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"Blamed While White" And Fabricated Stereotypes

George ZimmermanThis past week a Neighborhood Watch volunteer in Florida, George Zimmerman, shot and killed 17-year-old African-American, Trayvon Martin. William Bigalow of points out, “CBS News, on its Crimesider website, immediately called Zimmerman a ‘white neighborhood watch volunteer.’ Trayvon Martin’s parents accused the police of racism for not arresting Zimmerman. There’s only one problem: Zimmerman is Hispanic.”

George Zimmerman’s father says he isn’t White. Robert Zimmerman released his response to the Orlando Sentinel: “George is a Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends. He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever.”

News media continually described George Zimmerman as White. In an about-face, the media subsequently referred to Zimmerman as “white while some claim he is Hispanic.” The focus targeted Zimmerman because of the color of HIS skin.

Toulouse, France

Two days ago a “serial killer with neo-Nazi ties” shot dead three children and killed a teacher outside a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. Again the news stated the shooter had “neo-Nazi links” and was “a disgraced neo-Nazi soldier.” One headline said “Killer A neo-Nazi Military Man With Grudges Against Minorities.” But we have another problem. The shooter is a 23-year-old Muslim identified as Mohamed Merah with links to Al Qaeda. Merah was wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time. So where did the “neo-Nazi” claim originate?

In July of 2011, Anders Breivik murdered 76 innocent victims in Norway. Breivik was initially described as a “neo-Nazi”. Breivik had said he wanted to save Europe from a Muslim takeover and send a strong signal to Norway’s Labour party — who he accused of betraying the country with “mass imports of Muslims”. Breivik was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by the court-appointed psychiatrists. The media back-pedaled and labeled Breivik as “extreme right” despite his mental illness.

The fact is that Nazis or “National Socialists” no longer exist. They were resurrected to use as a stereotype to pathologize Whiteness. The intended message in the above cases is “Whites are killers” and “Whites are evil.”

In todays culture, the White person — who is always “a racist” or “neo-Nazi” — has become the most crudely stereotyped stock villain. White people should loudly object to these characterizations and Euro-phobic accusations. Don’t expect the situation to improve on its own.

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  1. WhiteRabbit says:

    In the 1960's all and only white countries opened their borders to massive non-white immigration.

    Then governments and media demanded we "mix together."

    Now those same governments and medias are calculating that by the year 2040, there won't be a single white majority nation left on the planet, and that this is a "good thing."

    If this was done to all and only black countries, people would quickly recognize it for the genocide it is.

    But because I'm white, I'm a "naziwhowantstokill6millionjews."

    "Anti-racism" is a codeword for anti-white.

    • sonicwhip says:

      I actually doubt that Europe will become majority non white, the Nationalist parties up there are a thousand years ahead of the white parties in America, some are even close to taking over the whole country like Hungary's Jobbik party and Switzerlands Swiss Peoples Party, and National Socialist parties like German NPD are making great political gain.

  2. For Shame says:

    Looks like being white on facebook is a crime. Facebook had another one of their white-purges where they go around finding white organizations to ban.

    • American3P says:

      I see they didn't delete National Council of La Raza or NAACP. Facebook is private so they can delete who they want.

      We need our own media central.

      • Atlee Yarrow says:

        The A3PFL page and my A3P campaign page were removed from Facebook last week. I filed a complaint and have received a "We are reviewing" form letter. This time Facebook ran into a problem as I informed them of my legal right to be there as a filed candidate with the State of Florida by their own precedence of allowing, accepting, having other political groups and advertising dollars. I would really like Facebook to answer this case in front of a judge in open court, but for now, I am giving the process due time. It seems Facebook really hates white people and only one ideology which is a clear civil rights violation. Imagine the news if a class action was brought up to defend this.

        • American3P says:

          Unfortunately, Facebook is a private company. They don't have to provide any accounts to anyone they don't approve of. That little crook and his team won't last.

  3. jcook says:

    This whole thing is absolutely sickening. The White-guilt crowd is falling all over themselves to show that they aren't racists, and they hate mean White people just as much as poor innocent Blacks. Of course, when the narrative fails, as here, they will never admit they are wrong. I'm tired of listening to the whining of the Black community.

  4. Skeptical View says:

    Full 911 audio shows Zimmerman in a more positive light

    Continue reading on Full 911 audio shows Zimmerman in a more positive light – Charleston Charleston Conservative |

  5. sonicwhip says:

    still remember that time when the A3P was attacked by mexicans in California, no response from police or media, if it was some black naacp group attacked it would of made national news with a swat team raiding the house of the attackers.

  6. MissBonnie123 says:

    Now Eric "My People" Holder is pursuing hate crime charges against Mr. Zimmerman. An article that I read inferred that he is "part White," even though I believe and his family believe he is Hispanic and they don't look at him as being White. Being "part White" now enables one to be charged with a hate crime.

    We have become a confused country.

  7. JamesinUSA says:

    Hopefully this incident and the outrageous reaction of blacks like Al Sharpton will only have the effect of drawing even more racially conscious whites to our nationalist cause..

    I'm sure more and more white people are growing tired of the 'noise' of these blacks who ignore the crimes that they perpetrate against our people.

    I believe that we're beginning to see the light of hope beginning to peep through the increasing divide between our races in this country. Let's support the A3P!

  8. Engel says:

    Thanks for white nationalism instead of internationalism! Best wishes!

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