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International Finance: America’s Most Deadly Poison

By George Bancroft | The present affliction of America’s economic system and its detrimental performance in our economy is closely related to the international banking cartel. The well-known effects; high unemployment, falling middle class income, lower then 2008, private sector falling employment, rising consumer prices, and loss of manufacturing are all related to the policies of the FRS, BIS, IMF, WB, ECB, open immigration, and Free Trade policies enacted by the Republocrats under the Cartels direction. The principal economic and political direction for the banking cartel over the last 100 years has been a single world currency and the elimination of nation states and their borders. The American Freedom Party is diametrically opposed to all of this.

A European Historic Perspective

The first act of the Rothschild banking enterprise was to be the middleman for the King of England in the purchase of soldiers from the Margrave of Hesse for the American revolutionary war. The House of Rothschild earned billions in that deal. The Margrave is often called the Elector, and is related to the royal houses of England, Greece, Denmark, and Sweden. In the second act at the close of the Napoleonic wars in Europe, the Rothschild’s family London based bank, which had the best and quickest communications system in Europe, announced in London after the battle of Waterloo that Napoleon had been defeated the Anglo-Prussian alliance. This caused the London stock and commodities markets to collapse. The Rothschild banks began an expansive purchasing program and by the end of the day when the truth came out they owned 80% of England. Their third act was after WWI when England was bankrupt Rothschild offered to bail out the Bank of England under two conditions, 1) Rothschild would from there forward control to the Bank of England and 2) The Crown would provide an instrument to allow Jews to take over the Levant, which condition was met by the Balfour Declaration. It made the Rothschild Bank the largest financial institution in the world. Lord Rothschild was the president of the World Zionist Federation.

Banking in America

The concept of an American banking cartel has been a fact of history since the early 1700’s. The control of that system by European interests dates to the early 1800’s. The first bank of the United States actually begun as Bank of the United States operated from 1700 to 1799. The Biddle family ran the Second Bank of the United State from Philadelphia 1800 to 1811. It was the second attempt to create a federally controlled national banking system mirroring that of England. The banks primary opponent was Andrew Jackson who proved that with a $30 million investment the bankers had absconded with many millions. In Jackson’s second term he succeeded in closing the bank. America then developed strong individual state banking systems that prevailed until 1913.

The creation of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)

Federal Reserve - We Sell Money to the GovernmentIn 1910 the major American bankers and their political allies had a meeting on Jekyll Island Georgia to establish a fourth attempt by the Bankers to establish a central bank like the banks in Europe. The noteworthy participants were: Paul M. Warburg (Partner in Kuhn Loeb & Co. agent for the Rothschild groups and author of the Federal Reserve Act); Nelson W. Aldrich (B) Republican Whip in the Senate, Chairman of the National Monetary Fund, & father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller (B); Henry P Davidson Sr. (B) Partner J.P. Morgan & Co.; A. Piatt Andrew, Assist. Sec. of the Treasury; Charles D. Norton Pres. 1st Nat Bank of NY; Frank Vanderlip Pres. Nat. City Bank of NY agent of William Rockefeller (B); and Benjamin Strong Director of J. P. Morgan, Bankers Trust Co. These men combined in 1910 controlled over 75% of the world’s entire value. They jointly created the 16th amendment the 17th amendment and the subsequent Federal Reserve Act.

What this meant

The 16th amendment established the FRS and the Federal Reserve Act. It transferred the power to tax, set interest, collect taxes, issue money, change hard asset backed money to 1) debt based asset 2) petrodollar based asset 3) totally ‘backed by nothing’ fiat money, from congress to the FRS. With the 17th Amendment they transferred the right of states to appoint senators to a popular election thereby eliminating the power of states to control banking within their borders and eliminating their prime completion of state banks.

What was promised and what was delivered?

The culprits who did all this at Jekyll Island in congressional testimony before congress and committees promised the establishment of their FRS would for all time end the destructive market fluctuations. It would stabilize the currency, and stop inflation. They lied.

  1. The dollar has fallen every single year since 1913.
  2. Inflation has been beginning in 1913 9.9% to a total combined 1913 to 2014, 232.957% in the last 100 years.
  3. As for market fluctuations (Industrial activity) 1913-14 -19.8%; 1918-19 -14.1%; 1920-21. 32.7%; 1923-24, -22.7%; 1926-27. -10,0% 1929-1933, -26.7%; 1937-38, -18.2%; 1945, -12.7% 1949, -1.7%; 1953, -2.6%; 1958, -3.7%; 1960-61, -1.6%; and you know what’s going on now. They lied.

