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Baton Rouge: Black Racist Murderers Created by Media

Reported by The New Observer, the black racist shooter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who today killed at least three police officers in a calculated shooting, is yet another product of years of anti-white incitement by the media, and by establishment politicians.

Gavin Eugene Long racist murderer, Baton Rouge

For years, the police–and white police in particular–have been scapegoated by the media, and the Black Lives Matter movement, for the completely unfounded belief that they are randomly shooting down innocent black people.

All the statistics show that in real numbers, more white people than blacks are shot by police.

All the statistics show that in real numbers, black people are more likely to be involved in violent crime than whites—which means that they will, inevitably—be involved in more violent confrontations with the police.

All the statistics show that the actual number of unjustified shootings is miniscule, and that police who are guilty of such offenses are always prosecuted.

All of the facts show that white people are far more often the victims of black crime than the other way around.

All of the facts are ignored by the controlled media–and their allied politicians–in what can only be described as a hate fest against police, and against white people in general.

Only three days ago, Barack Obama joined Black Lives Matter activists at a forum on policing to have what he called an “excellent conversation” amid a spate of violence initiated by black communities against police across the country.

“We’re not at a point yet where communities of color feel confident that their police departments are serving them with dignity and respect and equality,” Obama said, repeating the lie that police departments target “innocent blacks” because of some mythical racism.

At the same time, all the politicians, from Obama down, never say a word condemning the Black Lives Matter movement for their blatant anti-police and anti-white hate speech—and by meeting with them in public, the politicians actually grant them legitimacy.

If the roles were reversed, the blatancy of the anti-white racism becomes apparent: the establishment politicians would never consider meeting or endorsing a “White Lives Matter” delegation—especially one whose followers had repeatedly attacked and killed black people or black police officers.

The so-called “entertainment industry,” and Hollywood in particular, is equally to blame for the hate.

Not content with producing the most perverted, gory, and graphic images in the history of mankind, Hollywood also produces openly anti-white incitement such as Django Unchained and others.

In one scene in that movie, the lead black character, played by Jamie Foxx, boasted that he killed white people and “What’s not to like?” about that.

When all of these factors are added together, it can be little surprise when violent Black Lives Matter supporters take it into their own hands and start gunning down police officers—and white police officers in particular.

America is at war. But this time, it is a racially based war, an anti-police, and anti-white war—created, incited, fed, and justified by the media, the politicians, and the so-called “entertainment industry.”

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