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American Nationalist Super PAC Funds New Radio Ads Urging Votes for Donald Trump

The Los Angeles Times has reported that a white nationalist who funded robocalls for Donald Trump during the primary season will be out with a new radio ad this weekend urging votes for the Republican nominee.

Vote Trump

Trump has repeatedly disavowed support from white supremacists nationalists, after initially failing to do so, but the organizations and their members are more energized to vote for Trump than any mainstream candidate in decades.

William Johnson, a Los Angeles attorney — and self-described “deplorable” — is funding the ads, through the American National Super PAC. He notes that they are not authorized by Trump.

Johnson is targeting swing-state markets with the $7,000 buy with themes that resonate with white nationalists and similar groups.

“Our country is at a crossroads and time is running out,” the ad says.

“Do you want a strong leader who will secure our borders and stop the flow of illegal aliens and radical Islamic terrorists?… Do you want a president who will safeguard the interests of Christians?”

The ad outlines concerns over trade deals, gun rights and the Supreme Court.

“Do the right thing. On Nov. 8, vote Trump!”

The spot will begin running Saturday on “The Political Cesspool” with James Edwards, which the Bolshevik left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center describes as an “overtly racist” show based in Tennessee that has hosted David Duke and a “wide roster of white supremacists, anti-Semites and other extremists.” [The SPLC has assets of $330 million dollars. What is their product? What do they sell? We all know what they “sell”.]

The ad will continue through election day. It will also run on other radio shows, including “Liberty RoundTable,” which People for the American Way says has ties to Edwards.

The radio shows are not unfamiliar to Trump’s team.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., appeared on “Liberty RoundTable” this year with Edwards, but the campaign suggested confusion about the arrangement, according to reports. This week, another of Trump’s sons, Eric, also appeared on the show, and Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore also recently appeared, according to People for the American Way’s “Right Wing Watch.”

Johnson, chairman of the separatist nationalist American Freedom Party, had funded robocalls in support of Trump during the primary election and was a delegate for Trump before the campaign said his inclusion on a list was a mistake.

The ad will run in Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Alabama, Oregon, Nevada and Tennessee.

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