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Interview With AFP Protesters Who Oppose War In Syria

By Dan Poole | At a Portland, Oregon protest to oppose war in Syria, a young White woman took a stand for what is right. Rebecca Barrett, 23, joined the protestors in their opposition to a war with Syria. She brought along the crossstar flag, which is modeled after the Hungarian arrow cross and which is the flag of her organization – the Nationalist Movement.

The lefty protestors didn’t take well to this. At all. Instead of welcoming her as a sister in the cause against yet another disastrous war, they tried and failed to bully her, intimidate her, and harass her. But Rebecca wasn’t having any of it. She calmly but firmly stood her ground, as you can see in this video which has accrued 8,710 views in 13 days.

There’s another video posted in which she owns the protestors when they try to shout her away from the rally. The shouting begins at 2:34 and ends by 3:37, when the old creepy bald guy who first started bullying her encourages everyone to quit the shouting. Then beginning at 4:24, the camera zooms up on her as she challenges the absurd notion that “underneath, we are all the same.”

Here’s what Rebecca had to say about all the chaos that surrounded her at the rally:

Q. How did the confrontation with the anti-white protesters start? Because it’s not like you were looking for a fight. You supported what those protesters were there for.

The confrontation with anti-white protesters started when I walked down the street to join the protest waving the Nationalist Flag high. Immediately numerous people walked up to me to ask me about the flag and what it stood for. I told them it was the flag of The Nationalist Movement and it stood for National pride/America first.

I also told them that the arrows or hooks on the Crosstar were symbols of the re-gathering of God’s people from the four corners of the earth. From the north, the south, the east and the west. They allude to a fisherman’s hook, as in the Bible when Jesus told his disciples he would make them fishers of men. I told the people in the crowd that it was a cross on my flag being a symbol of Christ and Christianity. America is a Christian Nation.

I came to the protest to raise awareness to the war in Syria and to National pride which all Americans should have. We should not be fighting other nation’s battles. The concerns of our own country and people should come first. I thought I would have common ground with the people at the protest, but soon found out they were very anti-American with communist values.

Many people did not like the honest answers I gave to their questions so they began to call me a racist and a white supremacist. I told them my ancestors founded and fought for this nation – which they did. My family came to America with John Smith and was among the first settlers in Virginia and Massachusetts. Reverend Robert South Barrett started one of the first churches in Aquia Virginia in the 1620’s.

My family fought in every major American war and were heroes and patriots of this country. My great great great grandmother was one of the first female doctors in America and the first woman to be so honored as to have the flag flown half mast at the capital in Richmond, VA upon her death.

It is true Americans like me whose family built this great country which form a nation and should intellectually fight for the rights bestowed by that nation. The liberal Marxist hippies did not like my reason for boycotting the war in Syria. They would not stand for our First Amendment right. They tried to shut me up, but I peaceably and amiably stood my ground. One woman tried to knock my flag down and move me out of public view.

I did not come to the protest to insight conflict, but I would stand up for my rights as a citizen. After a while I decided to leave on my own accord in respect for the female leader of the protest after she asked me to put down my flag and I refused.

Q. When the anti-white zealots in the crowd started shouting, “hey hey, ho ho, all these fascists got to go,” you literally got them to shut up. How did you do that?

When the “anti-white zealots” started shouting that, I started to shout right along with them. After all we were there for the same cause. I am not a fascist and I don’t support fascism. I hate communism so when they began to shout I shouted the same words to show them that I wasn’t a fascist. I am a nationalist.

They also called me a Nazi, which is an oxymoron because as a nationalist I fight against socialism. Therefore I could never be a Nazi. I think this really confused them because it challenged their perception of a “racist” as a hateful old man. I came as a kind young woman spreading a message of love for my race.

Q. It seemed like several of the protesters zeroed in on your stated desire to preserve your people and your race. Why do you think they did that?

I think the protesters zeroed in on my desire to preserve my race because it was an area that they felt they could attack me on. The things I was saying about America being founded by European Christians were all facts that they couldn’t really argue with. They could however deny their own identity and attack mine.

I think it made them feel uncomfortable to see someone stand up for the White race. It is so engrained in the modern liberal white culture that we should hate our identity and take on the identity of other cultures such as the blacks. It seems as though Whites are the number one advocators for other races, but there are few advocates for the European races.

Q. While the R-word is still their go-to smear, it seems like “White Supremacist” is being used more and more by the anti-white zealots. The mantra, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” takes care of the R-word, but how do you think we should confront the phrase, “White Supremacist”?

I think that many people that have no true racial identity or awareness will always hate others of their kind that do. These people will name call and try to bully their own kind that is proud of their heritage. They will use words like racist and white supremacist and other trigger words that are taught to convey negative connotations to defame the name of the racially aware.

White supremacist is a word that we should not be afraid of being called. It is a proud word which refers to our history as a race. It looks back to the civilizations and cities we have created, the advancements in arts and science, in philosophy and religion. We fought and stood up for Christianity in the western world and then brought it to all other nations.

Every race has their role and accomplishments on this earth, and every race should be proud of their heritage. The White race has been supreme in history and one would be a fool to deny this fact. So although it is not something we need to go around advertising, if someone is to call us a white supremacist we should not run away with fear denouncing the great accomplishments of our race.

Q. You mentioned several times in the videos that your red crossed flag was the symbol of the Nationalist Movement. What does your organization stand for and what does it seek to accomplish?

The Nationalist Movement is a movement of the people and for the people. It is truly nationalistic because it seeks to preserve the White race in this nation because the White Christian race is the roots of this country. It is anti-communist and pro-democratic. We want to bring the production of goods and commerce back to America. This was once a great and prosperous country and we want to restore that.

We are anti-immigration because we desire that our resources and welfare go to our own people first. We spend so much time and money helping the people of other nations when we need to be helping the people in our own country first. The blacks didn’t go to all western nations and preach the gospel or build up their cities so why should we?

The red white and blue Crosstar is the symbol of our movement because it shows our loyalties to our nation and our faith (God and Country). We are not communist fascist anarchists looking to destroy this nation, we are proud Americans looking to lift it up and fight for the constitution and Christian morals just as our ancestors did.

2013 American Freedom PartyAs you can see, Rebecca doesn’t pull any punches. She bravely faced down every protestor who got in her face, and she set an example for others to follow. She kept her message positive and didn’t dwell on the negative. She let the protestors dig their own grave by wallowing in a sea of anti-white negativity and focusing more on the crosstar flag than on opposing the war in Syria. Overall, she did an excellent job, and it was the resolve of the protestors that broke.

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