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Category: Videos

PNOS Freiburg

Round Table with Tomislav Sunic, William Johnson and Raphael Rotzer

The Swiss National Party (PNOS) organized its congress this year in Bellach in the canton of Solothurn…

Ethno State

Is It Really OK To Be White?

Is It Really OK To Be White? Four white activists discuss the events that affect white people and the rise of nationalism in Japan

Jared Taylor, on White Consciousness

Gentrification’ or ‘White Flight’: Whites Can’t Win

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance reports on recent fracases over “gentrification.” Owners of a coffee shop who say they are “happily gentrifying” a run-down part of Denver were slapped so hard they may have to close. A black woman living in Ingleside, California, says whites were wrong to try to keep the town white 50 […]

Shoshosone Native American

You Stole America from the Indians

Jared Taylor refutes the argument that whites do not have a right to the United States because they took the land from Indians…