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American Freedom Party or “Republicrats”

Dan Poole | In the wake of the Benghazi scandal, the IRS-Tea Party scandal, and the treasonous push for the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill, not to mention the ongoing awful state of the economy, Middle America must feel pretty depressed right now. The anger that manifested itself in the Tea Party rallies of 2009 has been resuscitated.

Barack Hussein Obama was reelected President. Even if he lost, the President today would be a Karl Rove-approved, GOP-establishment candidate. The main Tea Party champion of the 2010 midterms, Marco Rubio, is now the face of amnesty. Despite all the “take back America” rallies, all we got was more of the same republicat.

RepublicratIt doesn’t have to be this way. While it is true that the American political system has serious flaws and is heavily influenced by various financial and ethnic interests, ultimately a system is only as good as the core people make it. There are 200 million white Americans living in this land. If a majority of those whites want something badly enough, only the most extreme brute force can stop them.

So here’s the million dollar question: How much longer will White Americans tolerate the Democrats and Republicans non-representation for issues and interests that concern White America? Isn’t that what the Democrats and Republican do anyway – stab their white supporters in the back? Middle America expects it. The white working class in all parts of the country expect it. By their sheer numbers alone, whites have the electoral power to replace one or both parties with a new party. Whether they will actually do so or not is irrelevant to the point that they have the power to do it.

This is where the American Freedom Party comes in. We are well aware that culture comes before politics, but quite frankly, we don’t have several decades to the change the culture through movies, music, mass entertainment, etc. before it’s too late. Most white Americans are desperate for an alternative to both major parties, and we seek to offer that alternative. Here is a taste of that alternative:
Whereas one party believes government is the answer to everything, and whereas the other party believes the free market is the answer to everything, we at AFP believe in whatever works. Norway has a mixed economy in which the government handles some things and the market handles other things. Norway is No.1 on the Human Development Index. We are not ideologues for socialism or capitalism.

Whereas both parties support free trade and amnesty for illegals, we at AFP support an America-first trade policy and a deportation policy similar to the one implemented in 1954 under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. We want to re-forge the pro-American immigration system that we had from 1924-1965, during which time the middle and working classes were more prosperous than they’ve ever been.

But most importantly, whereas one party promotes individualism (the strength of the wolf is the wolf), and the other promotes collectivism (the strength of the pack is the pack), we at AFP believe that the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the back. That’s called community. We stand for the well-being of our community, the European-American community, not for abstract “isms” that only serve to divide and conquer.

We believe that an individual is much more than his contribution to the economy, and that a nation is much more than its material wealth. A nation is a community of individuals and families united by traits which transcend mere commitment to a set of abstract ideals. We believe a community has the right to determine its own destiny.

If you’re sick of being a pawn for the Democrats or the Republicans, and if you seriously want an alternative to a status quo that you know in your gut is morally wrong, than support us at the American Freedom Party. Yes, we stand for freedom, because if coercive laws are needed to stop a people from destroying itself, then the end is near anyway.

If the Brotherhood of Man, wrapped under the American flag, is what whites in this country really want, and if you are willing to accept any and all encroachments on your freedoms to attain such a society, than sobeit. But we don’t believe most of you really want that. We believe you want your own community with strong, stable families. We believe you want freedom.

Support what you really want. Support the American Freedom Party.

The American Freedom Party needs your support. Send any contribution you can via PayPal to AFP Treasurer

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White Americans should push back! Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First!

The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the anti-Western Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party!

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