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Proportional Representation and Political Overhaul

Edmonton Journal | Jim Church complains that strategic voting and proportional representation have glaring flaws. All voting systems have flaws, but the flaws in the alternatives are much more glaring.

Strategic voting is not always hypocritical. If I cannot stomach any of the parties, I can still vote for one of them if my vote might help to keep the worst among them out of power. Guided by this principle, thousands of Albertans voted Conservative in the last provincial election.

Church also cites two recent examples to prove that proportional representation leads to “fiascos.” But almost all democracies have proportional representation and all but a very few (like ungovernable Italy) have seen it work well. Look at New Zealand and Germany.

Our current system results in two undemocratic outcomes. On the one hand, about 60 per cent of Canadians who voted federally in 2011 have to suffer the actions of a Conservative party supported by only 40 per cent.

On the other hand, even with true majority governments, enormous numbers of people are not represented in Parliament. For example: would Tory and Liberal supporters in Edmonton-Strathcona not like to have someone in Ottawa to look after their interests?
With a good proportional representation system, this would be so.

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