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Illegal Immigrants Deported… In Israel

Dan Poole, Detroit Examiner | Suppose you woke up tomorrow and read a story about how the United States federal government randomly rounded up Mexican women and their young children as they walked down the streets.

Suppose Mexicans in random towns in the Southwest were picked up on the street, in banks, at their places of work and in door-to-door searches. Suppose they were arrested and then taken on buses to detention centers. Suppose their mobile phones were confiscated in the process.

As a result of all this, suppose that other Mexicans tried to hide in their homes, not daring to go out until things calm down.

If Mitt Romney were President right now, suppose he signed a bill passed by a Republican Congress that mandated a five year prison sentence for any American who employed, housed or transported Mexicans around the country.

Not only that, but suppose President Romney, Speaker John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell claimed that the presence of these Mexicans would “lead to the eradication of the U.S. as a white European, democratic state.”

And after rounding up and deporting the Mexicans, suppose any of those three leaders justified it under the claim that “the Mexicans were a cancer in our body.”

Finally, suppose the American people not only derided these Mexicans as “infiltrators,” but physically attacked and looted Mexican neighborhoods, searching taxi cabs for Mexicans in order to arrest them and imprison them.

Assuming you are a liberal/progressive who loves to quote the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League in order to prove that so and so is a hate group, you’d think that what I’ve just described is Nazi Germany reincarnated in America.

You’d decry it as the most wicked, horrifically evil thing to happen in America since the days of slavery. There would be no end to your howling and your screeching as you claimed that what I described completely contradicts “what America stands for” as a “liberal democracy” based on “equality and fairness.”

You’d probably say a new holocaust is near, only this time involving the slaughter of millions of Mexicans – and since we’re talking about a government led by white men from the Republican Party, you’d claim that Arabs, blacks, Asians, and every other non-white will eventually be rounded up as well.

To you, what I described is a fascist authoritarian police state, and there’s probably nothing you’d be more vehemently opposed to. Your protests would be so furious they’d make Occupy Wall Street look like two Southern gentlemen from the antebellum days discussing the price of cotton.

Ready for the counterpunch? Here it comes: Everything I just described is a copied and pasted modification of what Israel, the Israeli people, and the Israeli government are doing right now to black Sudanese people. Read it and weep.

And now comes the trillion dollar question: Are the actions of Israel against the Sudanese people racist?

If you are a Progressive and you think the answer is yes, then why is there deafening silence from the entire left wing establishment against Israel? Where is all the howling and indignation? Where are the headlines in the New York Times warning about a new holocaust?

And if the answer is no, then why the hell do Progressives smear and besmirch states like Arizona and Alabama who passed immigration laws that don’t do half of what Israel is doing?

If what Israel is doing is racist, then Progressives are filthy hypocrites. And if what they are doing isn’t racist, then Progressives are even worse filthy hypocrites.

So contradictory is Progressivism thanks to its anti-white, anti-American, anti-Western convictions that the very existence of these Israeli actions against the Sudanese people completely destroys and discredits everything the left claims about diversity and multiculturalism, and it doesn’t matter if Progressives think what Israel is doing is racist or not!

But let’s get back to Israel again. The real answer to the original question is neither yes nor no. It doesn’t matter whether Progressives or anyone else thinks that what Israel is doing is racist or not, because Israel is doing the right thing regardless. As James Edwards of the Political Cesspool put it:

They did what they had to do in order to protect their cultural heritage. The Africans were breaking the immigration laws of Israel and are being understandably deported.

Now, if Israel can enforce their border laws without worldwide condemnation, I want to see the American government do the same. Israel has provided us with a perfectly legitimate template.

And that’s the crux of the issue: Israel has a Jewish cultural heritage which it has the right to protect. For decades now the following question has been a litmus test for U.S. Presidents: “Do you stand by the long-standing U.S. commitments to Israel’s future as a Jewish state?”

Now then, let’s turn the tables. Suppose Abe Foxman (Boss-in-chief of the ADL) or Morris Dees (Consiglierein-chief of the SPLC) were asked, “do you stand by the long-standing Israeli commitment to America’s future as a white European state?”

The question sounds absurd because there is no such long-standing commitment from Israel, and moreover, the idea that America is a white European state as opposed to a multiracial proposition state is nothing more than racist, bigoted, xenophobic propaganda spewed by the KKK and Neo-Nazis.

To even suggest that America should be a white European state must mean that you want to kill millions of innocent non-whites. At the very best it means you hate America and don’t believe in American exceptionalism.

So then, what gives? Here’s what: In the world of Progressivism and way too many circles of conservatism and libertarianism, you can only be a racist if you are a white person. The anti-racist standards that apply to whites don’t apply to non-whites. Non-whites are also allowed to determine who can and can’t live in their homes (IE, their nations).

For example, Japan has a 98.5 percent Japanese majority, and another 0.9 percent between China and Korea. Only 0.6 percent of Japan is non-Asian. Japan is a first world nation. Or how about Hong Kong, which is ranked No.1 in the world in the Index of Economic Freedom? It has a 95 percent Chinese population.

But white Europeans? We must accept everybody without question, and if we don’t, then we are accused of wanting to commit genocide against non-whites.

