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FACT CHECK: Is Hillary Really The First Female Presidential Nominee?

The numbers are in and Hillary Clinton is the Democratic presidential nominee. Or at least she will be once the Democrats hold their national convention next month.

hillary-stunnedClinton’s success has been the news story of the year, with countless outlets proclaiming Hillary’s accomplishment as proof that women can do whatever they put their mind to. Hillary’s win, they say, should be an example to all our daughters that the age of the woman is here.

But is Hillary really the first female presidential nominee? Is her accomplishment really all that the liberal media are saying it is? No, she’s not, and it remains to be seen if her presumptive nominee status will even result in anything.

To be clear, Hillary herself said that her win was “the first time a woman had been the presidential candidate on a major party ticket,” but other news outlets are proclaiming her as the first female presidential candidate. And that’s simply not true.

According to the NY Daily News, there have been at least 12 female presidential candidates before Clinton, and several of them managed to do quite well for themselves.

Candidate Victoria Wookhull before Hillary ClintonThe first was Victoria Woodhull, an 1872 candidate who ran on the platform of women’s rights. Her running mate was none other than Frederick Douglass, the author and famous black politician.

In 1988 Lenora Fulani ran under the New Alliance Party and received over 250,000 votes nation-wide. Not only was she one of the first women to be considered nationally for president, but she was also the first black person to be on a national ballot. If Hillary Clinton is any more impressive than Fulani, I’ll eat my hat.

Candidate Jill Stein befor Hillary ClintonMost recently, though Jill Stein from the Green Party has filled the shoes of women presidential candidates. She received over 500,000 votes nationally in her 2012 campaign and is running again this year on a platform focused on renewable energy and rebuilding infrastructure.

Hillary, I’m sorry but it appears that you were a little too late to the train. There are much more impressive women ahead of you and I’m sure there will be after you as well. Time to stop trumpeting yourself.

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