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Electoral Strategy 2.0

by Earl P. Holt III

It’s pretty clear that voter fraud in various forms is now the primary electoral strategy of the so-called “Democrat” Party. There is convincing evidence of tens-of-millions of fraudulent votes by “Democrats” — both black and illegal — going back several generations.

In the 1970s, a second electoral strategy among “Democrats” began to appear that was equally pernicious, BALD-FACED LIES. I’m not talking about the minor equivocating that is routinely engaged in by most politicians, I’m talking about lies that are 180 degrees from the truth or even conflict with the existing public record.

This was made possible by the fact that the “Democrat” Party and the Jews’ Media had become two wings of the same enterprise, Marxism. “Democrats” who told whoppers soon realized they would never be held to account by their ideological allies in the Jews’ Media, nor would their Republican critics be allowed a platform to refute them. “Democrats” discovered to their delight that they could lie with impunity.

Biden Senile

I first detected this phenomenon when my own US Congressman, Dick Gephardt (MO-3rd District,) compulsively lied every two years during his reelection campaigns throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. He routinely warned his brain-dead constituents that “Republicans want to eliminate Social Security,” when all the GOP really wanted to do was make Social Security financially and actuarially sound. His lies scared the hell out of many elderly retirees who should have known better, but who stopped thinking critically after their first vote for FDR in the 1930s.

This tactic worked well for Gephardt until his Congressional District began to change and many of his elderly supporters had died. Based on redistricting, Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District was eventually extended south to include traditionally conservative areas populated by former refugees from St. Louis City, who had fled the ravages of the misnamed Fair Housing Act. This prompted Gephardt to retire in 2005.

This same strategy of bald-faced lies has been employed by Joe Biden for 50 years of campaigning for public office. Since he’s a “Democrat,” the Jews’ Media have refused to hold him to account UNLESS THEY HAPPENED TO PREFER ONE OF HIS “DEMOCRAT” OPPONENTS. An incident illustrating this phenomenon took place when Biden ran for president in 1987.

In his 1987 “Democrat” Presidential Primary campaign, Biden became confrontational with a reporter who inquired about his academic record. A thuggish Biden aggressively responded that he probably had a higher IQ than the reporter, and claimed he finished in the top half of his law school class. It was later revealed that Biden had finished 76th out of 85 students at Syracuse University College of Law.

Biden also has a long record of plagiarizing the works and speeches of others. He did this his first year of law school, establishing a habit that was to plague him throughout his career. At the time, he admitted he was “mistaken” and that his plagiarism was not “malevolent,” but then later shamelessly plagiarized the words of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, and Neil Kinnock of the British Labour Party.

When he ran for president in 2007, Biden claimed to have been fired upon by enemy combatants on a visit to Iraq. Public records revealed this was a falsehood, so Biden was forced to “modify” his story. The Jews’ Media only bothered to expose his lies in 1987 because they preferred Michael Dukakis to Biden. Likewise, the only reason the Jews’ Media exposed Biden’s lies in 2007 was because they preferred his opponent, Barack Hussein Obama.

During Biden’s 2019 “Democrat” Presidential Primary campaign, he repeated an earlier claim that he had been arrested by South African authorities while attempting to obtain an audience with Nelson Mandela. After Biden’s story was refuted by the U.S. Ambassador who accompanied him on his trip to South Africa, Biden’s campaign was forced to “retract” the story.

In his 1987 campaign for the “Democrat” presidential nomination, Biden claimed to have participated in the black “civil rights” marches of the 1960s, but he was forced to recant his claim when several Jews’ Media organs demonstrated they were false. Biden conceded that “I was not an activist” and “I was not marching.” Yet, he repeated the exact, same lie during his 2020 campaign, 33 years later.

There are two important facts illustrated by this article: The first is that “Democrats” are compelled to reflexively lie to the American people in order to hide their true records and personal failings; The second is that the extremist Media are ALWAYS willing accomplices and accessories in this endeavor.

Equally sad for America is the fact that the lies and fraud routinely perpetrated by “Democrat” politicians do not diminish their support among leftists, who will embrace them no matter what they say or do.

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