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Clothing Drive By Oregon AFP Activists

Innumerable funds, foundations, charities, etc. cater to the needs of sundry “minority” interests. However, there are no foundations for ordinary white people. Efforts to establish advocacy groups for white Caucasian are accused of hateful intentions, despite the charitable nature of such ventures.

Without worrying about being called names or facing other forms of harassment, members and supporters of Oregon’s State Chapter of the American Freedom Party met recently in downtown Portland to assist people lacking basic necessities.

Although greatly honored at being granted the opportunity to participate in an effort possibly capable of developing into America’s first major pro-white charity, Oregon AFP activists nevertheless clearly comprehend that their message will not always be fondly received. Having no illusions concerning potential hostility resulting from their activism, while at the same time fervently seeking to generate genuine positive impressions, project volunteers have committed themselves to maintaining a demeanor of extreme politeness, their intention being to preempt and diminish the myriad negative reactions that frequently accompany attempts by whites to organize on behalf of collective self-interests.

Portland is unlike most of America’s cities in that whites still comprise a majority of the population, including the homeless population. Much of the homeless population occupies the waterfront area situated alongside the Columbia River. AFP Oregon’s charity, officially named Kinshare, has been operating for almost a year, although until recently activists had shied away from documenting their efforts due to a climate of general distrust underlying homeless culture.

During past outreach, activists distributed donated items ranging from clean socks to weather-proof outerwear. Hoping to maintain inviting relations with downtown residents, project coordinators feel excluding people from other racial backgrounds might hamper activism aimed at whites. Although presumably more zealous in approaching whites than other people, Kinshare contributors provide assistance to everyone when asked for help. For the most part, however, pamphlet distribution and detailed discussion about race has been confined to relations with white people, although several activists report having had positive encounters with people of other races, who have largely been understanding and even sympathetic with Kinshare objectives and actions.

Throughout these trips, in addition to donated goods, activists distribute tri-fold brochures documenting the common ancestry and shared cultural history that connects people of European descent. Such activism has resulted in numerous informative and interesting discussions. This has helped toward developing positive sentiments concerning the Kinshare mission and white people in general.

Supplies for these charitable efforts were donated by friends and families of activists. Each person in the group asked a few people for extra clothing, bedding, and other winter necessities. Potential donators were also informed that this was a pro-white effort and that, when possible, care would be taken to ensure contributions be made available to persons most likely to benefit from the purpose of the project: helping whites develop a sense of belonging and shared responsibility.

Oregon is often falsely described as a leftist stronghold. Other than a few Portland neighborhoods, most of Oregon is surprisingly pro-white, some of the more rural areas, especially in the north, possessing a regard for race that enables relatively free discussion on topics otherwise taboo throughout most of our country. While there is a somewhat vocal radical left-wing Marxist presence in downtown Portland, the efforts made by Kinshare volunteers have yet to result in any significant hostility.

Donations to Kinshare from outside Oregon will be processed through the American Freedom Party’s national body, with proceeds then sent to Oregon activists.

In order to ensure that whites have a future and that generations of our people carry forward the naturally generous and altruistic traditions of our people, it is vital that those of us who know the truth redouble our efforts to revive amongst whites a sense of collective identity and group-oriented political outlook.

In Oregon, American Freedom Party members and activists regularly conduct rallies that promote heritage, unity and kinship.

Thank you Oregon!

European people should organize and advance their own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity!

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