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An Interview With Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller

Dan Poole, Detroit Examiner | Movie director and producer Merlin Miller was announced as the U.S. Presidential candidate for the American Third Position party in January 2012. His running mate is Virginia D. Abernethy, who is also one of the directors of A3P.

The first candidate to ever run on the A3P ticket, Miller is the founder of Americana Pictures, an independent motion picture company based in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Full disclosure: I was able to score this interview with Miller thanks to my connection with the A3P website administrator, who has posted previous Examiner articles written by me. Here’s what Miller had to say about immigration, the viability of A3P in the electoral system, and the solution to fix Detroit’s auto and manufacturing industry:

Q. What would you say to the Southern Poverty Law Center and anyone else who describes your party, the American Third Position, as a racist hate group?

A. The SPLC, ADL and other Marxist organizations have an elitist/new world order agenda and work diligently to destroy their competition. This includes denying truths which might otherwise protect Western Civilization.

Due to the power of their constituencies, these groups control the public discourse through media ownership, political activism, and business/banking affiliations. They are able to effectively, and falsely, label their adversaries.

Groups, such as the A3P, are prevented from accurately identifying themselves and their positions, which are simply protective of traditional American interests.

It is not racist to want to preserve America’s constitutional republic or its founding stock, which built this nation and made it great. To do otherwise is treasonous to traditional American citizens.

It is not racist to try to prevent the dispossession of the White race or the unfair, unconstitutional application of “affirmative action” laws. The SPLC and ADL clearly advocate racist policies for Jewish/Israeli interests, while hypocritically promoting multiculturalism and multiracism for all others.

Q. It seems like immigration is the defining issue of both your campaign and A3P. What, exactly, would you do about the darkening of America?

A. In protecting America’s natural citizens, a moratorium on immigration should be imposed until responsible legislation can be implemented. Immigration should be restricted, especially in difficult economic times, to only satisfy our nation’s true needs – and should not radically alter the existing racial/ethnic demographics.

Illegal immigration should not be tolerated, let alone rewarded with government benefit programs. Those who break our laws should be treated as criminals.

America was 90% European derived as late as the mid-1960’s. That overwhelming majority is now predicted to become a minority within the next 30 years. This is a radical demographic assault that will destroy America, if not stopped. We are already suffering serious economic and cultural effects.

Q. Right now the two party system is locked in tight. What do you think it’s going to take for a third party like A3P to replace the Republicans as the challenger to the Democrats?

A. It will probably require a complete economic collapse (which is coming) to wake up enough Americans to realize that neither major political party represents their best interests – but are controlled by special globalist interests.

The Republican Party has effectively, but only temporarily, hijacked the budding “tea party” movement. But a third party’s viability will grow as America’s decline becomes more apparent and our middle-class seeks true representation. To succeed, the A3P must work for election reform and secure sufficient funding to educate our citizens with truths.

Q. Here in Detroit and Southeast Michigan, the auto industry has fallen apart and manufacturing jobs have been lost. What is your solution to this problem?

A. This is a multi-faceted problem, but the solution is to stop the treasonous behavior of our politicians and put America first. This will require creating incentives for entrepreneurs/small businesses and erecting barriers to unfair competition, including protective tariffs.

Also, the costs of doing business because of government overregulation, litigation/insurance costs, etc., must be brought down through tort reform and the removal of invasive legislation.

Most importantly, we must replace “free trade agreements” with “fair trade agreements,” which will benefit the American worker, rather than multinational corporations and foreign nations.

If you agree with Merlin Miller’s vision then consider becoming an A3P member or make a contribution to the A3P party below.

Merlin Miller A3P LogoThe official policy positions of both Miller and A3P can be found here. Southeast Michigan is strongly against free trade because of the manufacturing job losses in the auto industry, so Miller’s protectionist beliefs are certainly a winning position.

Moreover, Miller is on the right side of the issues when it comes to immigration and demographics, and judging by this video, he’s an eloquent speaker.

Candidates from either party who are vying for a Congressional seat or for any other locally relevant seat may contact me for an interview at ddpoole(at) I have scored previous interviews with Senate candidate Randy Hekman and Congressional candidate Kerry Bentivolio. I also conducted a special interview with Paul W. Smith, the king of talk radio in Detroit.

Dan Poole is a 2012 graduate of Oakland University, with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in History. A former intern for the Milford Times with dozens of published articles,

Merlin Miller

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    Is it just me or does Mr. Miller make more sense than all the other Presidential candidates put together!

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