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Advice For The Right

By Avialae Horton

In the midst of the announcement of the white civil rights event known as “Unite the Right II”, the Right is enduring an increasingly severe divergence among its adherents. Civic nationalists oppose ethnic nationalists with enormous vehemence, as was recently seen in the internal conflict between Conservatives at the “Speak English Please” and “Trump Unity” rallies; national socialists and other radicals within the Alt-Right have retaliated with heightened aggression and radicalized rhetoric, and leftist terrorists and agitators like Antifa and Black Lives Matter loom over, thoroughly searching for any meager opportunity to further subvert and desecrate the movement. Organizers of the UTR event, including myself, have been doxxed, repeatedly harassed, and physically threatened. Meanwhile, moderates, alternative Libertarians and others are forced into a state of perplexity while observing the tumultuous incongruity surrounding them. As an individual who resides within the core of this inflamed ideological warfare, I have contemplated extensively on how to salvage the advantageous elements of the movement and construct a new ideology of populism and nationalistic identity that may garner greater support from moderates, alternative libertarians, identitarians, and those of intellectual merit in the Alt-Right.

The Combat of Mars and Minerva

Persuasion over Polarization.

One of the most significant tactical errors that the Alt-Right has made in its political approach is its prioritization of polarization over persuasion. It has abandoned persuasive elements that could effectively increase its numbers and strengthen its ranks in favor of defensive maneuvers that merely confine its members into an ideological echo chamber. Consequently, many adherents to the Alt-Right dismiss all debate and discussion with those who demonstrate skepticism towards their perspectives, and instead rely upon accusations of degeneracy or Semitism to rationalize their perspective. Not only does this tactic create miscommunication between the Alt-Right and moderates, it also serves to effectively paralyze any population growth and influence that the minority circle might otherwise possess. It has prioritized an edgy aesthetic that is characterized in the notion that “The Alt-Right is the New Counter-Culture”, over practical approaches that would preserve the alt-right ideology over an extensive period of time. The goal of politics is persuasion, and without it, political influence is halted before it has even begun.

Charisma is a Cornerstone.

Subsequently, the primary method by which the Right may cultivate a persuasive influence is through a charismatic face. Rather than adopting an entirely reactionary approach that, by necessity, demonstrates aggression towards any who have the slightest criticism of alternative-right ideas, demonstrating *why* those ideas are preferable and necessary to the preservation of society is much more desirable. A voluntary willingness to discuss why our ideas are beneficial creates a durable communicative path to those who would otherwise be ideologically isolated from the Alternative Right.

Being reactionary is akin to the physical phenomenon of an adrenaline rush; it is a heightened reaction that may be beneficial when in response to certain extreme conditions, but if maintained for an extensive period of time, it would inevitably lead to complete cardiac arrest, and prove fatal. Likewise, maintaining a permanently reactionary political perspective proves to be a liability, rather than a strength. It shifts the contingency of the Right’s perspective to be dependent upon the Left’s inconsistencies, and thus makes the Right inconsistent and only active in terms of responding to that which it opposes, rather than building upon what it actually advocates.

Surf the Golden Age, not just the Kali Yuga.

A key characteristic of the Alternative right is an intrinsically negative perception of the world, a cynicism that prefers to destroy everything that appears even remotely reminiscent of the modern age. Many within the movement have become complacent in their contemplation of solutions to the plethora of societal problems within modern civilization; they prefer to focus on the destruction of the modern world, rather than the creation and preservation of an ideal one. An ideology that does not encourage positive development and growth, but instead emphasizes destruction and a rather prophetic dystopia similar to Yeats’ “The Second Coming” without any consequential restoration or reconstruction, is a paralyzed, dysfunctional one. In order to garner support towards the Right, a constructive, positive demeanor is mandatory. A restoration of society begins with the restoration of the individual, and we as individuals must illustrate that attitude within ourselves, if we are to collectively rebuild a decaying and broken world. If we cannot answer to others as to why we embrace our philosophy, what justification do we have in possessing it?

Choose to create in a world of mimicry.

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare; my business is to create.” — William Blake
While we often find ourselves engaged within a captivating tendency to ponder upon the historically significant accomplishments of our ancestors, we blatantly fail to live up to such feats. We no longer pursue the philosophical brilliance of Marcus Aurelius, the relentless curiosity and bravery of Erickson, the artistic genius of Da Vinci, the poetic elegance of Keats, the politically analytical intellect of De Tocqueville. We settle in modernity, gather our bitter resentment of the modern day into our bosoms, and scowl in cynicism- but what do we create? We lack legitimate culture. We do not create; we mimic in a desperate admiration of what we fail to attain. We imitate what we cannot create. We fail to realize our complete aptitude, and no longer strive for a greater, unprecedented potential. Our ancestors were not concerned with great monuments that would be established in their honor; they were concerned with establishing their honor and legacy directly through their actions, of which monuments can only minimally represent. We have become enthralled within the aesthetic of legacy, without actually pursuing it for ourselves. It is not sufficient to defend the honor of our ancestors and remain on the defensive; what is necessary is for us to live up to, and ideally even surpass, their grand accomplishments.

Be practical in a world of controversy.

As mentioned previously, the Alt-Right has effectively sabotaged itself by ruling in favor of controversial optics and rhetoric to gravitate national attention to itself over practical discussion and action. If the epitome of political conversation for those on the alternative right is summarized in a discussion of Jewish influence in America or ideological purity spiraling against others on the Right, the conversation has failed before it has begun. We must appeal to others, and be capable of discussing their concerns and causes. While many might find discussions on taxes, Trump’s meetings with foreign leaders and local elections to be redundant or monotonous, these prove to be valuable opportunities to establish common ground and network with others on the Right that would otherwise be hesitant to communicate with us.

The Alt-Right possesses a few valuable ideas, but has miserably failed in expanding upon them, building a constructive movement, and appealing to the American people. The time for superficial, sensationalized attempts of controversy has long passed, and our efforts must be recalibrated into a more positive, populist direction. Rather than attempting to dispute the United States’ support of Israel with a Republican, or white genocide with a civic nationalist, emphasize the commonality that you share in being Americans that celebrate a constitutional liberty to discuss these ideological challenges in civility. Build upon your similarities before disputing your differences, and extend an olive branch of common respect. Behave in a self-disciplined fashion that demonstrates respectability. Give them a character to idolize, admire, and mimic in appreciation. Make the Red Pill desirable, valuable, and admirable. Although this brief list of tactical suggestions is incomplete and preliminary, I am confident within our ability to construct a new nationalist movement to succeed where the Alternative Right has failed. Through patriotism and nationalistic unity that is represented by one flag, we gain an unprecedented opportunity to unify our movement, and restore our Republic to its original splendor.

Be persuasive.

Be charismatic.

Be constructive.

Be creative.

Be practical.

Be the New Right.

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