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AFP Applauds Hungary’s Aggressive Policy to Encourage Childbirth

The outflow of young and educated Hungarians since Viktor Orban returned to power in 2010, coupled with many years of declining birthrates, has started to cause critical problems. Unfortunately, fertility rates have been declining in every western country for decades.

At a recent European conference on families, Orban said that he was opposed to solving demographic issues by increasing migration, but that both in Hungary and in Europe “numbers show that a decisive turn is needed” to boost birth rates.

Hungary’s prime minister says the government has begun the process of reducing mortgages for families with three or more children, along with building/renovating many nurseries through the nation to help boost the birth rate.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has also announced cuts to student loans owed by women with two or more children, and says the government would like to increase the number of children born per woman from 1.5 now to 2.1 by 2030.

Demographic experts say family and population policies for western nations generally need to be long term, comprehensively designed programs. In America, such young larger families can only qualify for federal tax credits and deductions.

The American Freedom Party applauds Mr. Orban’s new policies on childbirth and hopes that every European country will enact similar laws. Many in the AFP leadership and general membership have larger families, so our policy is to encourage our people in America to do likewise

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