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The Immigration Speech

Not covered by any of the TV networks “the speech” was noteworthy in his usual distribution of misinformation. We won’t even address that! What we will speak to is the obvious violation of the separation of powers and the U.S. Constitution. Article 1 Section 1 of the constitution clearly articulates that all power to make law is vested in the legislative branch. The Legislative makes laws and the executive enforces them. It is furthermore a violation of well-established constitutional principles that the president may not selectively enforce laws, something he and his AG excel at.

In his speech he clearly stated that congress did not act relating to one of 376 bills on Harry Reid desk, immigration reform that had in the Senate been passed by bi-partisan action. What he omitted to say was that due to his selective enforcement polices on ACA no one trusted him to enforce border security, which is why the bill was stalled in the House. The matter will surely come to the Supreme Court on accelerated schedule. Speculating on the outcome we remain confident his EO will be nullified by the Court.

This was the act of a despotic sociopath acting outside law, and in a veiled attempt to paint the opposition into a corner. The very obvious effort by the president is to 1) split the electorate into two opposing camps, 2) force the Republicans to either impeach or bring legal action, 3) make himself appear as the champion of the Hispanics, 4) curry Hispanic votes to the Democrat party. As any immigrant who had to participate in a laborious citizenship procedure that included obtaining a visa, obtaining a sponsor, proving financial independence, a five-year wait, paying all taxes for five years without representation, and financially taking a verbal and then written English and a American History and Civics exams, they must be deeply offended by this promise of amnesty.

He said it was not amnesty because he was not providing citizenship that is wrong. He was guaranteeing omission of prosecution (a legal pardon for 5 million illegals) for a crime leading to eventual citizenship. Furthermore, while bringing up the matter of border security he did not convince me that he was actually planning it. Perhaps the executive should contract with the IDF in Israel who seem not to have the slightest problem in building a wall that is impregnable.

This prejudiced act was akin to throwing a hand grenade into the legislature. Obama was more than aware before he gave this speech that both the house as well as the senate planned to take up the matter of immigration in the opening session of the 2015 legislative session. By his act he has damaged the process, setting it back many months. Furthermore he has effectively transferred the enactment of immigration reform from the legislative and executive to the judicial branch whose usual speed of response can only be characterized as sluggish.

It seems clear to us that the supporters of this care little for constitutional principles, the rule of law or the separation of power, opting instead for a dictator. He has succeeded in establishing a cult of “Obamaists” whose vacuous understanding of our laws and republican principles rule his day. The assault on constitutional principles in his speech is dangerous and dictatorial; it cannot be allowed to stand.

Having already established precedence in his continuous selective enforcement of law, supported by his toady AG Eric Holder, the nation is in deep trouble. If allowed to stand, future presidents will use this case as a justification for not only selective enforcement, but also the enactment of odious to the people laws, propagated by gender or race issues. It is the rule through diktat that America had a revolutionary war with England some centuries ago.

The president’s avowals that he is entitled to act because congress has not, is akin to a claim that equality before he law is void because he prefers racism. His acclimation that all presidents had before him done the exact same thing is an outright lie. All of them had acted on immigration after congress had finished their debates and voted on the issue.

Surprisingly he plans to give about 5 million illegals three-year work permits, while America has just over 24% unemployment, we may if this stands, get that up to 30% by the end of his administration. He glossed over the illegal felons of which we have over 40,000. He said that the number of deportations was up, not mentioning that they changed the way they are counted and if you use to old system the deportation rate is actually down. If he gives work permits he will also to collect taxes and to do that have to give SS numbers, this will allow all of those with SS number to get all other ID’s and then allow them to vote. At some point in the speech we were convinced that the only problem according to Obama regarding illegals was that they were not paying taxes.

“….All we are saying is we are not going to deport you.” Well, OK, we are also going to give you work permits, social security card, allow you to compete for any job available in America, avail drivers licenses, not make you pay back-taxes only future taxes, we also assume that government jobs will be included in this package.

He did prominently indicate that we must allow PhD’s, mathematicians and college graduates in because we desperately need such people, indicating the complete failure of our federal education system, which is under his management.

Dr. Adrian KriegIn 2000 a new book was published titled, “July4th 2016 the Last Independence Day” the author Dr. Krieg seems to have been in possession of a crystal ball, as the Republic comes tumbling down. We are now able to change our national motto from “The Land of the Brave and Free” to the “Tyranny of the Evil Empire”.

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