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End the Bankers’ Reign!

By: Dr. A. H. Krieg | This essay is an expansion of Dr. Krieg’s book “Money a Primer” ISBN 0-9748502-6-8, published by A2Z Publications LLC and “July 4th 2016 The Last Independence Day” ISBN 0-87319-047-5, published by Hallberg Publishing Inc.

Preconditioned considerations: Without 40 million Christian Zionists, who support America’s foreign policy based on banker wars (contrary to Christ’s teachings), we would not be in this dilemma. Corporatist Zionists have made war the basic economic policy of America. Government bureaucracy and politicians love this because it increases their ability to control people, and banksters use it to feed their insatiable greed. Christian Zionists are the only religious group in the world to embrace war as an integral part of their religion. This is in violation of every word in the New Testament, the Gospels and Christ’s teachings. These people are the only social or political group, besides Jews, that support wars against anyone opposed to Israeli hegemony and the “Ashkenazi based” banking system. Christian Zionism is a promotive religious movement for self-expansion that contradicts all Christianity and its teachings. These sects’ support war, as long as the enemy is Islam and the war benefits Israel and the bankers. The basic Israeli shills for this are; Dispensationalists, Evangelicals, Premillenialists, and Pentecostals, and their churches are more social meeting places than places of worship. The leadership of this movement, which only began in the 20th century, includes John Haggee, Ron Parsley, Jerry Farwell (d), and Pat Robertson – all of whom have become millionaires in the process. Their basic message is “war is necessary”, especially against the Palestinians and Iran – and Israel can do no wrong.

Christ said: “Blessed are the peacemakers”, and “Love your enemy as you love yourself”. He did not say, “Make War”!

Lenin said: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstone of taxation and inflation” [both controlled by the bankers]

History not taught is schools: The overlying, controlling interests in American society since 1779 has been the banking monopoly. American banking is a private monopoly, contrary to what you have been taught in your government schools. The Federal Reserve System is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a system but a corporation – incorporated in the State of NY Manhattan district. (1)

The cause of the American revolutionary war was England’s enactment of “The Currency Act”, which forced the colonies to eliminate their own legal tender and replace it with English issued paper money – charged at interest by the bank of England. Dr. Benjamin Franklin articulated this by saying; ”The refusal of King George III to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which frees the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, was the prime cause of the revolution”. (2) After the colonies had won the war they issued value-based currencies. (3) Bankers had far from given up their desire to control currency in America, as they did in Europe. The principal bank controlling Europe was the Rothschild banks. (4) It was a time in history when one of the most important quotes relating to banking was ever made. M.A. Rothschild said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s currency and I care not who makes the laws”. When combined with Joseph Stalin’s quote, “I care not who you vote for, only who counts the votes”, we gain a clear understanding of current politics and policy.

At that point in history, the first attempt to establish a banker controlled currency in America ensued. It was the First Bank of the United States. (5) The original name was Bank of the United States, and the man behind it was Alexander Hamilton, an associate of the Rothschild’s in America. It functioned from 1797 to 1811. By the time that the bank’s charter expired, America was close to bankruptcy. The stockholders of the bank had become immensely rich; something that was to play over and over again in the coming 200 years. However, Congress refused to re-new the bank’s charter and instead returned America to a sound monitory policy. Shortly thereafter, Nathan Rothschild (London) threatened the American government with his statement, “Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war!” When Congress refused to act, Nathan said, “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson! Bring America back to colonial status” (4). The English crown and parliament, ever under control of the Rothschild bankers and financed by them, then started the war of 1812, during which they burned Washington and the White House. (5) But they were eventually defeated by General Andrew Jackson(6) in the battle of New Orleans, which actually took place after a compromise resolution had been reached in London. (7) Even though America won the war, Congress re-established the Second Bank of the United States, managed by the Biddle Family (8) of Philadelphia, a correspondent bank of the London based branch of the Rothschild bank. The scenario of the previous First National Bank was repeated and the nation was again plunged into depression and poverty for the profit of the banksters. Like the First Bank, it was a private bank (as would be its ultimate inheritor, the Federal Reserve System). This eventually led to the “Bank War”, pitting Biddle and pro bank National Republicans led by Henry Clay against Jackson and the “Hard Money”. Biddle had loaned many congressmen moneys and threatened, 1) to call all outstanding loans, 2) bankrupt the United States, 3) and destroy Andrew Jackson. Jackson proved that Biddle was making many millions by defrauding America and its citizens, and won the day. His second-term campaign slogan in 1832 was “Jackson and no Bank!” The Second Bank of the United States was not granted an extension of its charter and was dissolved.

