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AFP Members Oppose Zionist-Inspired Syrian Intervention

Northwest AFP September 9, 2013 | Several American Freedom Party activists in Portland, Oregon, sought to demonstrate their antipathy to another Ziontologist-inspired foreign war. Unfortunately, local organizers and a number of fellow demonstrators happened to be more concerned about the AFP activists’ pro-white views than maintaining solidarity amongst those who condemn globalist imperialism.

American Freedom Party, AFP members and supporters hate the use of our military as a tool of global oppression as much as anyone. Left-wing extremists are truly intolerant of differing political views and cannot accept any form of overt white expression, regardless of whether the person making such expression might agree with them on a myriad of other issues.

Left-wing extremists adapt their political activities to revolutionary Marxist or anarchist ideas, and they endeavor to replace the existing political and social order with a socialist or communist system or an anarchist society “free of all authority”. To this end, they participate in social protests and attempt to instrumentalise them for their purposes. Their forms of action range from open agitation to clandestine, sometimes serious acts of violence, with isolated autonomous groups also accepting that individuals may be injured.

Oregon AFP Chapter

Northwest Activists

Northwest Activists

Northwest Activists

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