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'Brand X' with Russell Brand Interviews A3P William Johnson

William Daniel JohnsonShould we expect an ambush? We think so. Brand X with Russell Brand is an American Late-night talk show, stand up comedy television series on the FX television network starring British comedian Russell Brand.[2] On stage, Brand does mostly observational comedy on recent news stories and current events, and often compares American and British culture. He is accompanied on stage his by political analyst Matthew Stoller who acts as Brand’s sidekick. In each episode, a celebrity guest appears for two segments, the first of which is an interview and the second of which is Brand and the guest giving an audience member advice about a problem they ask about. The stage’s set is designed to look like a conventional talk show, containing a desk for Brand, a chair for a guest, a podium for Stoller, and a television screen to display news articles while he comments on them, as well as other various images.

FX Television
Thursday, 11/29/2012 11:30 PM PST
Russell Brand’s ‘Brand X’ Talk/Comedy Show

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Category: American Voice, Establishment News

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  1. fnn says:

    There's an old saying about getting into a wrestling match with a pig.

  2. NoMore says:

    Ask any soldier. The standard operating procedure in an ambush is to go straight for the ambushers.

  3. Harry Bertram says:

    Well at least we got some attention not to much serios talk.

  4. […] Should we expect an ambush? We think so… 'Brand X' with Russell Brand Interviews A3P William Johnson – American Third Position Party […]

    • Joseph says:

      Yes, video please- I think it's a great oppurtunity, just keep your head down, roll with the punches, and be affable. So long as he kept the audience laughing, he should have been able to correct some errors in perception and broaden our appeal. Maybe they have it on their website…

  5. Mary, White Advocate says:

    to get to the video, one has to install a third party player that changes one's home page from whatever it is to AOL. They also want to add a bunch of other stuff to your computer that doesn't do any good whatsoever. I have no intentions of watching it as I cannot stand Brand Z, whoever he is, but will listen to Robert Stark's interview instead.

    • American3P says:

      Mary, I was able to view the video online!? Don't install anything. The show is a talk/comedy show with buffoons for hosts. Sara Silverman appeared last and discussed her cunnilingus with an audience member. Trash.

      We expected an ambush.

  6. Black Jack Pershing says:

    Russel Brand is just… yeah. I thought Mr. Johnson conducted himself very well considering the circus-like atmosphere.

  7. Kyle says:

    for those who haven't seen it yet, it's available on Hulu for free. Episode 13.

  8. ProNorden says:

    So, I've now seen the episode on Hulu, and Mr. Johnson did come off as likeable, as was noted by both Russell Brand and Sarah Silverman.
    He didn't really seem to 'hit his points' though except to mention environmentalism and almost mention opposing economic predation. Brand seemed to intentionally talk over that last point.
    Merely repeating that one would like to live in a predominantly white nation ( as apparently would many black, hispanic and asian people … as indicated by migratory patterns) doesn't make the case for white independence as an option.
    ' Affable though innocuous and confused' is scoring pretty well with a venue/audience like that. And also on the plus side, both Brand and the other guests mentioned the name Bill Johnson more than a few times in his absence, and Johnson was able to mention American Third Position once. The condescending derision about Bill's white ethno-island was inocuous. One real negative was Brand later erroneously but maybe intentionally misapplying the term white "supremacist"…., and the general impression offered of Mr. Johnson being a near-lone affable eccentric being charmingly quirky in the solitude of his ethno-island fantasies.
    But maybe BrandX both in original broadcast and via HULU etc. can reach an audience of a few-to-several hundred thousand ? And some may look-up/google Bill Johnson and A3P and see some creditable thought and a workable policy agenda.
    A net gain/positive.

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