European banking history: Prior to the development of the Knights Templar (9), Europe did not have any organized banking system. Between 1130 and 1312 the Knights Templar developed the European banking system, which through letters in secret code would transfer funds anyplace in Europe and the Middle East. In March 1314, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar was Jacques de Molay. King Philip VI of France and Pope Boniface III had extensively borrowed from the Templars and when Philip VI of France asked for more money for yet another war, it was denied by de Molay. Philip then consulted with Jews, who were operating a banking system in the Middle East. They got the Pope to issue a charge of heresy against de Molay and all Templars, had them arrested and tortured, and de Molay burned at the stake, (10). Having stolen their money, they began what was to become the Ashkenazi (11) European banking system. The Ashkenazim learned the banking business during the “Babylonian Captivity”. (12) The Babylonian Empire had become fed up with Jewish actions in the Levant and moved the entire population to Babylon. (13) Of those, only about one third returned to the Levant and began operating a banking system. (14) By 1400, the European banking industry was totally in the hands of the Ashkenazim, and has remained there ever since. This was how the Ashkenazim came to control the entire European banking system.

Rothschild becomes the banker of choice in Europe. Mayer Amschel Rothschild started as a seller of rare coins in Frankfurt A/M. He was in luck because Frankfurt is Hessian and the richest man in Europe was Wilhelm IX, Landgrave of Hesse, who was an avid collector of rare coins. (4) By this time, Rothschild had already amassed sufficient wealth to finance several wars and armies, including that of the Austrian Empire. Amazingly, America now comes on the scene. King George III had his press gangs round up ever able-bodied soul in England, Wales and Scotland, but needed more troops for his war with the American colonies. He first turned to his cousin, the Czar of Russia, but Rothschild intervened and told the Czar’s agents that if he provided troops to George III, he, Rothschild, would call the Czar’s outstanding notes. The Czar told George no dice. Rothschild then had his agent in London tell the king’s minister that he; Rothschild, the Landgrave’s banker, could arrange troops for King George’s war in the colonies. King George accepted, and Rothschild, as the Landgrave’s banker, brokered the deal for Hessian troops to fight in America. The Landgrave gave orders and the press gangs rounded up all farmers’ sons, and most men between 17 and 45 years of age, gave them military training and shipped them to London. The amount of money consumed in these transactions is, even in modern terms, simply astounding and was the basis for a massive expansion of the Rothschild banking enterprise. Wilhelm the IX’s family motto now comes into play. While he loaned money to many for military enterprises, he believed Noli fenerari fortiori te, quod si foenerveris, quasi perdictum habe” (money lent to those stronger than you is practically lost). George III, in England, was okay for the loans; he was not a potential military aggressor. Rothschild, also from past experience, knew that the Landgrave always discounted his notes. Rothschild always did this on his own account, at 15% below market. So every note given to the Landgrave for troops to America resulted in a profit to Rothschild of 5% on the transaction and 15% on the outstanding notes. He had done the same thing for the Danish crown at a profit of over 320,000 gulden. (15) The profit of the American enterprise netted Rothschild banks in excess of 3 billion dollars, in today’s money.

