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Boston Bombing Aftermath: David Sirota and Ben Shapiro Claim Jews Are Not Part of White America

By Kevin MacDonald | David Sirota’s blog hoping that a White guy was responsible for the Boston terror has gotten quite a lot of mileage (“Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American”). [David Sirota had his fingers crossed for a white male marathon bomber.] The basic idea is that if it’s a Muslim, say, people might start thinking that increasing legal immigration by 50% and amnestying God knows how many illegals in a time of high unemployment—the Senate bill that insane Republicans think will bring them back to power—might not be a good idea. That’s because , if it’s a Muslim, people will start blaming whole groups of people and maybe not want to continue importing more of them.

Or maybe they’ll tend to just blame immigration itself. (See LATimes: “Boston suspects’ background threatens to derail immigration bill.”) The bombers appear to be ethnic Chechnyans and Muslim, although at this point it can’t be said exactly what their motives were. In any case, it’s pretty obvious that these immigrant bombers don’t have much love or respect for America.

So Sirota is right that people like him should hope that it was a White guy. But I rather doubt he would like the logic: It’s probably true that quite a few people would blame an entire group or even all immigrants for the actions of a few people. But that’s not really the issue. Even the least likely to stereotype would reasonably wonder why any of the group are here if even a small number are causing such death and destruction. Even if a tiny percentage of immigrants of a certain sort turn out to be terrorists who wreak major havoc (VDARE has documented the immigrant mass murder syndrome), it’s still a very bad policy to bring them in, especially when the only reason to do so is to meet the political goal of the left in swamping the White majority and the Republican’s goal of destroying the labor market..

Boston Marathon Bombers Are Not “White Americans”. Liberals Saddened.

The same can be said about crime, low IQ, and high rates of welfare dependency and single parenting, although it would take more than a few bad apples to sway the argument on these issues. (High percentages of illegal immigrants [58% in Texas, 55% in California] are already on means-tested welfare; the new bill ensures that they will continue to do so, likely at much higher rates.) Of course, for the left and now the Republicans envisioning all those welfare recipients voting for Marco Rubio, no cost is too high in the drive to eclipse White America.

But it’s worth pondering the other side of the coin—that a White American bomber would not result in stereotyping Whites. Anti-White activist Tim Wise took the opportunity presented by the Boston bombings to claim that the fact that Whites do not suffer group stigma for such an act is yet another example of “White privilege” — a “privilege” enjoyed by any demographic majority. But of course that’s the real reason why Wise and Sirota are exercised: they hate the fact that there is still a White majority. (See here for TOO articles mentioning Tim Wise.)

Of course the media would have been ecstatic if they could report that a “White supremacist” had done it—”White supremacist” being the term of art routinely employed by the media for any White who dares to think that Whites have interests and will suffer huge costs by becoming a minority. The story would play into the common stereotype among many on the left that any White person is a potential “Nazi” who could rise up and murder innocent people.

Which leads into the main point: Sirota discussed his column in an online debate with Ben Shapiro of So we are treated to a debate between two Jews representing the very narrow limits of respectable discussion on issues related to race and multiculturalism. Former AIPAC staffer Sirota thinks that America is a nasty, xenophobic place ( (unlike Israel whose latest bits of ethnic chauvinism include proposing an AIPAC-approved visa waiver program with the U.S. that would exclude Arab-Americans and insisting that France discriminate against Blacks and Arabs as baggage handlers for a state visit by Shimon Peres). To which Shapiro responds:

racism exists. But it is not the dominant force in American life. Speaking of which, I do find it odd that Jews are considered members of the white privileged class when less than two generations ago, whites wouldn’t let us into their country clubs.

So they disagree on how dominant racism is in American life—a good example of how discussion of racial issues is confined within narrow boundaries in the elite media. White people are evil, but they disagree on just how much their evil permeates American culture.

Nevertheless, they are in complete agreement that Jews have been victimized by White America and are not reasonably considered to be part of White America on issues related to White guilt.

This says a lot about Jewish attitudes toward White America. Whites are “the other”—the people who hate Jews and have historically excluded them. Jews do not identify with White America and see themselves as an oppressed minority, despite their elite status in all the areas that matter in American life. For Jews, the history of White America is little more than discrimination against Jews and other non-Whites. Jews were excluded from country clubs; they were excluded by the 1924 Immigration Restriction Act; they were excluded by Ivy League universities. These acts warrant Jewish hatred toward White America. Jews as a hostile elite.

The fact that the most egregious discrimination going on now is Jewish discrimination against Whites in elite areas of American society—Ivy League universities being Exhibit A in this regard—is irrelevant to their world view.

The fact that the most egregious discrimination going on now is Jewish discrimination against Whites in elite areas of American society—Ivy League universities being Exhibit A in this regard—is irrelevant to their world view. The fact that White elites attempted to protect themselves is hardly surprising. Nor is it surprising that our new Jewish elite is protecting itself—chiefly by effectively preventing any discussion in the mainstream media and academia of Jewish power, interests and attitudes, especially with respect to White America.

As I have said many times, it would not matter much that Jews are an elite if they were not hostile toward the traditional people and culture of America and did not see themselves in conflict with White America. Given the prospect that Jews will continue as an elite hostile toward White America and given the ethnic/racial transformation of the country resulting from importing millions of people who do not identify with the traditional people and culture of the country (presumably the Boston bombers) and often have historical grudges of their own to grind, the future of Whites in America is grim indeed.

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  1. HJ11 says:

    We Whites are in a war for our survival. Too many of us take "American" as our primary identity and this blinds us to our real primary identity "Non-Jewish White." From this false identity much that harms us flows.

    We must learn that we carry our nation within our genotype. No matter what piece of dirt we are born on, we are White.

    The war we are in is a gene war. Our uniform is our skin. We never remove our uniform.

  2. Gary John says:

    One cunning, devious trick Jewish intellectuals use is to spread the lie that race is just skin color.


    So when Jews commit huge crimes, Americans think Whites are committing the crimes, and not Jews. However, there is a deeper meaning: For almost 2,000 years, Jews have been living as a minority group among different nations. Because they have been persecuted and kicked out of these nations so many times, they see racially homogenous societies linked to fascism. And in the mind of a Jew, fascism is linked to ethnic cleansing.

    So? So that’s why the Jews use their media and financial power to racially diversify the USA and all White nations. Jews feel safer as a minority living in a nation of minorities.They promote the lie that racial diversity is a strength.

    And why are Whites celebrating their own ethnic cleansing? (Paying taxes to allow their own society to become flooded with non-Whites is a form of self-cleansing). Many Whites are helping their OWN RACE become a minority! Pathological altruism?

    What makes White Liberals so sure a White minority USA will be safe, modern, united, and not anti-White?

    As you have mentioned before, Professor MacDonald – Why do only Western nations view their own demographic and cultural eclipse as a moral imperative?

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