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Jews and Their Effect on Russian-American Relations

By Robert Litoff | My father was a Jew who was born in Belarus and my mother’s parents were Jews from Poland. My parents were members of a conservative synagogue and bought their meat from a kosher butcher shop. When I was 17 years old, I had a 16 year old Jewish girlfriend. I told her that I did not want to practice Judaism because Jews were disloyal. She told me that I should go with her to the Young Israel Synagogue, an orthodox synagogue which was down the street from my home, the next Saturday and that I would see a difference. But, when we got there, Rabbi Hecht, stated in his sermon, that there was no such thing as American Jews, nor Russian Jews, nor British Jews etc. There are only Jews living in America, Jews living in Russia, Jews living in Great Britain etc. (really, I forgot which nations he used as his examples, but that is irrelevant to the point which he was making). He stated that Jews have just one nationality which is Jewish and we have no other nationality wherever we may live. And, that is the truth as to how almost all Jews think.

Sen. Charles Schumer and the former Sen. Joseph Lieberman are the most gung-ho for war with Iran. And, they are not really American senators; their only loyalty is to Israel. And, rich Jews such as Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban make huge political contributions to American politicians based on only one thing which is their willingness to support Israel on all matters. And, Jews have also greatly influenced our relations with Russia. According to Henry Ford, Czarist Russia saved America twice in the nineteenth century. I would not go that far. But, the Russian Empire was America’s best friend in Europe in the nineteenth century. It was Czar Alexander I who mediated the treaty ending the War of 1812 and the terms in the Treaty of Ghent were quite favorable to America. The War of 1812 had not gone well for America. America’s attempt to take Canada had failed. And, Washington had been taken by the British and our capitol had been burnt down. Now, it is important to know that the Battle of New Orleans was fought after the Treaty of Ghent had been signed, but the battle was fought because both sides in that battle did not know that the war was already over.

Russian Frigate Osliaba 1863

When the Treaty of Ghent was signed — where the British gave up their claim to the Louisiana Purchase which they had been planning to take from America — Americans did not know that we would have a great victory in the Battle of New Orleans, so it was great deal for America. The Battle of New Orleans turned out to be a great victory for us, perhaps we could have gotten the same deal after that battle, had the Treaty of Ghent not already been signed. Czar Alexander I had a special influence over the British because it was the Russians who destroyed Napoleon’s army and it was Alexander I who entered Paris with his victorious Russian Army. Also, the British did not want to provoke Alexander I because they feared a Russian invasion of India from the North. The second time in which Russia came to America’s aid during the nineteenth century was during the American Civil War when Russian Navy docked in the harbors of New York, Boston and San Francisco. Czar Alexander II had promised — if the British or French tried to break the North’s blockade of the South, the Russian Navy would join the American Navy in fighting the British or French navies.

Regarding, our commercial relations with Czarist Russia, a trade treaty with Russia was signed in 1832 which was extremely beneficial to American business. Russian and German Jews began coming to America and staying here only long enough to get American citizenship. Then they would go to Russia and claim the special privileges which were granted to American citizens under the trade treaty. However, Russia did not consider them Americans. The Russians considered them as Jews, which they were. Now, by 1920, when Henry Ford began publishing his columns about the International Jew, Jews had already gained control of America’s newspapers and entertainment industry. Jews had gained control of the newspapers by Jewish retailers selectively advertising in newspapers which acquiesced to the bias demanded by the Jews. Thus, Jews made the newspapers which would not submit to be unprofitable or reduced their value to the point where Jews could buy those papers for a very low price. This is the same media that will not inform you of horrible crimes committed by blacks against white victims such as the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. The same media that gives huge publicity to anything which can be made to look like crimes committed by whites against blacks, for example, the Tawana Brawley and Duke Lacrosse “non-rape” cases.

