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BLM Demonstrators March to Entrance of KKK National Director Thomas Robb’s Private Arkansas Compound

  • Black Lives Matter protesters traveled to Zinc, Arkansas, on Sunday to demonstrate about social justice
  • The protesters picked Zinc because it is where Ku Klux Klan national director Thomas Robb has a compound
  • The protesters were met with armed local residents who were there to keep an eye on them
  • Protesters shared pictures of armed men who used their cars to block off the road leading to Robb’s home
  • Protesters also shared pictures of people who they identified as members of the League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Group says is a neo-Confederate organization
  • The protesters were seen having discussions with local residents during their peaceful demonstration
  • Protesters said that nobody had ever gone to Zinc to have demonstrate and they made ‘history’ while doing it

Arkansas Black Lives Matter protesters traveled to Zinc, Arkansas, to march on the Ku Klux Klan’s Grand Wizard’s hometown and compound Sunday.

The protest comes just four days after a viral video labeled nearby Harrison, Arkansas, as being ‘America’s Most Racist Town’ and the ‘Ku Klux Klan Headquarters.’

The KKK’s website claims its national headquarters to be in Harrison and that its national director, Thomas Robb, uses at least three post office boxes there, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

A local resident is seen armed while watching over the protesters on Sunday. Militia groups were said to have been spotted in the town during the protests.

Armed local residents were seen standing in the road leading to Robb's compound Sunday in an effort to help keep the peace

Armed local residents were seen standing in the road leading to Robb’s compound Sunday in an effort to help keep the peace

In addition to carrying guns, the men had used their cars as physical road blocks on the dirt road leading to Pastor Robb’s compound

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