Nathan Rothschild was now a prominent banker in London. The Napoleonic wars were in full swing, but things were coming to a head with the battle of Waterloo pitting the English forces, under the Duke of Wellington, and the larger
Prussian forces, under 84 year old Gebhard von Bluecher, Prince of Wahlstatt, against Napoleon Bonaparte. (16) The Rothschild bank had the best continental communications network in Europe, and Rothschild (17) knew the outcome of the battle two hours after it was over. The moment he was certain that Wellington and Bluecher had defeated Napoleon, he had his agents go all over London announcing that Wellington was defeated. The London exchanges collapsed. What was worth 10-pound sterling, the day before, was now worth less than one pound. Rothschild bought, borrowed and spent every penny he had on purchasing everything in sight. By the time the real news arrived, Rothschild owned the Bank of England, the stock exchange and virtually the entire English economy.

The Torah (first five books of the Old Testament)
Note: While the King James version of the Old Testament is a masterpiece of English language, its translations leave a lot to be desired, therefore I use the 1599 version of the Geneva Bible, whose translations are much more accurate. The Hebrew word for interest is “Bite” and for creditor it is “Mabit/Tabit (interestingly, the Quran is “Ribit”).

The Book of Ezekiel lists the process of charging interest on a loan as a “Blood Sin” – making it equivalent to murder. It is strictly forbidden for Jews to charge interest or of compounding interest to Jews. The granting of loans is allowed, but not for interest. A fee arrangement, for a “flat fee”, is usually arranged during loan application negotiations. In Christianity, the process of loaning money at interest or compound interest was considered usury. Those who did it were subject to excommunication. (18) In the Middle Ages that was a virtual death sentence. It is important to understand that Jews may charge any non-Jew any interest that they desire. This is based in the Talmud, which clearly states that only Jews have souls and that since Christians and Muslims are animals you can do anything you desire to them, including the practice of usury.

The New Testament
Look under the parables of talents: Usury:
Mathew 25:27 thou oughtest to have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when at my coming I should have received mine own with usury.

Luke 19:22:23, Mathew 5:42,Luke 6:34:35, Luke 6:36
The Gospels: “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the kingdom of God.” Until the late 17th century, the charging of interest was considered usury and was defined as any charge over 0 percent. You may feel free to say the Bible is outdated, but please have the courtesy and moxie to say the Bible is wrong.

The Quran
Note: The Quran calls interest “Riba”.
From the holy Quran: Al-Baqarah 2:275: Those who charge usury are in the same position as those controlled by the devil’s influence. This is because the claim that usury is the same as commerce. However Allah permits commerce and prohibits usury. Al-Nissan 4:161 and for practicing usury, which is forbidden, and for consuming the peoples’ money illicitly. We have prepaid for the disbelievers among them painful retribution. Al-Rum 30:39 The Usury that is practiced to increase peoples’ wealth, does not gain anything with Allah. But people, who give to charity, seek Allah’s pleasure. These are the ones who receive their rewards many fold.

This is what the present opposition to Islam is based on. The opposition to Sharia law is totally based in the Jewish banking community. In Islamic nations, the charging of compound interest is against national law.

The Talmud
During the Babylonian Captivity, the Jews made new laws. They replaced the Torah as the primary religious text with the Babylonian Talmud. They also replaced the old Priesthood, which had been the tribe of Levite, with rabbis who were, in fact, not priests, but lawyers. Rabbis are the new interpreters of God’s Law, of the Old Testament – which in fact changes the biblical concept of God’s Word from that of God to that of man. The rabbis clearly state that the Talmud has predominance over the Torah (First five books of the Old Testament).

We see by the afore paragraphs that all the “People of the Book” – which are the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Quran – are subject to God’s law, which prohibits the charging of interest and compound interest between people of the book. We also must understand that Reformed Jews, in this century, place the Talmud before the Torah – negating “The Law” as set forth by God/Allah. We see in all religious texts that the practice of usury is “as people who have shed others blood.”