AFP Rises to the Challenge

AFP considers the existing banking enterprise a criminal one, established by congress when they surrendered the people’s right to control their currency by enacting the 16th and 17th amendment in 1913. We believe that the established monopoly stands in violation of our laws. We believe that the most pressing issue is the reestablishment of a legitimate hard asset based currency and to restore power to the individual states, and to rid America of the predatory fiat money based usury banking system. This Jeffersonian idea will be enacted when we take power. We further will repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution. By these actions we will return the powers to tax, set interest rates, and all monetary policy back to the people and the states. Only with sound money policies can America as a nation survive.

Deleterious effects of the existing system

The system established in 1913, which is an internationals monopoly consortium of people whose only interests lie in self-enrichment, has virtually destroyed the middle class. In the last ten years America has suffered with; a 9.7% increase in healthcare due to Obamacare, 6.5% fall in private sector employment, 107% of inflation, 47 million Americans on food stamps, 7.8% increase in federal employees, 24 million illegal immigrants, dollar value fall of ½, 11% approval rating for Congress, 37% approval rating for the president, 2014 produced the worst congress in American history with the exception of 2013, more debt in the last ten years than the previous 42 presidents, a fall of 22% in economic activity worldwide by America, 63,000 small manufacturing companies closed, 11.7 million lost manufacturing jobs, a drop in employment from 1950 to 2013 of total population employment from 80% to 65%, not a single private sector employed citizen on the executive advisory team, private homeownership at an 18 year low, 49% of Americans now live in a home in which at least one person is on government payola, the government now runs 83 different welfare programs and 35% of Americans are participants, Projected Social Security debt is facing a $75 trillion shortfall in the coming 75 years, AFP want to reverse all of that.

The Beast has many names

What we call it is basically irrelevant, The New World Order, 1000 points of light, the bankers, The Order, or the Illuminati. The fact of the matter being is, that they control banking, the media, and most politicians through campaign contributions. The 87+% of incumbent re-elections testifies to that. Patriots and nationalists like Henry Ford ?, K. Chesterton ?, Ezra Pound ?, Dr. A. H. Krieg, Congressman Larry McDonald ?, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, and Eustace Mullins ?, can all testify to that. This international banking monopoly is the organization responsible for most of the wars and economic problems of the world. Money (Greed) is the root of all-evil. The principal solution to this is twofold: 1) a mandatory national balanced budget and 2) a monetary system based on hard assets not fiat species. AFP is the only political party that supports all those reforms.

Prosperity is not an illusion, it is attainable

The greatest economic expansion and era of prosperity in America was from 1900 to 1914. The Federal Reserve act and 16th & 17th amendment brought that to an end. In that period everything in America boomed. There was no EPA, CIA, NSA, NIOSH, OSHA or any other of the alphabet soup of federal agencies. Contrary to present belief the air was cleaner, industrial accidents by percentage of employed we about the same, and global warming, AKA climate change due to man was as non-existent then as it is now. The greatest difference was that the government was not in the business of indoctrinating the public with false propaganda. America had no troops overseas we were at peace. Business was self-financing expansion and not dependent upon the predatory banks with their usury compound interest. In 1914 the average house cost $6,156. The average income for labor in 1914 was $60 per week. That indicates that the average worker earned $3,120 per year or ½ of the total cost of a home. In 2012 the average American worker made $44,321 and the average home costs $347,900 or 3/4 of the average workers income. Inflation over the last ten years as noted above is over 100%. AFP does not believe that we are headed in the right direction. America is over taxed, over policed, and over regulated on the state as well as federal level.

What is the cause of this?

In the 1880’s the British Fabian socialist Society came to be, it met regularly at the Webb house where the symbol of Fabian socialism, a wolf dressing in a sheepskin is located on a stained glass window on the landing between the first and second floor. The Fabian went on to take over the British Labor party, and eventually to infiltrate the American Democrat party. The present Democrat parties that can be considered aligned with the Fabians who in America are called Progressives. Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are all progressives. The CT 3rd district congresswoman Rosa DeLauro was chairman of the Democrat Progressive Caucus (CPC) it has 69 members. They represent the political part of the N.W.O. The social media and banking part is centered in The Order, whose members (Bonesmen) are active in those fields. To make this clear, the two presidential candidates in the 2008 election John Kerry and W. Bush were both (B). The head of J.P. Morgan Chase is Rockefeller a (B); the largest American private bank is Brown Bros Harriman & Co. it has been run by (B) since its foundation in 1818. The merger of the London based Brown Bros. Harriman bank Averill Harriman (B) George W. Bush (B) George Herbert (Bret) Walker (B) had been instrumental in merging W. A. Harriman & Co. with British Brown Bros. in 1931. All were closely related to Fritz Thyssen who had set up Union Banking Corp. in NY in 1923 to fund Hitler. This is no different than a century before when in June of 1815 at the battle of Waterloo the Rothschild’s had funded all, the British the French, and the Prussians.

