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Kenn Responds to South Carolina Church Shootings — Nine innocent lives were taken in Charleston, South Carolina.

I understand and share the pain Americans feel in the wake of this senseless mass murder. It is a pain I feel each day when a black American is murdered in Chicago, Detroit, or St. Louis.

It is a pain I expressed last week when 37 black Africans were murdered by Muslims in Nigeria.

The media did not share my pain.

I felt the pain when I reported the tragic death of 17-year-old Ronan Hughes last week. Ronan committed suicide in Northern Ireland after being exploited by Nigerians.

I wonder: Where was the media in the wake of this young man’s death?

I felt the pain when I reported the senseless murder of 22-year-old Christopher Lane. Christopher was gunned down for sport by “bored” black teens in August, 2013.

I wonder: Where was the national outcry?

My heart ached with grief upon hearing the report that a young Police Officer, husband, and father, Brian Moore, was senselessly shot to death in May of this year. Brian was only 25 years old when he died.

I ask: Where was Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN? Where was the wall-to-wall coverage?

I understand the pain because my heart was grieved upon reporting the death of 63-year-old Donna Niblock in Indianapolis this month. The grandmother was killed by a black thug as he fled police after allegedly shoplifting at a Walmart in Beech Grove, Indiana.

Did you share my pain?

The pain we feel in the aftermath of the mass killing in South Carolina was felt when Cole Harvey was stabbed to death by his co-worker Zachary Gibbs in Conway, Arkansas. But unlike the tragic and painful deaths in South Carolina, there was no lingering report or loss of words by Geraldo Rivera on Fox News.

The pain Americans feel today is the pain I felt when an 81-year-old white woman died after being abused by her black caregiver in Georgia.

Yes, I understand and sympathize with the agony we all endure after nine innocent lives were lost in Charleston. But I wonder: Where was the national outcry when the elderly Sara Francis Cash was found beaten black-and-blue in her room days before she died?

The pain was there when I wrote of Yoko Cullen, the 85-year-old Japanese American who was kidnapped by black thugs, locked in the trunk of her car, and burned alive.

Where was the national media? Were they sharing my pain? Did you share the agony and outrage?

The pain and suffering caused in Charleston, South Carolina this week is a tragic phenomenon that we experience everyday at

Sad to say, we often stand alone in our grief, abandoned by a media that only care when tragic deaths can be exploited to exacerbate racial hatred.

Such tragedies are reported by at everyday.

Again, we stand alone in our pain and frustration.

Consider how you feel as you read about this horrific tragedy, then imagine experiencing that frustration everyday, week-after-week; year-after-year!

Yes, literally thousands of racial homicides are committed in America and around the world every year without the sympathies of Geraldo Rivera or the mainstream Marxist media.

I wonder why the national media is so cold, calloused, and uncaring as they intentionally ignore thousands of racial homicides year-after-year, then exploit the tragedy in South Carolina for the express purpose of exacerbating more hate!



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