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Category: Opinion

Energy and Food

Energy & Food Crisis: Made in Washington

Dr. A. H. Krieg | “The most common lies are those by which politicians deceive the public; other dishonesty of the public is rare.” Let us outline some observations. 1. There is no energy crisis. 2. Global warming (cooling) is the product of the sun and not of man. 3. Most of our present problems […]

Proportional Representation

What Is Proportional Representation?

Proportional Representation (PR) is the voting systems used to elect a legislature at any level of government, such as a state assembly or town council. PR means that the number of seats won by a party or group of candidates is proportionate to the number of votes received. For example, under a PR voting system […]

Sen. Tom McClintock

Sen. Tom McClintock's Response to President Calderon

May 20, 2010 | Senator Tom McClintock delivered a blistering response to Mexico’s President Calderon’s address to Congress. Mr. Speaker: I rise to take strong exception to the speech of the President of Mexico while in this chamber today. The Mexican government has made it very clear for many years that it holds American sovereignty […]