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“Crackergate,” Holder, Obama, and Trayvon

By Dr. Adrian Krieg | Arguably, American race relations have deteriorated ever since the election of Obama. The president and his cabinet and troop of Czars continuous playing of the race card for political opportunism has become an American staple. Eric Holder our AG is the president’s point man on this issue, and has become so bellicose that I can’t stand to listen to him any longer. The continuous support of racial hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson by Holder the president the media and their minions are shameful and un-American. These people are in it for profit, re-election and fame not for justice and truth.

The latest revelation from Holder the race-baiter is that he is looking at the possibility of bringing race-hate charges against Mr. Zimmerman even though his own FBI concluded with over 30 interviews that there was no basis for any such charges. Indeed the FBI report prior to charges brought in Florida indicated that in the opinion of the investigators there was no justifiable cause for a trial. One of the police officers in Florida who did not think there was cause for charges was fired and the police chief was removed. The jury verified the local police opinions. The fact that this entire trial was a politically motivated act by the state of Florida and its governor, which overruled the local jurisdiction, is another issue that remains hidden. The fact that Martin referred to Zimmerman as a “White Cracker”, certainly a racist term, also seems to have disappeared down the sinkhole of history.

It seems that the entire Black community is obsessed with this issue, notwithstanding the mainstream medias’ preoccupied propagandizing of all Black vs. White matters. The fact that Zimmerman is half Hispanic seems also to have been lost in translation. After all, progressives would not want to see a confrontation between the two largest minorities on which they count for re-election. The recent murder of an infant by two Black teenagers, in effort to extort the White mother to give them money, was not only missed by Jackson and Sharpton but also by the press Holder and Obama.

The devil is in the details, so they say, and we learn from a column in our local fish wrap by Leonard Pitts that the real issue is “Florida’s bizarre gun laws”. Well how about that, finally we learn that good old Eric, you remember Fast & Furious, and his media associates are about to tie the Zimmerman/Martin case into another failed attempt at more gun control legislation. The overturning of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, that by the way has nothing at all to do with this case, that allows you to face your assailant without fear and the right to protect yourself is not only the law in 37 states it is also Constitutionally legitimate applicable in all states, Holder knows this!

These progressives actually believe that it is bizarre for a homeowner to be allowed to protect his home and family, and that if faced by a violent assailant; broken nose and fractured skull in the case of Zimmerman, you must not in law be allowed to defend yourself but must run away, that is if you are young enough to do so. This is Stupid! Laws are written to protect the innocent not the perpetrators.
It is also quite apparent that the real facts in the case must not be allowed to interfere with the political and media agenda. Little issues like using five year-old pictures of Martin at age of 12, in reporting, omitting the use of Marijuana by Martin, not allowing the reporting in court of three school expulsions, police records, and violent behavior of Martin to the jury. The NBC changing of what Zimmerman said on a telephone conversation will lead to massive lawsuits against NBC. And even with all that, the state still was unable to prove even manslaughter. The attempt to change that charges to manslaughter on the last day of the trial is unprecedented and American jurisprudence. It was a failed “All-American Show Trial”, not much different from the Soviet ones, all for the Republocrat agenda! Additionally the judge’s bizarre actions and rulings during the trial left lawyers and those familiar with legal process speechless.

I have seen recent pictures of Martin tattoo laden, stripped to the waist making rude finger gestures on the Internet. These pictures including one at a store in which Martin towers over the clerk all certainly conflict with media portrail of Martin, the judge refused to allow them to be shown to the jury.

We should all pay some attention to national crime statistics from the FBI. And just perhaps to the fact that Marin was from a family without a father, an occurrence most common in the Black community, a fact that causes of racial crime rates over 10 times higher in the Black community than that of Whites. While Sharpton and Jackson screech of racial inequity; they flatly refuse to address the real issue of why. As of this month 85% of all black children are born out of wedlock. (1) Statistically crime of out of wedlock born children is over 20 times that of those with fathers. 2) A majority of gang members come from fatherless families, 3) 60% of rapists, 76% of teen killings, are single-family kids.
(1) You get what you pay for! The existing welfare system rewards women to have illegitimate children by paying them more for each child; if she gets married she loses all that. AFDC increased the number of illegitimate births by 43%.
(2) Crime statistics of Black on black crime is the real problem, not the very rare White on Black crime. Murder in Black communities, Black against Black are statistical nightmares. Chicago, our president’s hometown and the community whose mayor was Obama’s chief of staff, 756, Detroit 529, New Orleans 214, St Louis MO 163, Memphis 227, and let’s be honest each of these cities has been run by progressive Democrats for decades. Put another way, since the Martin/Zimmerman incident 2,992 Blacks have been murdered by other Blacks in just 14 progressive Democrat run cities.
(3) Worse yet is that about 40% of these crimes was committed by males under the age of 24.
(4) Cutting to the chase according to FBI statistics 14.4% of Whites were murdered by Blacks, 8% 0f Blacks were murdered by Whites, whose White population is four times that of Blacks. While Blacks represent about 15% of the population they are responsible for 50.4% of all murders (6,500 out of 12,996). To these problems progressives tell us; the solution is more gun-control and the claim of a prejudiced judicial system. It is most certainly not. One Black juror was omitted for inclusion in the jury by the prosecution, because he watched FOX news. Further statistics verify that, people who have previously been convicted of felonies, and are by law not allowed to have guns commit 58% of all murders. 70% all had previous felonies convictions and were not allowed to have guns. 81% had multiple previous felonies convictions.

Additional “Media Misdirection” is that semi-automatic weapons are the problem. FBI statistics indicate that long guns and semi-automatic rifles commit only 2.6% of murders, in fact knifes, fists, and dull instruments are far more common in murder cases than long guns. Our problem is not guns; we have several problems that are simply identified

  1. Illegitimacy and the absents of fathers.
  2. A social welfare system that rewards illegitimacy.
  3. The lack of enforcement of existing gun posession laws.
  4. The lack of socially directed moral and ethical teaching and religion in public education.
  5. A political structure that has no interest in solving the problem because it relies on the problem to create an ever-expanding dependency community that is useful fodder in re-election campaigns.

Our problem to put it bluntly is one of political and social liberalism, that is called progressivism and which is the cause of all of this.

Revealed on July 10th 2013 by Judicial Watch was that the US Department of in-Justice has been organizing public demonstrations in Sanford Florida on behalf of the Martin family. The FOIA report consisting of 222 pages indicates expenditures on March 30 to April1 of $ 751.60, on April 3 to 12 $ 1,307.40 and on April 11 to April 12 $552.35. It is incomprehensible to this author that the American federal government is involved in an obvious attempt to influence a jury trial in a falsely claimed criminal case that does not even involve the federal government. If this is not a case for the impeachment of Eric Holder there is no justice left in America.

(1) Cato Institute
(2) David Kopel NYC DA
(3) Blue Press
(4) FBI statistics

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