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AFP: Donald Trump Discovers “Americanic” Vote

Donald Trump discovers what the American Freedom Party has stated for years! That there is an issue with immigration in this country.

Earlier this week The American Freedom Party congratulated Donald Trump on discovering a new voting bloc, the “Americanics.”

Other candidates have avoided any criticism of Mexican policy or America’s open borders to the south for fear of “The Hispanic Vote.”

Fear of “The Hispanic Vote” is based on the assumption that American voters who have Spanish surnames resent any criticism of Mexican policy and that voters with Spanish names place the well-being of immigrants from Mexico above any effect they may have on American citizens.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump attacked Mexican Government policy on immigration and surged in the polls.

American Freedom Party’s Presidential candidate Bob Whitaker says that “Trump has discovered a bigger bloc than the Mexico-first Hispanics.”

“Maybe we should call them “Americanics.”

“Contrary to what the press assumes, there are a lot of people with Spanish names who are among these “Americanics.”

“Trump is demonstrating that there are a lot of American citizens whose main interest is the well-being of Americans, not Mexicans.”

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