Back to America 1832: In Jackson’s campaign for his second term, he made the following observation, “Gentlemen I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country.”(19) In fact what Jackson had uncovered was that the Bank, under the control of the Biddle Family, had used bank assets (the peoples’ asset) to make personal profit of over 30 times the treasury deposited asset. The amount was well over 30 million dollars, at a time when the dollar still had value. To that issue, let me make a comparison, vested in the 20th century, from my latest book, “The System”. (20) “In 1965, the minimum wage was $1.25 or, at that time, five silver quarters. Today, if the minimum wage were five silver quarters, it would be worth $26.21. The president has proposed a minimum wage of $10.10. We don’t need to elevate the minimum wage. We need to wrest control of the money supply from the banksters!” (20 pp. vii) The banksters then showed their hand in an assassination attempt on the life of President Jackson. On January 30 1835, Richard Lawrence, an English subject, had two percussion cap single shot pistols. Both failed to fire. After his arrest, Lawrence stated, “after Jacksons death, money will be more plenty.”(21)

Another war, another dollar: When the Southern states seceded from the union, we are taught in our public schools that it was the issue of slavery. In fact, slavery had little to do with the war. Slavery was on its way out, and only a very small number of southerners were slave owners. The war was economic and based in banking. The Southern states were almost totally agrarian and the North contained 90% of America’s industrial base. The North had a plurality in population and, through it, was able to control the House. All of this is clarified in The History of the United States, published in 1872, and not influenced by present day Cultural Marxism. (22) What the Northern states did was to base the entire federal cost burden on the Southern states by the manipulation of the tariff acts. The conflict between the South and the North in fact began with the tariff acts of 1832 and continued until the dates of Southern session from December 20th to June 8th 1861. Under the presidency of James Buchanan (D), the United States adopted the Morrill Tariff (R, VT) of 1861. It induced the last few Southern states to join the Confederacy. The tariff was highly protective and specifically designed to appeal to factory workers of the northern states, it was the Republican policy to force the South to carry the burden of running the government. Recall that the entire American government was funded by tariffs; there was no income tax until 1913. (23) The “American War of Northern Aggression” cost the lives of 650,000 American soldiers and about 50,000 Southern civilians, and impoverished most Southern states for many decades. The carpetbaggers of “Reconstruction” (24) finished the job. The issue of the Southern states seceding from the Union was wholly based on the economic issue of unjust taxation of the Southern states by the North. All this metastasized in 1861 when the North attacked the South in effort to enforce their unjust taxes on the South and consequently to engulf the United States in the most costly war of the nation’s history. President Lincoln would not have been able to start the war without the help of the bankers, who were delighted to loan the Union all the money they needed, at 30% interest. Lincoln then, after the war was in full action, made the statement that “he [Lincoln] would not free the slaves at the cost of enslaving the nation to the banksters” nefariously bringing slavery into the issue. Then Lincoln had the treasury issue a new currency called the “Green Back” circumventing the bankers, who were not pleased. The Rothschild bank, now the bank of England, responded to this threat to their worldwide monitory control by issuing a declaration in the London Times, “If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become indurated down to a fixture. Then that government will furnish its own money without cost.”(25) In other words, the banker was stating the obvious; if a government issues money backed by its own resources, the banksters won’t be able to make money from wars, by charging interest for the loans. The obvious conclusion being; if a government issued money backed by its own hard asset, it will be without debt and will have all the funds necessary for its national commercial enterprises. It will become prosperous, because it will no longer be in debt to the bankers. In conclusion to this diatribe in the London Times, most European monarchies were tied to the bankers through loans supporting the Confederacy over the Union. The entire European monarchies and the banking industry were fixated on ensuring that Lincoln lose his war, a conclusion based on self-preservation. Both England and France were legislatively debating sending troops to aid the confederacy, but were held back by Russia, which backed the Union. Russia had, under Czar Alexander II, just ended their serfdom system and had put in place the same sort of banking system that Lincoln established with the green backs (the basis for the 1905 & 1917 Jewish bankers Russian Revolution, where bankers again had their surrogates start a revolution to depose the Czar). As the Union won the war, Lincoln issued a statement that he would continue issuing the Green Backs, and was subsequently assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, acting on behalf of the banking cartel. Booth carried an encrypted note with instructions that was seized upon his arrest, but the note was never released. There were affiliate attempts on Secretary of State William Seward, and an unpublished attempt on the VP, Andrew Johnson. (26) The green back was withdrawn and the banksters were able to continue raping America.

