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ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in 'Occupy' Movement

Many of American Third Party members and staff warily eyed the events at the “Occupy” protests. It was suspected that the protests were occupied by the pro-Obama crowd: SEIU, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, etc.

ACORNThe Wall Street “Occupy” demonstrations were occupied by folks with designer jeans, iPads, iPhones, and pricey sneakers. Tables were loaded with boxes of Pizza and bottled water. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and other media had their live-feed satellite transmission equipment and cameras.

The entire movement appeared to be a staged media set complete with actors and scripts. Does that sound spontaneous? Or organized?

Now we are told by Fox News that ACORN is involved in this “leaderless” movement:

The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities, sources tell

The former director of New York ACORN, Jon Kest, and his top aides are now busy working at protest events for New York Communities for Change (NYCC). That organization was created in late 2009 when some ACORN offices disbanded and reorganized under new names after undercover video exposes prompted Congress to cut off federal funds. Source: Fox News

Those who contribute don’t know the money is going to fund the protests, a source said:

Those who contribute don’t know the money is going to fund the protests, the source said.

“They give contributions because we say if they do we can fix things – whatever specific problem they’re having in their area, housing, schools, whatever … then we spend the contributions paying staff to be at the protests all day, every day. That’s where these contributions – the community’s money – is going,” the source said.

“They’re doing the same stuff now that got ACORN in trouble to begin with. And yes, we’re still ACORN, there is a still a national ACORN.”

Another source, who said she was hired from a homeless shelter, said she was first sent to the protests before being deployed to Central Islip, Long Island, to canvass for a campaign against home foreclosures. Source: Fox News

Former ACORN members are being paid:

Sources said NYCC has hired about 100 former ACORN-affiliated staff members from other cities – paying some of them $100 a day – to attend and support Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of New York homeless people recruited from shelters are also being paid to support the protests, at the rate of $10 an hour, the sources said. Source: Fox News

The well meaning “Occupy” movement is now a vehicle for the disbanded ACORN organization. For ACORN this is business as usual.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    It was only a matter of time before all of the Left-Wingers came crawling out of their nest to take advantage of the growing disillusionment and anger that many people have with our financial institutions in this country, much of which is justified.

  2. akingu says:

    It is not the moronic ACORN behind 'OWS'! It is the 'bankster' handlers and financial backers.

  3. Fergie says:

    We should all be out there Occupying Wall Street and protesting! It's time to Abolish the Privately owned Federal Reserve and Bring Honest Money Back! Faux News has been against these protests from the very start! It's funny that Fox News is dedicating so much time to these protesters when they should be attending to their War Mongering, after all, they have to prepare the public for the next Middle East slaughter!

    • sonicwhip says:

      war with Iran is coming very soon and unfortunately I don't think the A3P can get enough power in time to stop it.

  4. DonReynolds says:

    I am not certain which is better and which is worse. The Occupy movement included the usual disaffected groups of anarchists, communists, radical socialists, earth first environmentalists, pacifists, private university professors, ex-cons, luddites, pot-heads, free-lance journalists, race hustlers, foreign agents, Saulinsky radicals, aging hippies, runaway adolescents, and habitual clowns. Does this constitute a movement? I doubt they have even one battalion, to answer Napoleon's question.

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