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Brace Yourselves For Sad Photos Of Ossoff Supporters

By The Daily Caller

Some supporters of Jon Ossoff resorted to tears and sad faces Tuesday night after the Democratic candidate lost the Georgia 6 congressional race to GOP candidate Karen Handel, who won the hearts and minds of the historically Republican district that reeled in disgusting millions in campaign contributions.

Ossoff Loses Election

Of all the things to cry about in this world, a congressional race seems kind of lame.

Among those who were not boohooing?

This woman who was dancing her Ossoff to Prince while her candidate was losing.

Ossoff supporters...

Someone grab the Kleenex tissue.

Ossoff lost to Handel 52.7 percent to 47.3 percent in the race to take over for former Rep. Tom Price.

Republicans had held the seat since the 1970s, but Democrats from around the country had poured money into the race to express their displeasure with President Trump.

Ossoff supporters...

Ossoff Supporters

Ossoff Supporters

Ossoff Supporters

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