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Colorado Now Asking Teachers to Fill Out Survey on ‘White Privilege’

The Cherry Creek School District in Colorado has set a standard of excellence in academics and athletics for decades, amassing impressive graduation rate statistics, as well as state championships in football, tennis and lacrosse. It regularly boasts the national Blue Ribbon Award for excellence in education.

White Privilege Rewards

But it sits on the outskirts of the capital, Denver, just 40 miles from what is sometime called, “The People’s Republic of Boulder,” in the state that is reaping massive tax revenues from taxes on legalized marijuana and the burgeoning “pot tourism” industry.

So, it’s no surprise that the school district has provided its teachers to complete what is called a “white privilege survey” to make sure they are “aware their experiences are not exactly the same as other people’s.”

White Privilege

Apparently, top teachers entrusted with educating children don’t already realize that simple truth and need to be reminded at the beginning of each school year.

Administrators, as well as all other employees, presumably including maintenance staff, bus drivers and lunch ladies are also required to fill out the 26-question survey.

Sample statements requiring a response include, “Because of my race or color… I can comfortably avoid, ignore or minimize the impact of racism on my life.”

Respondents must score their response to oddly phrased statements, such as: “I can go into most supermarkets and find the staple food which fits my racial/ethnic traditions; I can go into any hairdresser’s shop and find someone who can cut my hair,” presumably referring to or halal food required by strict Muslims and dreadlocks, rather than matzo ball soup and traditional Amish straight bang hairstyles.

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