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HP Lays Off 30,000 Workers and Demands More H-1B Workers

In a move that might remind voters of GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s time as CEO of tech giant Hewlett-Packard, the company has just announced that it is laying off another whopping 30,000 American employees. But what many might find even more stunning, at the same time HP is demanding that the government allow the business community to import more foreign workers than ever.

HP has been initiating wave after wave of layoffs over the last few years. Only in February, for instance, the company had laid off an even larger group of 58,000 American workers.

But the current CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Meg Whitman, is warning people not to blame Fiorina because, as Whitman says, she is doing the same thing that she assumes Fiorina did, “which is make this company more competitive.”

But aside from the questions over Fiorina’s leadership at HP, many Americans will be upset to hear that after laying off tens of thousands American workers, HP is needling Congress to expand the H-1b visa program in order to bring in more foreign workers to replace U.S. citizens.

Job Layoffs for H-1B Workers

HP isn’t alone, though. A number of tech giants have joined HP in the call to expand the H-1b program. Such companies as Microsoft and Qualcomm, both of which have also announced massive layoffs, also want this visa program made more active.

These companies claim that Americans just aren’t properly educated to take these jobs. Would that be true, of course, one could easily blame the liberals in charge of our failed education establishment.

Of course, it is well known in the halls of Congress that Microsoft chief Bill Gates has been a leading advocate for increasing H-1b visas to allow more foreigners with tech skills into the country.

But as to HP, even as it lays off tens of thousands the company recently praised a bill known as “I-Squared” that would triple the cap on such visas.

Whatever the case, even as these huge technology firms are pushing for more foreign workers to come in to take jobs held by Americans, they are bidding a not-so-fond farewell to nearly 100,000 Americans who are already doing those jobs. In the end it appears that these foreign workers may well be doing jobs Americans aren’t going to be given the opportunity to do.

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