What of Today?

With the continual centralization of Banking and the elimination of smaller banks and in America State banks, capital has centralized in a very small number of billionaires, and meg-banks that rule the roost. The relationship between government and banking became much more prevalent, with well over half political financing through this source. Certain people (George Soros; Georgy Schwarz real name) became billionaires and with those funds wreaked havoc on nations and people. Soros, who with his Jew father together turned Hungarian Jews over to the SS for a percentage of the take, is a left wing nut ideologue. His Open Society Institute has financed with $7 billion, to date; La Raza, SPLC, ACORN, the Apollo Alliance, The Huffington Post, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and worst of all The Tides Foundation. Soros would not be welcome in Hungary where he was born, he is not wanted in England, Thailand or any of the Balkans, AFP when elected will demand his deportation to any nation foolish enough to accept him. His agenda is: Control of American elections, end of American sovereignty, elimination of the 2nd amendment, legalization of drugs, massive green indicatives, $110 billion in Obama’s budget, taxing churches, $20 million to groups opposed to Republicans, the list is endless, look it up on the Internet. AFP is determined to brake up large mega banks and remove people whose ideology is contrary to American interests; the FRS and the media monopoly that is now controlled by less than ten corporations.

Who we are, what we want, how we propose to move us in the right direction

We are the American Freedom Party. Our party was established in 2010 and as the youngest political party facing unbelievable opposition from government was successful in running a 2012 presidential campaign against all odds. Our candidate was blacklisted, refused attendance at debates, the FEC refused to qualify the party even though we had meet all their requirements, several states in which we had attained ballot access petitions state attorney generals refused to accept large numbers of qualified petitions claiming signers were not by them qualified, they refused to provide lists of accepted residents. We are a party that is inclusive of all European Americans, we are not opposed to any others, but prefer to support our own group. If Hispanics can have La Raza, Blacks can have NAACP, Jews have over 100 organizations, we can have the American Freedom Party.

What We Stand For

Smaller government, less regulations, ending Obamacare, support of the 2nd amendment, a dollar backed by silver and gold, no more wars for Israel, no more foreign entanglements, controlled borders, an end to illegal immigration, immediate deportation of all illegal felons, a path to citizenship for illegals including getting at the back of the line, paying all due taxes and fines, and taking English American history and civics exams, English as the national language, repeal of the 16th and 17th amendments, a balanced budget amendment, disbanding of the IRS and replacing it with a 14% national sales tax, , cancellation of the Federal Reserve Act, closing the NSA Utah operation, reinstatement of the rule prohibiting the CIA and NSA from domestic action, a total moratorium on drones inside American borders, breaking up the baking and media cartels, Disbanding the Departments of Education, Energy, Housing and Urban development, and Labor, making the US Coast Guard, Secret Service and FBI separate and totally independent organizations, removing the appointing authority from the Executive for the head of the Department of Justice making the office elected by the house and senate in a joint vote., returning the draft and reducing the professional military size, all able bodied males must server two years in the military, immediately terminate all foreign wars. Recall all troops from Japan, Germany, Italy, and the Balkans. – Walk softly but carry a big stick!

In Banking and Government

The elimination of interest taxes on savings accounts, ending capital gains taxes, ending inheritance taxes, a 14% national sales tax on all goods with the exception of the primary home and one car per family, stopping the ability of banks to trade on the capital markets, Eliminate the WB, disband the IMF, grant all corporations 30 days tax holiday for any funds held by them overseas brought back to America, eliminate all free trade deals with the exception of Canada, Chile and S. Korea. Implement strict usury laws restricting the charges of interest to 2% above that paid by government bonds. Welfare and food stamp payments will be terminated. The government will pay people on welfare and a salary for learning a trade the government shall pay for the cost of this education so long as the student maintains a grade average above C+ this subsidy will continue for the duration of the learning cycle it will terminate 30 days after graduation.

A new banking system

The government shall open a post office based banking system wherein depositors will be paid 2% interest on deposits quarterly. There will be no fees or taxes on these accounts. Depositors will be able to draw checks on the balances. The system shall be national. Loans to qualified citizens shall charge interest rate of 4% quarterly. Interest rates shall not be compounded.

FRS—Federal Reserve System
BIS—Bank of International Settlements
IMF—International Monetary Fund
WB—World Bank
ECB—European Central Bank (EU)
EU— European Union
N.W.O. New World Order
(B) Bonesman

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