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The Disaster That America Has Become

Dr. A. H. Krieg |The emasculation of America’s political culture has a profound effect on the entire nation. The crux of the problem is seated in the failed separation of powers doctrine which congress refuses to enforce. One of the primary culprits is the speaker of the House, John Boehner an impotent RINO crybaby without a spine, a Supreme Court headed by Justice John Roberts Jr., whose recent motivations are not national policy or the constitution but political pandering to the party in power. And a department of justice that refuses to enforce the constitutionally mandated laws preferring to enact laws based on the personal and wrong opinions of Eric Holder the AG.

Six members of this administration all of which lied to congress, and the American people, and were let off the hook by our elected legislators prove the underlying evidence of this in Congressional testimony. All of these men have top-secret clearance, which if I recall from mine, requires the holder to waive their state and federal Constitutional rights for the protection of the Nations National Security.

The six men are Eric Holder the AG, National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen, FBI Director James Comey, Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and CIA Director John Brennan. All of these men have lied to congress in testimony to congress, which is a felony, and additionally a violation of their oath of office (Title 18 > Part1 > chapter 47 > P. 1001). The penalty for this is a fine and no more than 5-years imprisonment. Congress is empowered to enact this but has refused to do so.

All these men took an oath to protect the constitution of the United States; all of them are uncharged felons, it in fact makes them all traitors to the United States, and it makes congress complicit for failing to enforce existing statutes. I want to make this abundantly clear “It is a crime for any federal agent to lie to congress even if he has not taken a oath, because in his capacity it is assumed that he was sworn in when he took his oath of office”.

In a totally twisted venue’ of thought five of these men told congress that Edward Snowden, a true “American Hero”, must be prosecuted for telling Americans and the world, what these SOB’s were up to. Eric Holder later chimed in with the same sort of crap. Let’s understand, Snowden informed the world that the NSA was in violation of American federal laws, violating the laws of virtually every nation in the world, violating the first and fourth amendments of the US Constitution, and an entire raft of international laws–for this Holder wants to prosecute Snowden.

About this time the RINOS and Boehner jumped into the fray by accusing Snowden of being a Russian spy, fortunately that went nowhere. This is reminiscent of the Julian Assange case still pending in England in which Assange was falsely accused of rape, a charge that has been withdrawn by the witnesses.

These are the efforts of liars and cheats in an attempt to frighten any possible future whistle-blowers from revealing the truth about them! It is a sad time for America when Congress and the court system refuse to indict and expel liars who then miss no opportunity to wreak havoc on us all.

When we then consider such egregious behaves as that of, Hillary Clinton in sending her UN ambassador, Susan Rice to lie to the entire nation on five separate Sunday morning TV shows and then repeat those despicable lies months later, we come to realize that the entire political process in Washington lacks any moral or ethical standards without which we are as a nation doomed.

"The System" by Adrian KriegOf the entire gang, Clapper is by far the worst. His incredible assertion that Snowden’s release of information about Clappers lying makes “the nation less safe and its people less secure” simply defies logic. When Lt. Gen. Flynn then chimes in with a statement that Snowden’s release of information caused “grave damage to National Security” its just more BS. Think of it, these SOB’s are shredding our Constitution and Bill of Rights along with the Posse Commutates Act and then have the hutzpah to assert that the guy who blew the whistle is the criminal.
Turncoat Roberts proved that our Supreme Court lacks the courage to defend the people’s rights when he declared that a forced act upon the public to mandatory purchase insurance was a tax. The Court has remained mute on an entire raft of illegal administration actions and has turned down scores of cases, which should have been vented by them. Perhaps the lazy justices could work more than ten months a year.

It is amazing that the people of this nation continue to support a system that is so corrupt from one end to the other–Republocrats all–that they continue to re-elect the same useless morons by a rate of over 87%. It amazes me that people like Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Harry Reid are in positions of leadership. I cannot understand how an incompetent idiot like Obama was reelected after his first four-years of total failure. I do not understand why Americans will vote solely based on gender, or race, discounting past performance or ability as the underlying criterion. Am I living in some strange nightmare?

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