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Die Welt: The Secret NPI Meeting of “Racial Realists”

Die Welt (Translated from German) | A rustic restaurant in Budapest, closed society. Around 70 almost all male guests at long tables. “I’m a little concerned that they could arrest me,” says Tomislav Sunic, author, former diplomat, Croatian with an American passport and a leading theologian of the New Right. He will hold equal a speech to warn against the dangers of alienation and the multicultural society.

Jared Taylor NPI Meeting in HungaryOthers who should be talking about are already in police custody were reported or not even allowed into the country. Actually, they wanted to hold a spectacular congress about Europe’s future and the dangers of racial mixing. It has now become a semi-secret private event. Who here has night before to get a short message with the conspiratorial seemingly meeting on his mobile phone: “At the toy store at the South Station, from there we walk to the venue” – which was wisely not named, but was apparently known to all.

It all began with an announcement by the National Policy Institute in Washington, an institution that sees itself as the right think tank. So right that nobody wants to do from the political mainstream with these folks something. The ominous Institute announced an international conference on, in Budapest, in early October. The “promising Hungarian Jobbik party”, so stood there, be with it. Registration fee: $150, only payment in advance.

Crème de la crème

At the Lectern: Jobbik politicians Márton Gyöngyösi and the Russian Eurasia advocate Alexander Dugin, which is reputed great influence on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine whose aggressive policy. From the USA, the main organizer Richard Spencer and the “race realist” Jared Taylor had announced. From Austria Markus Willinger wanted to come, author of “Generation Identity”.

These are names that are not ring a bell. In the right scene but these gentlemen are superstars. Today it no longer says the right of the CSU: “I do not like blacks.” They say instead: “I’m interested in the theories of Richard Spencer and Mark Willinger.”
Ihn trifft diesmal keine Schuld: Ungarns Regierungschef Viktor Orbàn lässt sich von Generalleutnant Adrian Bradshaw die Übungsziele eines ungarisch-amerikanischen Manövers erklären, während in seiner Hauptstadt ein – von ihm untersagter – Rassistenkongress tagt
Photo: AFP meets him this time not to blame: Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban can be explained by Lt. Gen. Adrian Bradshaw, the exercise objectives of a Hungarian-American maneuver while in his capital one – meets racists Congress – having promised him

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor OrbanHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (pictured left) quickly realized what would be the most important result of such a conference well: an international outcry – against him and his government. Although the organizers are from the USA, but the left-wing opposition began to represent him and his government as latent racists, because they suffered such a conference. So Orbán forbade the meeting abruptly. But that was again not quite: Liberal human rights complained this “restriction of freedom”.

Richard Spencer did not want to put up with that. “You will not win,” he had announced on Orbán’s address and sent a sharp video attack against Orbán . And then on October 1, from Budapest: “The Congress is going on!”

The next evening he was already in police custody. He had met with some of the participants in a restaurant, as 50 police officers showed up and the cards controlled. Spencer was arrested. The whole thing was captured on video, and in no time had 12,000 views on YouTube.

Another fellow had already been taken into custody on his arrival. Alexander Dugin had not come first. “The Hungarian authorities have told the Russians that he was not welcome. Dugin was contacted by the Russian police to make him explain,” Jared Taylor said the disappointed competitors.

Of all the speakers are now only two remained – he and Tomislav Sunic. Jobbik, the Hungarian right-wing party is not represented at all. You just tried to build a “softer” Party Image. The intended initially as a speaker Gyöngyösi has apparently bowed to pressure from the party leadership.

“Racial conservatives with identitarian theories”

There are also hard to see Hungarians in the small groups that meet “in front of the toy store at the main station” and are then guided conspiratorially to the “secret” place, a restaurant. The press is a prominent “Wall Street Journal”, Euro News – somehow they got wind of it. Be allowed into the restaurant but only three previously “cleared” colleagues, one of the BBC, a Canadian journalist and the “world” correspondent.

Alexander Dugin, they say great influence on Russian President Vladimir Putin and UkraineBecause they eat now, who had traveled for a lot of money paying participants: aged Mahner who prophesy the downfall of the West, young students in search of identity, middle-aged men with good jobs. Latvians, Swedes, Belgians, Austrians, Dutch, English, Americans and a francophile gentleman from Germany, the “racially conservative” called and complained that you get nowadays inoculated in kindergarten anti-racism itself. Brainwashing is. He has come mainly because Jared Taylor.

Three Flemish students of the Nationalist Students’ Association (NSA, 200 members) regret that Dugin was not here. It was necessary to finally get rid of the American tutelage and he had all the right ideas. Markus Willinger Also they would like to hear, they identify with his “identitarian” theses. It boils down to that everyone can live out his identity is what it is but necessary that the non-European immigrants return to their countries of origin. “We want that they can live their identity – but in their own countries,” says Jens Derycke, a 25-year-old Kriminologiestudent. After graduating, he wants to work with the police or the judiciary.

“Immigration means loss of identity”

Immigration, as well as his comrade Friedrich van de Lanoote says a 28-year-old engineer, meant a loss of identity for all – because the immigrants lose their original value system in Belgium. Islamization, as all agree, is the big problem. Robert Schaap, 44, from Holland, offers to the matching label to: “Stop Islamisering” stands in Dutch.

Many fractures and contrarian views show that evening in the Hungarian local. The Flemish want to secede from Belgium and Holland join (that wants the Dutch Schaap also) and appreciate very Dugin. But now already speaks Tomislav Sunic, the first speaker, and leads the verbal sword against narrow-minded nationalism. The Europeans must stick together to save their culture. He has previously mentioned in private conversation polite “too romantic” Dugin’s Eurasian theses, he likes – unlike the Belgians – America.

As a particularly perfidious enemy Sunic makes the Catholic Church because they advocated the unlimited admission of refugees. But the main culprit for the demise of Europe is capitalism. It is the greed, the sink immigrants into the country, the greed of companies for cheap labor.

Do not love the neighbor, but its the same

Love your neighbor as yourself – that you should not specify what this is about. One should love his kind, and only then may not respect European foreigners or even members of other races. That’s what Jared Taylor, a polished speaker, his audience, explained in well-chosen words that “we Europeans” – because “have not accidentally set up our wonderful civilization,” but “- and he was also white Americans and thus considers himself we brought for genetic conditions that to put us in the situation “.

Race is a reality and it is harmful, about to turn a blind eye. It sounds pessimistic, since the American and Western European governments sought to water down these “genetic basis of civilization” through immigration. Self Destructive was that. Apparently he sets his last hope on a white, genetically-cultural Europe. And to countries like Hungary, with little history are immigrants. At the end of it come close to tears when he calls for a “brotherhood of Europeans”. His reward: standing, thunderous applause.

So right to a political party feels no one here drawn, all at very “mainstream”. Even the Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders reject the Dutch and Flemish from the hall. “Too liberal, too pro-American,” said Schaap. After all, the alternative for Germany (AFD), which was very welcome, says Sunic. It is “much better than the CDU or the other mainstream parties.” The police did not come. The next day you will walk a little through the city.

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