The Final takeover: In March 1913, Woodrow Wilson (D, NJ), an academic, who was completely controlled by “colonel” Edward Mandrel House (an agent of the Rothschild banks in London), was inaugurated as our 28th president. Wilson was the second of the “Progressives” (27), proceeded by Teddy Roosevelt (28). Through subterfuge and lies, they were able to convince congress to pass the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution. It is important to understand that the 16th was illegally passed because Secretary of State Philander C. Knox – whose job (as Secretary of State) was to verify congressional majority for pending constitutional amendments – had lied. In Sullivan vs. the United States, US District Court Judge James Fox, in his opinion, confirmed that the 16th Amendment was never properly passed with the sufficient number of states endorsing. (29) (30) Regardless, the 16th was ratified and the Federal Reserve System was the result. This leaves us with a prime question…who was behind the establishment of the FRS? As early as 1910, the banksters began conspiratorial meetings, culminating in their Jekyll Island, Georgia meeting, held in October. They traveled to Jekyll Island in a private and sealed train. No one knew who was on the train or what its destination was. Who were the attendees of this meeting?…Senator Nelson Aldrich, who was the Republican whip in the US Senate, and his personal secretary, Arthur Shelton; Dr. A. Piatt Andrew, who was the assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Henry P. Davidson, National City Bank President; Frank A. Vanderlip, Kuhn and Loeb & Co., president of the Bank of NY and representing David Rockefeller; Paul M. Warburg, representing the Warburg banks in Europe (Warburg was the model for “Big Daddy Warbucks” of comic book fame); Benjamin Strong, head of J.P. Morgan’s asset First National Bank of NY; and Charles D. Norton, President of J. P. Morgan Bankers Trust Co. One must realize that these men jointly held and controlled 1/4th of the entire world’s wealth. At the meeting on Jekyll Island, they planned the Federal Reserve Act, which would be written by Warburg, and planned the introduction and passing of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution. (31) Considering the makeup of the members of the meeting, they might as well have convened at Congregation Emanu-El. (32)

For the sake of clarity on the 17th Amendment – at the meeting it was decided that the electoral basis for the US Senate had to be changed in order for the bankers to maintain control. The existing system allowed state legislative bodies to appoint two senators for each state. This process was specifically designed in order that the individual states would have some power in the Washington bureaucracy. Outside control of the Senate, through control of the state legislatures, was assumed to be too expensive by the banksters (perhaps not today). The 17th amendment changed the election of senators from control by individual states (preserving state rights and state banks) to a general federal election, removing the power of the state in a federal process and allowing control of the US senate by banker influence on campaigns. The outcome has been a disaster for the growth of federalized power in Washington DC of everything. One of the first actions by the FRS, when established, was an all-out assault on State Banks, which represented competition to the new private nationalized monopoly. The consolidation of banking has relentlessly continued. In the Clinton administration, over 1,200 private independent banks were gobbled up by the FRS run monopoly.

Additional evidence of the private ownership of the FRS is the 2013 Bloomberg News “Freedom of Information Act” demand for information relating to an audit of the FRS, which was successfully rejected in the courts on the grounds that the FRS was a private corporation, not subject to FOIA.

In 1913, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act; during the Christmas break, on December 23rd. Most members had gone home. This act granted the right to issue “Federal Reserve notes” known as the dollar. The law consists of 31 chapters and is far too complicated to be included in this essay. (33) This act was in violation of the Constitution (34) and was passed when opposition was not present. As an interesting side note, House pushed Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act, but Wilson later (in 1919) expressed his regret over having signed the law. (35)

