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Health Care Lobbyists Hold A "White Trash Reception" On Capitol Hill

Via the National Journal | That’s right! And y’all invited! Next week, health care lobbying group Strategic Health Care will go to Capitol Hill for their Big Do. That would be the Big Do they’re calling the White Trash Reception. What a knee-slapper, huh? No wealth gappy alienation could ever come from this!

Strategic Health Care, the health care company, says that it regularly throws themed parties where lobbyists and people in the health industry can mingle with Capitol Hill staffers. This event’s theme, however, drives home an image of high-paid Washington lobbyists gathering to snicker at low-income, white Americans. And the event particularly stings because health care lobbyists at Strategic Health Care profit from pharmaceutical companies that make their money on expensive drugs that low income Americans of all races frequently have to turn their pockets inside out to pay for.

No lack of taste from Strategic Health Care. Think Progress nails it:

This event’s theme, however, drives home an image of high-paid Washington lobbyists gathering to snicker at low-income, white Americans.

[And those “low-incomers” can’t afford the lifesaving drugs that provide all those nice, big profits for Strategic Health Care lobbyists.]

Who could possibly be offended by that?

“Hey y’all – get gussied up in your Sunday jorts, mullets, and fullets and come on down to the White Trash Reception,” an email that accompanied the invitation reads, according to The National Journal.

View the invite: White Trash Invite PDF complete with stereotypical gap-toothed ‘Mountain Boys’ (click to expand)

White Trash Reception

White Trash Reception
July 19, 2012 5:30 – 9:30 pm
230 2nd Street SE
Washington, DC 20001

Grab some suds and grub with Strategic Health Care! Please RSVP (rite so vittles pre-pared) to

Peggy Tighe, Esq. Partner; Beth Swickard, Director of Government Relations; Jason Gromley, Director of Government Relations; and Kyah Flickinger, Congressional Staffer

The lobbying firm describes itself as

Strategic Health Care’s vision is to become the leading health care consulting firm focused all matters where government and health care meet. In order to achieve this (and distinguish ourselves from other firms), we will continue to capitalize on our knowledge of the health care system, our understanding of our clients’ businesses, our ability to anticipate and influence legislative and regulatory issues, and our dedication to efficient and cost-effective client service.”

A blogger posted

Hi everyone,

I work for the company. I will not say my name, but I will say that this party’s theme is not a poke at anyone. In fact, no one will be at that party actually dressed as white trash, or even talking about ‘white trash’. There may be a few silly decorations, but this is not some back room party where we talk about poor white folks. It is a place for GOP and Democratic staffers and lobbyists to basically unwind after all the seriousness that engulfs this town. Last year, we had an equally harmless pirate themed party.

BTW, this is not a liberal organization. Far from it. Our employees range from Conservative Republicans, to a few liberals.

And FWIW, all of us are white. Many of us come from the rural midwest. Myself? I come from an impoverished, white family with conservative leanings. I am hardly racist.

This is simply a relaxing get together. We will have a few finger foods, a couple of drinks, an a lot of laughs.

Sounds like a regular laugh riot!

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  1. GlobalMinority says:

    I think European-Americans need to contact this lobby and let them know their advertising is stereotypical and stigmatizes one group of people. And it is flat-out racist. They would never do this to any other ethnic group.

    • American3P says:

      Can you imagine! The image on the invite has two good-ole boys and one is a gap-toothed country bumpkin hold a can of what appears to be beer.

      • GlobalMinority says:

        Yes I can imagine. This is really what they think of all of us. Pathetic. Mind you, our race is not perfect, however, European exploration and colonization has improved conditions for all of humanity. In the fields of medicine, transporation, argiculture, to just about every modern convenience, i.e., A/C, heat, stoves, electricity, computers, Internet, communications, etc…

  2. okman says:

    You can bet the farm they would never have a "Welfare Queen", "Ghetto Party", "Border Crosser", "Ching Chong", "Christ Killer" party or other ethnophaulistis celebration. I guess they never heard about biting the hand that feeds you. As far as I am concerned the legal drug business (Healthcare) has more scumbags in it than the illegal drug business.

  3. Ken B. says:

    if a white group of any kind where to arrange a "blackface" themed party there would be news cameras and black panther and naacp reps pounding on the door. anybody agree???

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