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The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program

“The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program” is an Extremist Organization.

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The Army's Unequal Opportunity ProgramOver the last few decades, the United States Army’s Equal Opportunity (EO) Program has played a key role in fostering valuable social change in the Army. This book however, argues that the Army’s EO Program is no longer the best tool for race relations. Instead, that program has become the problem, rather than the solution. Definitions of critical terms such as “discrimination,” “prejudice,” and “racism,” lack any analytic rigor, and indeed often represent contrived concepts designed not to judge fairly and objectively, but simply to be the means to an end. The result of the Army’s EO Program is simple: the equal opportunity program as it is being applied currently in the Army is illegal and itself is reminiscent of an extremist organization.

Did you know that according to the Army’s EO Program:

  • Only white soldiers are capable of racism
  • White inventors have stolen most inventions from black inventors
  • German immigrants to America took better care of their cows than their children
  • White Americans contributed little to American society – except for slavery
  • There is no such thing as black extremists – only white people can be extremists
  • Only White-Americans can Discriminate, be Prejudiced and be Racist; All Minorities are Exempt

    It is written in the Army’s EO publications and training material that minorities cannot discriminate, be prejudiced, or be racist. Is this the loophole that allows White-Americans disparate treatment as seen throughout the EO program? Is this justification for using Affirmative Action Plans “To give individuals additional aid to become qualified and meet certain prerequisites?” Is this why only minorities have Special/Ethnic Observances throughout the year? The answer is a simple yes to all of those questions.

    The Army’s EO Program Misleads Students in Black-American Accomplishments

    The Black-American Experiences lesson of the EO Leader Course features an extensive list of inventions that the course claims Black-Americans invented. Some of the claims are accurate and based on verifiable data, but it is in a highly rhetorically exaggerated manner. The course also claims Black-American inventors made inventions that the Black-American inventors never claimed they invented. For example, the course claims Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light but Mr. Morgan never claimed he invented the traffic light. Mr. Morgan did however, claimed he made “improvements” to an existing traffic light. A White-European claimed the traffic light as his invention long before Mr. Morgan was born.

    The Army’s EO Program is an Extremist Organization

    The Army Command Policy and the Commander’s EO Handbook defines an Extremist Organization or Group as one that, “advocate racial, gender, or ethnic hatred or intolerance; advocate, create, or engage in illegal discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.”

    Therefore, by their own definition, the Army’s EO Program and all unit Equal Opportunity Programs are extremist organizations. As seen in the Army Command Policy, Commander’s EO Handbook, and the EO Leader Course, the Army’s EO Program advocates hatred and encourages intolerance towards White-Americans. This book clearly identifies many examples how the Army’s EO Program falsely portrays White-American history as filled with hate and the only race capable of discrimination, prejudice, and racism. The Army’s EO Program wrongfully and intentionally teaches all minority Soldiers that minority Soldiers are the targets of White-American racism.

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