In 1914, WWI started. It is interesting that this took place just one year after the banksters were successful in taking over America’s banking system. Bear in mind, never before had the entire European continent (excluding Switzerland and Sweden) become involved in a war. Previous war was mostly regional and did not expand to the entire continent. The immediate aggressor was designated as Germany, but they were not involved in any way in the assassination in Serbia. The real reason was that England wanted to retain world commercial dominance through it’s, yet to be established, “Commonwealth” (36), and saw Germany as a major competitor. The British were especially interested in German West Africa which was to eventually become British Kenya. Germany had never been dependent upon colonies or slavery, and had, as an alternative, developed a large industrial base with ample skilled labor – which was, by 1914, substantially out-producing England. The British pound sterling was largely in decline due to economic predominance of banking over industry. Germany on the other hand tightly controlled their bankers through legislation. At the end of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles, which was formulated by the Ashkenazi bankers of England, France, Belgium and the allies, specifically to destroy the German economy, non-Jewish banking, farming and industry – thereby, in concert with the allies, guaranteeing their future economic world dominance. There is no historic opposition to the contention that WWII was the direct result of WWI’s armistice treaty of Versailles. It is also important for the reader to understand that Germany did not lose WWI, the war ended in a stalemate, the “Armistice”.

After WWI, Germany established the “Weimar Republic” (37), an economic and social disaster. War reparations from the armistice were over three times the entire net worth of the German economy. By 1933 (38) the Mark was worthless, Russian paid communist agitators were organizing all labor unions, Austria and Germany were rife with political riots, streets were unsafe, government workers went on strike, some strikes lasting for months. Worse, the German communist party through programs of cultural Marxism (homosexuality, feminism, and pornography), spearheaded a total degeneration of society. This led to a series of governments; Bruening, Papen, Schleicher and finally Hitler. It was the beginning of the Third Reich. By 1933, conditions in Germany were horrendous. Unemployment was over 50%, banks were failing, and the currency was so devalued that it cost 4 billion Marks for a loaf of bread.

Hitler’s first act was the creation of the Reich’s Mark, a currency based on a unit of value, not debt. Hitler did not borrow from the bankers and flatly refused to play their corrupt game. The Third Reich did not have to pay interest to the banksters, which infuriated the Rothschild’s and their allies. World media called Germany’s resurgence, “The German miracle”. On March 24, 1933, long before there was any animosity against Jews, the London Daily Express, which was at the time the mouthpiece of the Jewish bankers, ran a headline “Judea Declares War on Germany”. (39) Time Magazine made Adolph Hitler man of the year in 1938, (40) by which time Germany had full employment, was building the autobahns, and had eliminated all of the communist depravity.

So that you understand the world situation at the time – Winston Churchill, who was a Member of Parliament, made the following statements; “Should Germany merchandise again in the next 50 years we will have fought WWI in vain.” (41) “We will force this war upon Hitler if he wants it or not” (42) “If Germany becomes too powerful we have to crush it!” (43) “This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany” (44). This conclusively places the title of aggressor on the British. In proof of that, England declared war on Germany based on the German invasion of Poland, with which England had a mutual defense treaty. The fact that Russia and Germany had a pact (45) was well known in England, with the Soviets and Germans to each take ½ of Poland. We might ask why the French and British declared war on Germany, but not on Russia. This is seated in the Ashkenazi Banking control of the Bank of England, as well as in Paris (Rothschild) and the original declaration of war by the Ashkenazi banksters of London in 1933. This is furthered by the fact that the Russian revolution was under Ashkenazi control. (46)

Forward to the JFK administration and Kennedy’s war with the bankers, which he lost. In 1963, he signed Executive Order 11110 directing the Treasury to issue a new currency called the United States Note, a debt-free United States bank note issued by the U.S. Treasury. Backing for these notes was the huge American silver stockpile which the banksters, after Kennedy’s assassination, entirely liquidated. Kennedy realized that it was not necessary for the government to borrow money from the bankers to issue fiat paper money; it could just as well issue that money, as Hitler had done, and as was done between the Second United States Bank and the foundation of the FRS. In total $4.7 billion United States Notes were issued, in today’s value that would be $35.9 billion. President Kennedy was assassinated five months later on November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas, and the issued United States notes were collected and destroyed. The banksters don’t like competition. The subsequent report of the Warren Commission was without question the biggest cover up in American history to that date.

