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AFP Basic Platform Trifold


AFP PLATFORM PDF Trifold – Double sided
(Right-click and “Save Link as…” to download a PDF copy and print your own at any Fedex-Kinko’s.)

Print, Copy, and Distribute!

AFP Platform

8-1/2” x 11” Full-Color copies, double-sided tri-fold semi-gloss, are $0.33 each, (100 minimum).

B&W copies, hi-res grayscale double-sided tri-fold semi-gloss, $0.11 each (200 minimum).

(Printing costs are online for FED EX – Kinko’s at a location near you.)

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  1. phil white says:

    The phrase “…when it takes power” is to me reminiscent of a dictatorship coming to power.
    Maybe a good phrase would be “…AFP supports border control,” or what ever.
    Also, as a pro-lifer the following phrase is worrisome to me.

    “Freedom of choice. The Freedom Party supports freedom of choice in all matters concerning health and medical

    For now we are aiming at pro-white people, most of whom tend to be opposed to abortion.
    I’d think we could best have just left this whole issue out of the platform.

    If you are worried about over population, people will use what ever birth control method is available and easy. If uneducated people don’t have abortion available they will go to using the pill etc.

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