still unable to explain the nonwhite juvenile crime wave that is sweeping cities in Iowa.

Despite making up a much smaller percentage of the population, black juveniles in Iowa City and Johnson County are charged with crimes at a far higher rate than their white counterparts.

Even the available statistics are a massive overrepresentation of white juvenile crime, because Iowa City Police Department classifies all Hispanics as white as well.

If the Hispanic rate is removed from the white juvenile crime rate, there is little doubt that the white figures would fall even further.

Based on this data, Iowa City police have reported that in 2005, blacks age 10 to 17 made up 32.5 percent of the 474 youths arrested.

By 2008, that number was 60.7 percent of the 465 youths arrested.

In 2009, blacks made up 57 percent of the 455 juvenile arrests. Bearing in mind that the police classify Hispanics as white, the true proportion is even more shocking.

According to Census data, blacks make up about 6 percent to 7 percent of the 10- to 17-year-old population in Johnson County.

The phenomena is statewide, according to a report quoting Dave Kuker, executive officer of the Iowa Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning.

“This is occurring in most of Iowa’s large metropolitan areas where minority populations are more concentrated,” he said.

In Johnson County in 2005, according to National Criminal Justice Reference Service and Iowa Uniform Crime Report data, the arrest rate for white youth was 55.78 per 1,000.

For black youth in the county, however, the arrest rate in 2005 was 361.41 per 1,000. By 2008, the arrest rate for black juveniles was 452.14 per 1,000. Once again, Hispanics have been included in the white figures.

Mr. Kuker went to say that “Johnson County’s low minority population could partially explain the sharp divide, but it’s not the whole answer. “This is a tracking system that can’t answer the critical question: Why?” he said. “They’re just rates. I can’t tell you why it is.”

According to reports, members of the police department, representatives from the school district, county attorney’s office, social services and others in the community belong to a group “that is trying to address the issue of the over-representation of black juveniles on the arrest blotter.”

Called the Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee, the first thing they did was of course to blame white people and ordered police officers to attend “cultural competency training.”

In 2007, Gov. Chet Culver created the “Youth Race and Detention Task Force” to try and explain the “overrepresentation of minority youth in juvenile detention.”

The group, which included representatives from state government, police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, Human Services, the Department of Corrections, the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, schools and the community, said that what was needed was a “racially neutral detention screening instrument” to collect data to “help determine what is contributing to the racial divide.”

It seems that liberals will resort to absolutely anything to try and explain away nonwhite crime rather than simply admit the truth.

All the statistics, from all over the country, all show that even when all socio-economic backgrounds are equalized, nonwhites simply have higher crime rates than whites.

The situation can only be addressed once this basic fact is accepted. Till then, liberals will continue to invent all sorts of increasingly implausible excuses, most of them blaming whites.

The American Third Position is dedicated to speaking truthfully and plainly on all issues, including the thorny one of crime and race.

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  1. Robert Jones says:

    As they say,"Spare the rod, spoil the child".

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    The powers that be will simply not acknowledge the biological factor in these and other disparities between the races thus making it virtually impossible to rectify the problem.

  3. Benjamin David Steele says:

    If one wishes not to be willfully ignorant, one could look up the vast amount of data and research. Blacks get stopped, frisked, arrested, and convicted more for crimes that whites commit more. For example, whites are more likely to carry, use, and be addicted to illegal drugs.

    • American3P says:

      That same vast amount of data will show that Blacks, as 13% of the population, commit over 50% of all murders. And rapes! Now who is being willfully ignorant?

      • Benjamin David Steele says:

        Unlike you, I actually know the data.

        Blacks get stopped, frisked, arrested, and convicted more (and more harshly) than whites, even for crimes that whites commit as much or more than do blacks. We also know that police are more likely to perceive blacks with a gun and whites without a gun, even though the data shows that whites are more likely to carry both legal and illegal guns than blacks. This is why blacks are constantly getting shot while holding cell phones and food.

        Besides, most of the data isn’t of high quality, because it doesn't include these factors as shown in studies. The basic crime data only includes arrests. Many of those arrests don't include race and so it is unknown and for many crimes arrest and conviction rates are low. We already know the police racially profile and courts are racially biased. So, it is no surprise that they don’t arrest and convict whites as much. Arrest and conviction rates aren’t the same thing as crime rates.

        Just consider two areas of crime. Most child molestations and gang violence are committed by whites. When confounding factors are controlled for (such as poverty of individuals and communities), whites and blacks commit about equal rates of violent crime. The bigger issue is the institutional racism that has forced a larger percentage of blacks into permanent poverty. But you wouldn't know any of this from watching the news. Studies have shown that news reports black crimes more and shows photographs of black criminals more, even for crimes that whites commit more.

        It’s understandable that you are ignorant. Still, it is sad.

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