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Germans, Austrians, Protest Invasion

Spontaneous protests against the mass nonwhite invasion have started to take place at various places around Germany and Austria, separate from the professionally organized ones such as the weekly Pegida rallies in Dresden.

Invasion Protest

German Invasion Protest

One example took place this week in the town of Bad Marienberg in the Rhineland-Palatinate. An impromptu meeting called under the slogan “A Commitment to Germany” attracted hundreds of “instant” demonstrators, and was addressed by a new local leader and an impromptu guest speaker from across the border in the Netherlands.

The local leader, identified by media as one Torsten Frank, said in his short speech that the mass invasion was taking away resources for German children and the elderly, those people who “built our country.”

The Dutch speaker, identified only as “Ed,” questioned why, if the invaders were really “refugees,” so many of them did not stop at the first safe country they reached, but pushed on over seven or more safe countries to get to Germany.

Frank concluded with a promise to the quickly assembled crowd that he “would be back,” to a prolonged round of applause.

Austrian Invasion Protest



Meanwhile, in the town of Schwanewede near Bremen, young German men have formed themselves into a local patrol unit to protect their neighborhood from a crime wave that has erupted after the central government set up an invader camp near their suburb.

Die Welt newspaper, of course, described the patrol as an “extreme right wing” development, and said that they had been at work for “some time” in patrolling the area around the 1,000-strong invader camp.

According to the report, “up to ten people” at a time participate in these patrols, “including well-known right-wing extremists from the region.”

Meanwhile, the ongoing invader chaos at Spielfeld on the Austrian-Slovenian border—where literally tens of thousands of nonwhite invaders are forcing their way into Austria in a bid to get to Germany—received a surprise visit from a large group of Austrian activists allied to the “Generation Identity” movement in that country.

Invasion Protest

As the Austrians said on their Facebook page, the “situation has escalated. The photos from Spielfeld have shocked an entire nation.

“What our politicians are thinking? What drives them to this crime against their own people? What makes you stand idly by?

“There are really only two possibilities:

“1. The government no longer wants to protect their own people.

“2 The government can no longer protect their own people.

“In both cases, it has forfeited its right to rule. They can no longer carry out the core functions of the state: internal and external security.

“This government has no right to rob us of our tax money and give it to the ‘refugees’. We immediately need a ‘fortress Europe’ and the beginning of re-migration. The invaders have to get out of Europe! We secure borders. We want a future as an Austrian in Austria, with or without this government.”

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