Don’t believe me? Gloss through the anti-white garbage spewed by the cyber-bullies ADL and the SPLC. Or read pathetic sob stories like this new one about a Mexican thug who was rightfully shot and killed because he rammed his car into a border agent and then tried to flee.

Given the existence of these anti-white standards, there is really only one conclusion: racism isn’t evil. Compared to what Israel is doing to the Sudanese (who are illegal immigrants, by the way), the fire hoses and police dogs from the Jim Crow South are tame.

Rosa Parks was told to go to the back of the bus. In Israel, Rosa Parks would immediately be taken out of the bus.

Israel Anti-Immigration Protest

Again, this isn’t an indictment of Israel. This is simply a matter of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. There is a litany of evidence proving that diversity and multiculturalism are far worse than racism against non-whites ever was, including antebellum slavery, which doesn’t hold a candle to the white genocide seen in South Africa.

University of Illinois professor Robert Weissberg correctly noted in March of this year that those who fight the anti-white standards that Progressivism has created “are considered just above child molesters.” Being known as a racist can destroy a white person’s job, his career, and even his life.

For that reason and so many others, anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white. Thanks to Progressivism and the forces that facilitate it, white Americans are increasingly being pushed to the point where they have no rights which the non-white is bound to respect.

Again I point to the white genocide in South Africa for those who think this claim is ridiculous.

So what’s the solution? Well, specific policies have been discussed already, so here’s a broader solution: When whites are accused by anyone of being racist, their response should be, “oh yeah? So what! Look what happened to Detroit!”

This is especially true in places like Michigan, which is supposedly one of the top ten most racist states in the union.

But I’m not expecting whites to do this anytime soon. Whites are a victim of their own inherent kindness and gentleness. The potential loss of life and liberty is just too great.

Besides, America may have reached the point of no return. It may be the case that a widespread revolt against the puritanical tyranny of “that’s racist!” will never happen because too many Americans are brainwashed into thinking that white racism is the worst form of evil. It may be the case that whites are deracinated beyond repair.

If this is the case, then the end is near anyway. It’s not like the anti-white crusade is the only part of the left wing agenda. Progressives want to abolish capitalism and replace it with Stalinism, and it doesn’t matter if the government controls the means of production or the government controls puppet businesses which control the means of production. The end result is the same.

Progressives don’t have limits on how much they want to regulate, how high they want to raise taxes, or how much money they want to spend as they redistribute wealth from the givers to the takers, more specifically from whites to non-whites.

Progressivism is synonymous with totalitarianism. It has successfully put the U.S. and European nations under a soft tyranny. In a few decades as whites are blended out, it will become a hard tyranny.

Seeing as the U.S. may be doomed anyway, there’s nothing to lose by fighting the anti-white agenda head on. If whites were to fight this agenda in mass numbers, then businesses would be rendered helpless because they’d have no one to hire – no one who’s qualified anyway.

Again, this might never happen because whites are too scared of being smeared as racists, but all the same, the status quo has America and its traditional white majority on a highway to hell.

There is no scenario where the races of the earth intermix with each other in a first world culture of tolerance and harmony. It’s never happened before in the history of the world, and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest it will happen in the future.

We should follow Israel’s illegal immigration policy.

Dan Poole is a 2012 graduate of Oakland University, with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in History. A former intern for the Milford Times with dozens of published articles, Dan has a passion for politics and ideology that he loves to express in writing. His experience working on a political campaign, along with 96 combined credits in political science, history, philosophy, and rhetoric gives him insight on contemporary topics in American politics. Printed with permission.

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  1. MissBonnie123 says:

    Very good post!

    I would like to say that in the future, when I am accused of being a racist (what White person hasn't been?), I am going to demand that the nonwhite stop racially abusing me. Yes, I am going to use the words "racial abuse."

    Also, we might begin thinking about a White homeland. I am referring to us getting some states where we can live in peace and practice OUR culture, OUR heritage, OUR traditions, etc. Like the article above inferred, there is no way we can deport the nonwhites in our country back to their homelands.

    • MissBonnie123 says:

      Just a correction. When I wrote "there is no way we can deport the nonwhites in our country back to their homelands," I was writing about legal citizens. We should demand that illegal immigration be reversed through attrition (no jobs for illegals, no apartments, no homes, no nonemergency medical care, etc.) Those that refuse to self-deport would then have to be deported by our government.

      • Dan Poole says:

        Hi MissBonnie. Thank you for your kind words about my article. With the best intentions at heart, I'm actually going to disagree with your notion that we can't deport legal non-white citizens back to their homelands. That is true to an extent, but lets take the example of non-white immigrants who only gained citizenship thanks to family reunification, AKA, chain migration. I believe that every single "legal" immigrant who became an American citizen thanks to chain migration should be deported. Given that chain migration accounts for 66% of all U.S. immigrants every single year, deporting them might be the best way to secure the future of America as a white European homeland. It's actually not enough JUST to deport illegals and JUST to secure the border. We all know that a non-white majority=third world nightmare. Well, that means bold actions need to be taken. I don't care anymore that people think these actions are "racist." Tell that to Israel.

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