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European-American Activists Rally

American Freedom Party members in numerous states participated in the nationally coordinated Free America Rally protests held on Saturday, September 28th. While the various demonstrations specifically targeted a possible upcoming congressional vote on the legalization of up to thirty million illegal-immigrants, the general theme of every event FAR undertakes is to protest the continued displacement of European-Americans in North America and to express a sense of kinship and solidarity with European-descended people throughout the world.

As the sun rose across the nation on Saturday, FAR project activists continued their tradition of pro-American, pro-White activism and took to the streets to protest various social issues that have a negative impact upon the White community. From Boston Harbor to the California Coast and almost everywhere in between- FAR activists inspired a national dialog about amnesty, immigrant crime, and an ever expanding and oppressive government to a receptive audience that welcomed the activists into their communities.

Saturday’s events, in line with the mission of the Free America Rally project (to unite our movement), were coordinated by activist chapters from numerous nationalist organizations, including the American Freedom Party, the Nationalist Movement, Golden State Solidarity, Battalion14, and Malevolent Freedom. Independent nationalists formed the bulk of attendees at the various rallies, but special thank-you’s must be paid to organizers from the above-named groups, whose hard work was largely responsible for creating the successful outreach reported by every location.

Beginning on the East Coast, FAR activists from Battalion14 and Malevolent Freedom held banners and signs and passed out literature in Massachusetts. At nearly the same time, members of the American Freedom Party’s New York Metro chapter joined an ongoing New Jersey protest against illegal immigration, handing out FAR literature and holding the FAR banner for passing drivers to see. West Virginia saw former American Freedom Party candidate for governor, Harry Bertram, out on the road with several young supporters. In Wisconsin, Nationalist Movement activists held signs on an overpass, making friends with members of the local police department. In Southern California, American Freedom Party members and other FAR activists started the day with an early morning pamphlet distribution, going door-to-door in the city of Brea. GSS activists in northern California went to a local Home Depot to confront contractors seeking to hire illegal immigrants. The Oregon FAR team, including several AFP members, headed to Portland’s Waterfront Park, braving significant rainfall to bring their message to passersby at a local Saturday market.

The message put out in various States all seemed to resonate well with the public due to a sentiment of distrust and aggravation that is growing within the White community, as they feel they are forced to sit helpless and watch the land that their forefathers built with their blood, sweat, and tears gets ravaged by a population and political class that simply doesn’t care. FAR Project and American Freedom Party literature was widely accepted, with more than a few people mentioning that they felt the same way but were unable to vocalize their concern. All demonstrations went peacefully and even gained some local support in MA and OR.

The Free America Rally project will soon be arriving at its first full year of activism. In that time, FAR activists have held several nationally coordinated demonstrations, at certain points reaching nearly a dozen separate activist chapters. The Free America Rally project is not a membership group but, rather, a national rally effort that embraces and supports any individual or organization actively fighting on behalf of white interests.
Those interested in taking proactive steps to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children should consider stopping by the next FAR Project demonstration. There you will be able to network with ground level activists who are out in your community trying to make positive change for our Folk. Visit the Free America Rally Website and Forum for more information.

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