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Another Radical Democrat Terrorist

Stephen Paddock is a confirmed Democrat. His party affiliation while he lived in Florida was “Democrat”. It seems plausible that this attack from the start was to target Generation Trump and conservative voters.

Of course when the media learns that this is another act of radical leftist violence, they will drop all coverage or shift the focus to “gun control”.

The Democrat party needs to take responsibility of their members. Remember, it was a 66-year-old radical Democrat shooter who targeted Republican Steve Scalise.

Don’t use Google to search! Google is currently censoring photos, bio, etc. All of my information is from the shooter’s FaceBook page. (Paddock becomes another Facebook user connected with dozens of murders.)

Political Views per his Facebook page:

  • Proud to Be A Democrat
  • The Rachel Maddow Show?
  • Thank You Obama
  • Anti-Trump Army
  • Progressive Day, Organizing for Action (Soros)
  • Not My President
  • Fight Trump
  • Boycott All Things Trump
  • Impeach Trump

The Islamic State group said the gunman was “a soldier” who had converted to Islam months ago. But it provided no evidence, and the extremist organization has been known to claim responsibility for attacks in which it had no direct role.

The U.S. Homeland Security Department said there was no “specific credible threat” involving other public venues in the U.S.

“Alt-right” conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is reading off his mobile phone to Paul Joseph Watson, a British YouTube personality who frequently functions as his sidekick, in a recent clip featured on Jones’s web show InfoWars. They are discussing Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“They found Antifa information in the room and photos of the women in the Middle East,” Jones says in his familiar Texan growl. “There was Antifa crap everywhere.”

“That is directly from the hostage rescue team by the way, Paul,” Jones adds.

Paddock’s father, Benjamin Paddock, was once on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list for bank robbery and escape from prison. He was described as “psychopathic” and “extremely dangerous.”

Benjamin Paddock

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