Pres. Taft tried to stand up to the pressure because he did not want to end a trade treaty which was of great economic value to America on behalf of a small group of “Americans” who were affected by the Russian refusal to recognize them as Americans. But the Jews were subsequently able to have the treaty terminated. This did not end trade between Russia and America. But, now the trade had to go through middle men who just happened to be German Jews who took their cut of the profits. According to Henry Ford, Jews instigated Theodore Roosevelt to run as the candidate of the Progressive Party for president, thereby splitting the Republican vote and guaranteeing the election of the Jewish puppet, Woodrow Wilson.

Jewish-owned media gave huge publicity to the pogroms in Russia. The riots in Russia were not due to the Jews being of a different religion. If the Jews had just wanted to keep their religion in Russia, there would have been no problem. It was the predatory economic practices of the Jews which created the hostility towards the Jews in the Russian Empire. Many Jews were usurers and they were also the middlemen who bought the produce of the peasant farmers, in essence forming a cartel. So, the Jews could exploit the peasants both with loans and influence what prices the farmers could get for their produce. Also, Jews were very active in the liquor sales and owned most of the brothels. The pogroms were set off by Jewish behavior like all the other problems which the Jews have gotten themselves into throughout history.

The pogroms were a lot less violent and not attacks against defenseless women and children as most people have been led to imagine. While Jews did not live in the countryside, they had very large populations in the cities in which they lived and had militias which could provide a defense until Russian authorities would quell the disturbances. The Russian authorities acted as quick as they could to end the disturbances. And, do not expect to read anything about the Russian Orthodox priests who told their congregants that it is a sin to participate in a pogrom. For the most part Jews, lived better than most of the other peoples of the Russian Empire. And, most of the time they lived in peace. Russian diplomats had to explain to naïve American diplomats that the riots had nothing to do with religious differences. They were in response to Jewish predatory business practices.

An American (born and raised in Germany) Jewish Banker, Jacob Schiff, led a consortium of Jewish bankers in providing important financing for Japan for the Russo-Japanese War. Also, Jewish bankers interfered with the floating of bonds issued by the Czarist Russian government. Jacob Schiff’s daughter, Frieda, married Felix Warburg, the brother of Paul Warburg, who did not arrive in America until 1911, but who quickly created our Jewish Federal Reserve Bank. Also, Jacob Schiff helped finance the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Isn’t that amazing that a rich banker would provide financing for a revolution whose goals is the confiscation of private property and private businesses. And, once in power, the communists, who had seized all the privately owned wealth in Russia, paid back the loans they had received from Jacob Schiff with interest exactly in accordance with their agreement. The reason for these seemingly amazing happenings is that Jews made up a huge part of the leadership of the Bolsheviks. So, it was a matter of Jews helping Jews which trumped the seemingly huge chasm between their political and economic ideologies.

Jews remain the biggest factor with the military-industrial complex second in our monstrous middle east interventionist actions. The media can call it nation building or exporting democracy or the Arab Spring, but in every case it has brought great misery and death to every middle eastern nation in which America has intervened. No matter what the prior circumstances in the countries in which we have intervened were, we have made the situation worse for peoples in the those countries. Why does America, supposedly a mostly Christian country want to overthrow Bashar al-Assad when all religious groups including Christians were safe in Syria which also had generous benefits for its people under his leadership, and in trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, create fanatic pseudo-Muslims who murder the once safe Christians. That is mostly due to our zionist Jewish controlled media.

America needs to have the courage to reduce our military spending to the level of our real defense needs and use our genius — which was used to create great weapons — for the creation of great consumer product industries which will be able to compete with the production capabilities of low-wage countries. Japan is already doing it, so why can we not also do it. Judaism is not really a religion; it is a form of racism. What unites Jews, orthodox and atheist alike is the narrative “Wherever we go there are those who rise up against us to destroy us.” But, the more truthful narrative should be “Where we go our predatory behaviors sooner or later create hostility for us among all those who live around us.”

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