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California A3P Members Become Active

News Team | Several A3P members in Southern California gathered last week to attend a local nationalist meeting in Orange County. Relatively silent for the past couple months, the group decided to squeeze in for a quick photo, their intention being to show party members and supporters that, while less visible than aforetime, the A3P still has a presence in the area and that there are still meetings to attend and opportunities for work to be done.

The party in many ways has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year or so, but the public face of its Southern California local branch has certainly waned during this period. This by no means reflects the level of accomplishment coming from the area, as a number of party directors reside there and are constantly working on behalf of the party, albeit on a national level.

Southern California provides a unique opportunity for the A3P, in that there are so many people living there who immediately feel the consequences of our government’s failed policies. As our political process continues to boil over, those areas such as Southern California provide opportunities for activism where A3) will have the most opportunities for growth.

South California A3P

Area members and supporters are encouraged to contact the party’s national email for information on how to help grow our Southern California effort. You will then be put in contact with local activists who can help you get involved.

Thank you A3P South California!

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  1. Wulf Magnusson says:

    Good to see the SoCal team is still working hard!

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