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Golden Dawn Celebrates Greek Independence Day in New York

Members of the Golden Dawn New York chapter came out to the street to awaken the people regarding the situation of our betrayed and forsaken countreyman in Greece. Hundreds of high quality flyers appealing for donations of basic necessities were distributed. The reaction from the crowd in attendance was so positive it is not surprising that there was a “media blackout” of the celebration. Members received messages of “Bravo!”, “you are brave!” , “for the homeland!”, “we are with you!”. One group of people even chanted “Aimh-Timh-Chrysi Avgi”, and asked for flyers to distribute among their family. By coincidence the Golden Dawners actually bumped into 2 members from Greek chapters, who were in New York as visitors to see the parade.

Only one negative reaction was received by a person who was a life long PASOK voter. She called us “Fascists” but left it at that. One of the reasons onlookers at the Greek Independence Parade reacted so positively is because the Communists and Liberals who support Syriza and KKE (anti-Greek hate groups) do not care about a day commemorating Hellenic pride and Western civilization, and therefore did not attend.

Golden Dawn

Older Greeks especially were filled with emotion and pride to see young people, so strong, idealistic, and noble, rejecting the current system’s drugs, materialism, and world of illusions. in order to stand up like men to save our people . Senior citizens showed us great affection, which filled us with zeal and will fuel our grand mission. We are the real heroes of the people, and all the antagonism against our movement comes from racist interlopers outside of the Greek community. Not from within!

One unsurprising complaint we heard was about the intimidation from a collaboration of local politicians, racist Zionist groups, mainstream plutocrat media, and the Communist/Anarchist gangs led by ‘Syriza NYC,’ who characterized our efforts to relieve the suffering of 3,900,000 Greeks now living below the poverty line as contemptuous. The “bought and paid for” leadership of AHEPA continues to defame Golden Dawn by beating the dead horse of the defunct Ku-Klux-Klan, but AHEPA refuses to come out and denounce attacks on the Greek communities first amendment rights and freedom of assembly. We are not here to get involved in American politics and we are peaceful and legal. All donations made to us can be made anonymously, and your private details will not be recorded anywhere. Donate to Golden Dawn! Click here!

This year marks the 192nd anniversary of Greece asserting their independence against the Ottoman Empire, and Greeks of the diaspora all over the world will again join our brothers, sisters and friends in celebrating this momentous day. On March 25 almost two centuries ago, at the beginning of the Greek Revolution, Germanos of Patras raised the Greek flag at the Peloponnese monastery of Aghias Lavras, declaring ‘Freedom or death!’ (Eleftheria i thanatos!)

“The spirit of 1821 lives wherever there is the seed of Hellenism.”

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  1. Warrington Carter says:

    Yes, but do Golden Dawn truly view us as brothers? In their shoes, I would not.

    • American3P says:

      The Golden Dawn and all European Nationalist groups suffer the same immigration and one-directional integration policies. We are nationalists. And we are also in touch with several US Golden Dawn Chapters.

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