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American Freedom Party At American Renaissance Conference

By Dan Poole | There’s nothing quite like attending an event where you are surrounded by likeminded people who share your goals, vision, hopes, and dreams. Representatives of the American Freedom Party had the privilege of attending such an event this past weekend on April 5-7 at the American Renaissance conference.

The Amren conference, which was held at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, Tennessee for the second year in a row, was attended by William Johnson, Director Harry Bertram and other members on behalf of the American Freedom Party. Johnson is the party chairman, and Bertram ran for governor of West Virginia in 2010 on the party ticket.

During all three days of the conference, AFP had a table next to several other pro-white groups. Bertram and two other representatives handed out copies of the Nationalist Times for free while also selling copies of Merlin Miller’s handbook, “Our Vision for America,” for $10 apiece. Slick looking t-shirts were also sold for $10 apiece, including Confederate Flag t-shirts. Small pin labels featuring the Confederate Flag and the Celtic cross were sold for $5.

American Freedom Party Table

But more importantly than the table was the exposure that AFP got at the conference. William Johnson delivered a short speech to the crowd on Saturday, April 6 in which he articulated what he stands for and what the Party stands for. To paraphrase: Johnson and AFP support a homeland for all white Americans in which their safety and security is ensured.

American Freedom Party William Johnson

Jared Taylor introduced Johnson as a lifelong advocate for our people – white people – and the crowd was highly receptive to him. Johnson highlighted the fact that AFP ran a Presidential candidate in the 2012 election, that candidate being Merlin Miller. He made it clear that AFP seeks to run candidates in as many elections as possible, from Congressman to Senator to Governor to President.

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On Sunday morning, in the closing speech of the conference, longtime advocate Sam Dickson mentioned AFP and encouraged the Party to stand for more than just freedom. He urged AFP to ultimately stand for whites, not just the abstract concept of freedom.

It should be reemphasized here that the American Freedom Party is “dedicated to the interests vital to the preservation and continuity of ethnic European communities within the United States of America.” In other words, while AFP certainly stands for the precious rarity of freedom, it also stands for white European Americans as the ethnic core of this country that we call the United States.

Johnson, Bertram, and everyone else conducted themselves professionally and honorably. Nobody at the conference acted like a “Nazi” or a “Klansman” like the lunatic anti-white protestors outside the conference claimed. The AFP table gave exposure of the Party to most of the people who attended the event, and Johnson’s speech brought awareness to what the Party is, what it’s trying to do, and what it stands for. All in all, the 2013 Amren conference was not only a success in its own right, but a success for the American Freedom Party as well.

Rabble Rousers kept in check...

Dan Poole is a writer for and lives in Southeast Michigan. A native-born European-American, he’s a regular contributor to the American Freedom Party and supports policies that work for his people and his nation. You can find Dan on twitter @Poole1Dan

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