The Bretton Woods conference: Was also called the United Nations Monitory and Financial Conference and included the allied winner’s of WWII. It was held at the Mount Washington Hotel located at Bretton Woods NH. Forty-four nations participated. The conference lasted from the 1st to the 22nd of July 1944. The claim was that the meeting was to organize reconstruction (where did we hear that before?) of Europe after the war. Not even close. The meeting was for the consolidation of bankers’ control over world economy, based on faulty Fabian (47) economic and financial theories. The principal, whose ludicrous monetary theories won out at Bretton woods, was rabid socialist and Fabian society member and homosexual John Maynard Keynes, and his Keynesian monitory theory. Representing America was communist Harry Dexter White. One outcome was the replacement of the British Pound sterling as the international currency by the US Dollar. Thereafter, all other nations would be required to tie their currencies to the dollar. The Keynesian economic plan was to de-couple all Western currencies from hard asset and to inflate the fiat paper currency in order to provide sufficient funds for reconstruction. This was, of course, a complete lie. Today, some 70 years after the conference was held, inflationary pressures (caused by Keynes’s debt-based fiat invention) have resulted in our spending $128.79 for what then cost $10. This is only a part of what the bankers are doing to us. American middle class income has fallen by 7% in the last five years. (49) Unemployment is at 24.3%. (48) Workforce participation is the lowest in 35 years. Americans, not in the labor force, total 91.8 million. There were two important caveats in the Bretton Woods agreement, actually concessions made by the United States. 1) The United States promised not to inflate the dollar, i.e. print excessive amounts of fiat currency, and 2) would tie the dollar to the value of gold, which in 1942 was $35 per ounce, and all currencies could always be converted to the dollar and gold. Good luck with that!!! Gold on March 12, 2014 at the London gold fix is $ 1366.75 per ounce, and the dollar has been inflated by 133.9% in the same timeframe. The bankers achieved internationally what they had tried to get for the previous 100 years – complete control on the issuance of money, the setting of interest, and the charging to nations for issuing money based on the reserves of those nations. You must understand that the value of monies issued by the FRS is theoretically based on the gold and silver assets of the US treasury. We know that the US Treasury sold its silver holdings in the last third of the 20th century, who they sold it too, but where the funds went is anyone’s guess – it has never been reported. As for gold assets, I do not believe that they even exist. The FRS has gone to court to prevent an audit, congress was rebuffed relating to audit requests, and when Germany requested the return of gold held by the Treasury, they were given 7% of the total amount and told that the balance would be returned over the coming decade. The proverbial s*** hit the fan in 1970 when France looked at their treasury and found a colossal mountain of fiat dollars and then exercised their prerogative under Bretton Woods to return the paper to the US Treasury and obtain gold at $35 per ounce in return, the Treasury was in serious trouble because they did not have that amount of gold, the dollar had by 1970 already been inflated to the hilt. In order to overcome this dilemma, Richard Nixon, the sitting president, on August 15th 1971, suspended the dollars convertibility into gold. So, in one quick move Nixon shafted every trading nation in the world and all Americans, through a tacit admission that the dollar was worthless.

The bankers through Nixon strike back: America unable to meet its international fiduciary obligations in 1970 resulted in a move by Nixon to re-collateralize America. The Nixon administration founded the environmental movement and the Environmental Protection Agency, and in its support created scores of “National Parks”, “Wetlands”, and “National Monuments”. By 2000, this land grab and its mineral asset comprised about one fourth of the entire North American continent. All this land, in essence stolen from the people, has been pledged as collateral for the outstanding debt of the United States – something that most elected officials are not even aware of. This, however, did not last, because even with a quarter of the real estate of America, the debt owed was still greater than the value of the land and its minerals. They found a new and inventive solution – they created the petro-dollar by which all oil internationally would be priced in dollars and would be paid for in dollars. The deal was finalized in 1973, but had been a sub-agreement of Bretton Woods. America would guarantee that the leadership of those petroleum-producing nations, signing onto this accord, would be militarily protected by the United States. (50) What the US government was doing was replacing “Dollars for Gold” with “Dollars for Oil”. American bankers had found out how to “Game the System”, as it were, and cheat all their creditors in the bargain. Nixon was not only one of the brightest presidents we ever had, he was also a crook. Either he, or the banksters, came up with a plan that manipulated the world currency system for the benefit of America and at the economic peril of those who traded with us. The dollar was now backed by other peoples produced, or yet to be produced, oil.

