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Free America Rally! No Amnesty!

On Saturday, February 23rd 2013, hundreds of nationalists from across America rallied to protest the replacement of our population that is occurring through current immigration policies, especially the blind-eye, hands-off attitude our government has taken toward the tens of millions of foreigners who are here in violation of immigration laws.

Holding coordinated demonstrations in nearly a dozen states, activists from the Free America Rally! project spent the afternoon in their respective communities providing Americans our perspective on national sovereignty that is obscured in the media.

By employing the admittedly low-tech (but time-tested) method of sidewalk demonstration to reach the thousands of passersby who must have seen our signs and banners from the road or who were given a pamphlet or two when approaching one of our booths, FAR project organizers were able to put together what has become a rare sight in recent decades (and one that at least has not been witnessed since a similar effort was coordinated by numerous FAR participants around this time last year), namely, hundreds of white Americans all over the country showing other white Americans it is okay to explicitly advocate on behalf of white political interests and that, in fact, others are doing it!

California Rally

Saturday’s largest Free America Rally demonstration took place at the steps of California’s capitol building in downtown Sacramento where politicians, including William Johnson and American Freedom Party members, addressed a captivated audience of hundreds including local communist agitators. Speakers addressed the anti-White ideology that prevails in much of the established political climate, educational institutions, academia, and pop-cultural climate. Mr. Johnson was followed by several other speakers, each one having to make his or her voice heard above the chanted mantras of leftist counter-demonstrators, who willingly corroborated the leftist doctrines that we protested!

There happened also to be another rally at California’s capitol building the very same day focusing on gun-rights and in protest of the legislation within the Federal Government that aims to strip Americans of the ability to defend ourselves and our families. Natural allies in the fight to ensure that future generations of Americans have opportunities similar to or better than those we experience today, numerous pro-2nd Amendment rally attendees came over to see what FAR’s California demo was all about, luckily (wouldn’t want to piss off those 2nd Amendment guys) expressing their sympathy with our position and enquiring how they might participate in future area events.

Saturday’s other notable FAR events included a rally at West Virginia’s capitol in Charleston, organized by Harry Bertram (American Freedom Party West Virginia chairman and 2011 special election candidate for governor), and a demonstration outside a federal building in Spokane, Washington. FAR activists also held less formal sign-waves or pamphlet distributions in Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and at two locations in Tennessee. Although weather prohibited planned events in New Jersey and New York, FAR activists from both areas have committed to rescheduling and will be heard from in the next couple of weeks.

By all reports, every rally was met by a supportive overall reception, indicating a potentially welcoming political environment for whoever is brave enough to take hard but honest stances on the tougher issues facing our country.

It has been asked by several coordinators that mention be made of the supportive environment provided by local law enforcement at those demonstrations where FAR coordinators sought legal sanction to hold their rallies. While it is understood that certain Federal agencies essentially pander to Marxist lobby groups (such as the Southern Poverty Law Center) and anti-white ethnic advocacy organizations (such as the Anti-Defamation League), FAR participants and other seasoned patriotic activists know that the personal opinions held by individual police officers are usually distantly removed from anything anti-American.

Although it is impossible to predict how the future will unfold, trends and circumstances point to a difficult road ahead for our nation, not least of the reasons for our peril being the current general level of apathy on the part of our people, which is truly astonishing and must be unparalleled in all of our history. While things must change, of course, nothing has happened before its time, and efforts by intensely motivated but small groups have only ever succeeded when they mirrored the underlying sentiments of their friends and neighbors.

Everyone who attended rallies on the 23rd genuinely cares about our nation and is determined to make sure our people prosper into the extended future, and we will continue moving forward with our activism despite the odds and alone if need be, but it will greatly help our chances, motivation, and cool-factor if others begin to support and help what we are trying to accomplish.

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Before periods of great change there is always a time when people are still afraid to speak their minds, though they believe change is necessary. It is at this point that cutting-edge activists step into the vacuum of unexpressed opinion and give voice to what everyone already feels and thinks but has yet to talk about or organize around politically. The Free America Rally project can be a spark that eventually sheds light on an otherwise darkening political environment, but we’ll need your help.

FAR organizers are in the process of planning future projects. To find out how to participate in upcoming events, or to help in any other manner, please contact us by email:

Together we can win!

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The American Freedom Party (AFP)–formerly The American Third Position Party (A3P)–supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the anti-Western Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party! American Freedom Party

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  1. crusader says:

    What an encouraging story! I salute these patriots!

  2. Harry Bertram says:

    We had a good time in West Virginia and spread the word to many new people.

    Action in this way or many other ways has a habit of growing and that is our goal.

    So one and all get out there and spread the literature etc.

    • mountaineer says:

      Give em Hell Harry! Good to see Americans wide awake here in the Mountain State and around the Union! American Nationalism Lives! God bless.

    • Infantry Vet 82 says:

      I’m from West Virginia and just joined the freedom party! I’m glad to hear the rally in Charleston went well. I would like to come out to something like this but I’m not sure how to be notified or informed about such things. I cannot find a link to the WV offices. If any one could let me in on this I would be very grateful. Keep up the good work !

  3. […] from all perspectives. As an example: FAR article on American Freedom Party (A3P) website: Free America Rally! No Amnesty! : American Freedom Party FAR article on Council of Conservative Citizens website: Oregon CofCC Update These are the two […]

  4. SpiritusRomana says:

    The downfall of American culture is, in my opinion a direct result of the deterioration of the values of the European peoples that built this nation. We were once a proud, strong people and have now been consigned to being part of the mythical, evil, “white” race that is responsible for all the worlds ills, instead of the creation of Western Civilization. The strength of the European people has always resided in their spirit and so, as European-Americans our spirit is rooted in our ancestral blood.

  5. Harry Bertram says:

    The West Virginia office of the party can be reached at P.O. BOX 88 Maidsville, WV. 26541.

    Or call me Harry Bertram at 304 598 7215. I f I do answer leave me a message!

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