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Katyn Memorial Ceremony April 2013

April 20, 2013 | The ceremony was about 2 hours. This was a very solemn occasion and I give many thanks to the Polish community and all of Polonia, our Polish brothers, in Brooklyn and Philadelphia for organizing the event. Photographs were captured by a party supporter. Several American Freedom Party members attended.

The Katyn Memorial in Jersey City is dedicated to the victims of the Katyn massacre in 1940. Created by Polish-American sculptor Andrzej Pitynski, the memorial stands at Exchange Place in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA near the mouth of the Hudson River along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.

Unveiled in June 1991 a 34 feet tall bronze statue of a soldier, gagged and bound, impaled in the back by a bayoneted rifle, stands atop a granite base containing Katyn soil. It commemorates the massacre of thousands of Polish prisoners by order of Joseph Stalin in April and May 1940 after Soviet Union troops had invaded eastern Poland. The event came after the partition of Poland and the occupation of the nation during World War II. The eastside of the pediment has a bronze relief depicts the starvation of Poles sent to Siberia.

In April and May, 1940, on orders from Joseph Stalin and the Jewish Comissar Lavrentiy Beria, the Soviet Secret Police, NKVD-KGB, brutally executed over twenty-two thousand Polish soldiers, officers, intellectual leaders, prisoners of war, members of the intelligentsia, professors, priests, artists and many leaders by a single shot in the back of the head, while being gagged and their hands tied behind them. Over 4,500 bodies were found at the KATYN forest, near Smolensk, Soviet Union, in a mass grave. Thousands more bodies were later found at execution sites at Miednoje, Charkow, and other places. More than three million Poles were deported into labor camps in Siberia during 1940 to 1941. Thousands more were killed during the war period and were also persecuted and tortured during the communist era by the Soviet NKVD-KGB and by their Polish puppets, known as the Interior Police (UB). Poland suffered with over 6 million killed as a result of World War II.

In 1990, the government of then still Soviet Union, officially admitted responsibility for the act of genocide committed on the Polish nation by the Soviet Union. Official documents and the order of execution were received by President of Poland, Lech Walesa, from the representative of the Soviet Union, First Secretary of the Communist Party, Mr. M. Gorbachev. Thus it was finally verified that millions have perished under the communist terror. Even though, Communism has fallen in the Soviet Union and also in former satellite nations of Eastern Europe, no compensation or any reparations were made to the families and relatives of the perished victims or to Poland. Germany has been paying compensation for many years since the Nuremberg trials. Why not Russia? This year is the 73rd anniversary of the Katyn forest massacre and the 74th anniversary of World War II.

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White Americans should push back! Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First!

The American Freedom Party (AFP)–formerly The American Third Position Party (A3P)–supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the anti-Western Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party! American Freedom Party

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  1. zweikartoffeln says:

    Absolutely. Russia hasn't paid Poland or anyone else anything in restitution or reparations. But here are some other interesting facts.

    To date, Poland hasn't received a dime from anyone where restitution or reparations are concerned. Poland was utterly destroyed during the War. Its ancient cities were reduced to rubble, systematically in the case of Warsaw; a fifth of its population were killed; its elites were murdered or scattered to decapitate the nation; its national treasures looted, most of which are still in the hands of the thieves or their heirs or appearing occasionally in foreign museums or in Christie's auctions; a third of its land was stripped from its territory (at least it recovered its historical Western lands); its industry dismantled and shipped out of the country by its invaders. The losses attributable to German destructive policies alone amount to one trillion USD, not a cent of which Germany has ever payed to Poland. Add to that loses inflicted by Russia. As Feliks Koneczny observed in "On the Plurality of Civilizations", Germany and Russia are not civilizationally truly European. They are Byzantine and Turanian, respectively, both Eastern forms of civilization. (Ironically, Hitler's Germany was very Jewish in its failure to distinction between religious law, secular law, and ethics.) They are a threat to Europe and should have been dismantled. Margaret Thatcher was right that the unification of Germany would be bad news for Europe and we're seeing her prophetic words made manifest. Fortunately, Russia is rather weak at the moment.

    And now Jewish groups like the ADL that arrogantly pretend to speak for Jews in general are claiming Poland must pay $300 billion in restitution for property losses to them! Can you imagine? And they're using the US government to do the illegal dirty work for them through senate bill 447 and house resolution 1226, the first of which Trump has already signed into law. When the Germans invaded, they seized all land and estates of the Polish aristocracy, nobility, industrialists, and the state and then worked their way down to seizing smaller and smaller parcels of property, including those owned by the Jews. When the Soviets beat back the Germans, they in turn seized the land amassed by the Nazis themselves. Following the War, the land in question was placed in the hands of the puppet communist state in Poland. After the fall of the Berlin wall, the original owners and their heirs have been able to appeal in the Polish courts to regain their property or appropriate compensation. Now, what these Jewish organizations are doing is not asking for the property they are rightfully owners of or heirs to. The organizations want to claim for themselves land that is heirless, where no owner or heir survives. This is unheard of. According to Polish, European, and international law and tradition, heirless property reverts to the treasury of the state with the death of the owner. However, these Jewish organizations want to basically rob the Polish treasury illegally and effectively claim property for themselves that belonged to other Polish citizens that happened to be Polish. This would bankrupt the country. If they Jews want compensation for theft, they can go speak with the Germans who have already compensated them.

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