The Petro-Dollar and the Middle East: America, with a Jewish population of about 2.6%, is today politically controlled by Zionist forces. With 12 Jewish Senators and 22 Jewish House members, the largest and most powerful illegal (51) single purpose lobby, AIPAC, (52) and a banking and media cartel (at least 90% Ashkenazi), they control the dialogue, as well as the policy. Also, key positions in many government agencies are now staffed by Israeli duel citizens, or Israeli firsters. Because of Israel’s belligerence, relating to its neighbors, and their relentless and unending wars against all neighboring states, and America’s persistent pandering to Israel, the petro-dollar has become a shaky proposition. Beginning in the late 70’s, a movement away for dollar sales of oil began emerging. This has reached Venezuela, (with the present government’s removal in full swing), Iran (under threat and attack by Israel and USA), Libya (changed back after their leader was removed), Iraq (changed back after their leader was removed), Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa (the BRICS nations). (53) The entire dollar based international economy is in very serious trouble. Specifically, in 2002, the UN agreed that Iraq could sell its oil for Euros. America invaded Iraq and executed Saddam Hussein and Iraq no longer sold oil for Euros. By this time, all rulers of the petroleum producing nations realized that if they strayed from the dollar-oil formula they would come to a bad end. America does not bring democracy to any of the nations with which we engage in wars – the matter is one of banking and the dollar as the only allowed means of paying for oil. Venezuela is selling oil for Chinese Yuan and is in the midst of an American orchestrated revolution. Every instance of military incursion since WWII has resulted in a corporatist state with a Bank of International Settlements (BIS) run banking system. (54) The entire war drums playing for conflict with Iran is solely based on Sharia law (no interest bearing transactions) and the fact that Iran has based their oil sales on gold, not the dollar.

The sealed train to Russia: From 1915 to 1917, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin lived on 17 Spiegelgasse in Zurich, Switzerland. (55) In 1917, he boarded a sealed train in Germany, which was financed by major Jewish bankers to Russia, and provided by the German government. The principal backer was German/American Ashkenazi, Paul Warburg, the American author of the Federal Reserve Act, and participant of the meeting held on Jekyll Island in 1910. The train was packed with guns, ammunition and millions in gold coins, and 35 rabid communist Ashkenazi. The train eventfully reached St. Petersburg via Sweden and Finland and the revolution was on. Actually it was not an internal revolution – it was an Ashkenazi organized takeover of Russia (similar to actions in the Ukraine today). When the matter came to the attention of the British foreign office, it caused considerable alarm. Bear in mind that this took place during the First World War, and that Britain and France desperately wanted the Czar to help in their war against Germany. The Germans had allowed this sealed train transit for the express purpose of removing Russian troops from supporting the allies. (56) The entire Russian revolution was financed by and run by Ashkenazim banksters (including Jacob Schiff). Warburg was well connected with the Rothschild’s at the Banque Russe pour le Commerece Etranger in Paris and Samuel Montague & Co in London. His was also a correspondent bank to the Rothschild’s in America.

Now that we have concluded a short history of banking, not what’s taught in schools or colleges, but actual fact, we come to an understanding of “Rule By debt.” America is a financial dictatorship that is run by a select few banksters. Americans are debt slaves to these banksters. Wars are the primary tool to induce the brainwashed public to bring “Democracy” to the world, from a nation that is in totalitarian control of its financial system. The consolidation of the banksters’ ultimate plan is now evident in the actions of the total information society, Jeremy Bertram’s dream through the American Patriot Act, NDAA, and the actions of the CIA and NSA.

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