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ID Required for Democratic National Convention – But Voter ID Not Needed

By Clash Daily | You can tell a lot by the motives of someone by looking at how consistent they are. In order to get into the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, you will need an ID. Why can’t Democrat voters be trusted to enter a convention that’s for Democrats? Why would they lie about who they are?

A Democrat official will most likely say that IDs are necessary because of party crashers. Maybe some Republicans, Libertarians, or Independents will try to come in and disrupt the convention. This is a very good argument for the necessity of IDs for the convention. But it leaves a couple of things unanswered.

First, isn’t it a hardship on some people to get an ID? Isn’t this a standard argument used by Liberals on why it’s unconstitutionally improper to ask for an ID at the voting booth? If it’s not a hardship in one place (the convention), then it should not be a hardship in another place (the voting booth), right?

Identification required, even just near convention site!

From the convention website:

Please complete the following form regarding your organization’s primary contact information and the authorized designee(s) to whom your 2012 Democratic National Convention credentials can be issued.

Authorized Pickup

All pickup persons must have a state-issued ID that matches the name submitted below.

The South Carolina chapter of the NAACP, says several large black churches in South Carolina are planning to send busloads of members to the North Carolina Convention on Thursday to watch the president’s speech. Can’t the NAACP send busloads of voters to the Department of Motor Vehicles for state issued voter IDs? Of course not! Voter IDs would decrease the number of “undocumented Democrats”.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    I'm surprised that Eric Holder and the DOJ hasn't claimed that merely requiring poor Blacks to have get a 'Drivers License' is unfair and a hardship!

    The whole rationale behind the governments objections to having people have an ID in order to vote is ridiculous and it's obvious that they are trying to prevent fair elections.

  2. sonicwhip says:

    Hey I saw Millers interview on Iranian news channel Presstv, just wanted to say he did a very good job and I really hope that there can be a way to prevent war with Iran because it would lead to WWIII.

  3. It gets worse, The building where these U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit judges "work" also has a 100% ID Check Rule
    "To enter the courthouse, all visitors must show a photo ID issued by a government agency, such as a driver's license, or a bar identification card."

  4. pancho del rancho says:

    Does the U.S. Government have the stupidest politicians in the world? Or are they working to destabilize us from within!?

  5. pancho del rancho says:

    Los Angeles, CA will be issuing "library" photo id's to illegal aliens. They will be able to use these id's for a variety of purposes! Saw this in the L.A. Times today.

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