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A3P Donates to AZ Defense Fund?

The American Third Position has just made a triple-digit donation to Arizona’s Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund. On July 6, the U.S. Government took this courageous state to federal court, challenging the enforcement provisions of SB 1070. The fund has raised over a half million dollars to date, most of which was contributed in the week following the lawsuit. Arizona was compelled to pass this legislation because of the federal government’s dismal failure in securing our southern border.

According to the Associated Press, “the willingness of thousands of individual Americans to contribute to the Arizona fund illustrates the broad concern and frustration over border security and illegal immigration. Donors said they contributed because the federal government should be helping Arizona, not taking the state to court… Opponents say the law is unconstitutional because enforcing immigration regulations is reserved for the federal government.” Folks that is like saying local police should not respond to a bank robbery call.

A3P is aiding the state of Arizona because of the critical nature of this issue. We support all constructive endeavors by private citizens, businesses, local governments – or in this case a sovereign state – to stem and reverse the browning of America. Depending on ones source, the illegal immigrant population  (primarily mestizo) here is estimated at 12-20 million. Arizona’s enforcement statute represents the best current opportunity to reduce this number. From its inception, A3P has been disseminating the nightmarish facts regarding the financial, social and demographic consequences of the unprecedented invasion from the south. We encourage all those reading this piece to become part of the solution and join the American Third Position.

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  1. Christopher says:

    An appropriate use of party funds. It was important that the citizens of Arizona knew that the A3P was prepared to stand with them against the current administration's usurpation of the democratic process.

  2. lonewatchman says:

    Racism is not demanding Hispanics be subject to the same laws as African, Asian, and European immigrants full under. Racism IS demanding Hispanics be immune from the laws all other races fall under.

  3. Hans Gruber says:

    Is leadership aware of this: <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>(

    Blogger Stephen Lemons from the Phoenix New Times has "contacted the governor's spokesman concerning this matter, but haven't heard back yet. At the very least, they should seek to return the donation if they have received it."

    Now, according to the Arizona Daily Star:

    "Gov. Jan Brewer’s office is poring through thousands of donations to the legal defense fund she set up in the wake of challenges to the state’s new immigration law, looking for contributions from hate groups.

    The search is coming after the white supremacist group, American Third Position … announced on its website that it made a “triple-digit donation” to the fund."

    Has the legal defense fund actually returned the money or is it a bunch of a hyperbole?

  4. Hans Gruber says:

    Oops, here's link to the Arizona Daily Star article:

  5. octoberfreedom says:

    Hans Gruber ~ "Gov. Jan Brewer’s office is poring through thousands of donations to the legal defense fund she set up in the wake of challenges to the state’s new immigration law, looking for contributions from hate groups. "….

    Gov Brewer shouldn't be so authoritarian and picky with her defense fund. If a group of citizens from any other ethnic group had donated she wouldn't care. Geesh, and Hispanics are complaining about being racially profiled? It seems like whites who're represented by our own organizations are the only ones ever being racially profiled by the Governor.

    While she waste her time worrying about the people donating based on their views, views only true haters of whites would label racist, all opposition to the law are scourging Arizona with boycotts, lawsuits, and have set up their own legal fund, but guess what?

    They aren't discriminative with who donates, because as is, they got the NAACP, La Raza, ADL – all of which are ethnic based ( and by this definition hate) groups that are pouring in the money and legal advice to challenge the law, and here Arizona is worrying about whether or not a group of whites active in the interest of whites are opposing people active in the interest against whites.

  6. tv fool says:

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