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Hispanic Groups To Obama: You Owe Latinos The Election

Liz Goodwin of Yahoo! News writes

In initially off-the-record comments to the Des Moines Register’s editors in October, President Barack Obama said that if he won re-election, he would owe it to Latinos.

“Should I win a second term,” Obama said, “a big reason I will win a second term is because the Republican nominee and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community.”

Exit polls show the president’s prediction was on the mark.

The national exit poll estimated that about 10 percent of those who voted in the presidential election identified as Hispanic, marking Latinos’ highest-ever share of the electorate. Latinos backed Obama over challenger Mitt Romney a resounding 71 to 27 percent.

Gary Segura, a pollster for Latino Decisions and a professor at Stanford University, told reporters on Wednesday that he believes the exit poll understated Latinos’ support for Obama by 4 points, and that the president actually won 75 percent of their vote.

Segura estimates that Latinos gave Obama an extra 2.3 percentage points in the popular vote. If Romney had managed to nab just 35 percent of Latinos, he would have won the popular vote, Segura said. (President George W. Bush captured at least that share of Latinos in 2000 and 2004, showing Republicans are backsliding with the group.) Yahoo! News

Exit polls find that a key to Obama’s victory was winning 93 percent of African-Americans, 71 percent of Hispanics, and 73 percent of Asians. Mitt Romney took most of the white vote, which is 72 percent of the electorate. But it wasn’t enough.

European Americans need to be taught about maintaining their heritage and traditions and reinforcing their voting clout. The Latino Vote! The Asian Vote! The Black Vote! The Jewish Vote! The White Vote??

Whites still make up 72 percent of US voters. But that percentage has inexorably grown smaller election by election. In 2008 whites were 74 percent of the electorate. Given Obama’s popularity among minorities, Mr. Romney would have needed the support of even more whites to win – and Obama did well (or well enough) among white women, particularly single and young white women.

The reality is that Obama owes Whites the election! A greater number of Whites voted for Obama compared to the number of Latinos. Obama owes European Americans the election! Now seal the borders!

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  1. grim says:

    Secession, secession, SECESSION!

  2. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    And how many of these "Latinos" were legal American citizens? Even a photo ID law wouldn't stop illegal aliens from casting a vote. Georgia issues photo ID cards that look exactly like drivers' licenses. The Mexicans have found them easy to obtain.


  3. cara says:

    All this chatter about latin/mexicans? Did you read the article? its says africans, arabs, asians and who ever it stated are the ones now getting the goodies as well. Dems want the vote and repubs want the cheap labor. Well, THOSE DAYS ARE LONG GONE. And they are NOT coming back. People are going to change things. They are going to choose to live within their means. That means work part time to make FAMILY the priority. Want to know why this country is dead? Because the family unity (no religion here and no gender bias) is GONE. Its all about the me/my and THAT is what must change. And it will. Tables will turn and workers will be telling employers once again that you are not going to keep paying me dirt while you rake in the billions. The reason we prospered as a nation before is because businesses were willing to GIVE A LITTLE BACK TO THEIR WORKERS. And I am not talking unions. I am talking all employers. What have we got now… its really very simple. we change or we die as a nation.

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