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Getting Desperate!

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg | Flailing about like wounded pigs, the Republocrats have attained the desperation point and are attacking anything and everything connected to A3P. All the political left and right, even the loony left, has relentlessly. for weeks attacked American Third Position, which is the fastest growing political party in America. They are absolutely terrified that we might succeed in our planned unifying of America’s rapidly declining white majority and its supporters under the A3P umbrella, providing an alternative political party to represent individuals as well as groups of white associations in government.

Attacks on our presidential candidate include the continuous addition of false information to candidate Merlin Miller’s Wikipedia CV. Then blocking of accessibility to many members of the A3P board, preventing them from listing their CV’s on Wikipedia. And finally the inclusion of the names of people not associated to, or members of A3P on A3P’s Wikipedia Site. When these added forged manes are removed by us, they miraculously re-appear the next day; this is the worst and most deceitful form of propaganda to create counterfeit guilt through false association.

Controlling the “lamestream” media as they do, our news releases, are mostly unpublished, our candidates for office local statewide and federal remain the shadows and our far superior plan to return America to the republic it was 100 years ago is challenged and blocked from publication at every quarter.

On January 31, 2012 the attacks reached an entirely new level when A3P’s website, was attacked and destroyed. Moneys were stolen out of our bank accounts; contributions were made in our name to ADL and partial membership lists were stolen. The attackers were claimed to be “Anonymous” something we are hardly going to believe. Why would a group which hacks, Google sites, Microsoft, the CIA and the Department of Defense be interested in a minor political party?

Frankly we don’t have to go far to realize who and what is behind these vicious anti-American attacks, attempting to silence the intellectually strongest voice of opposition to the established “Republocrat Political System”.

SPLC claims us to be racist, well then NAACP, JDL, La Raza must also be racist, oh, but they are not. In other words it’s racist to support white people but it’s perfectly OK to support any non-white group. In fact we defy anyone to find a racist slander on our sites, literature, publications, position papers or party platform. SPLC should as the Bible says look for the splinters in their own eyes before finding fault with others.

Political HacktivistUnlike the media circus, that we call the political Punch and Judy show presented by Newt, Mitt, and Barack, we American Third Position Party will not waste ours or your time in foolish and time wasting attacks on those we oppose. Conversely A3P and our federal candidates, has workable published plans to get America back to work, fix our failing economy, abolished the FRS, get us out of unproductive wars in the Middle East, close the Mexican border, deal with immigration, strengthen our military, and produce a sensible and mutually beneficial foreign policy with our friends aboard and to deal with our enemies as identified.
This is just one more item of proof that the established political parties are centrally controlled, representing not individual political parties but in fact a closed political system that we call the “Republocrat System”.

You must make up your own mind; will you continue to support the lesser of two evils? Will you persist in participation in a charade’ that produces the identical outcome regardless of who wins the election? Or will you stand up for yours and your neighbor’s rights, and join us to restore American greatness?

Dr. Krieg is a member of the board of A3P, author and inventor he can be contacted at:

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  1. Gary John says:

    One doesn't need an epiphany to realise America is fast approaching a political and social nadir.

    That which does not kill us will make us stronger. Let these attacks serve as a unifying force within out ranks.

    Just as our ancestors have so often repelled the menace throughout history, once again we must believe the White spirit will vanquish the cultural Marxist cess-pot of deceit and lies that envelope our peoples consciousness.

    Time to put a voice to our emotions, practice what we preach, and lay down the gauntlet for the sake of our children. We must throw off the yoke of oppression now, before future generations are yoked out of existence forever.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    Apparently the A3P is making progress and doing something right, or it wouldn't even be on the radar of the Far-Left ,much less a target for their anti-Free Speech blitz that they're notoriously known for.

  3. Concerned White Man says:

    This is great news . It means that the criminal middle eastern gang that has taken over America senses the 'existential' threat to their new way of life : a controlled surveillance state run by their computer experts directed by their government puppets . If there is no central mass of people to manipulate then they are left out in the cold.

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